Social Media Censor Trump’s Calls For Peace While Liberals Insist Trump’s To Blame For Violence — Outrageous!!

(Right Country) – In a final display of hypocrisy to officially close out 2020, Democrats became absolutely unhinged Wednesday when a group of potential Trump supporters and/or potential Antifa thugs stormed the Capitol building during the time in which the Senate and the House had separated for debate.

Liberals on social media lambasted the attack on the Capitol building as if they had never seen such “violence” and “chaos” before in their lives.

They were utterly indignant over these supposed Trump supporters entering into the Capitol and thought it was just so much worse than anything Antifa and Black Lives Matter could have ever done.

Burning buildings and police cars, looting stores, destroying small businesses, vandalizing communities, attacking police and state and federal buildings, and causing mass destruction and chaos in cities across America as much more palatable than this group of alleged unarmed Trump supporters who really didn’t cause much damage at all.

There were millions of Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC and yet there was no unrest or chaos anywhere else other than the Capitol building, where they were reports of “people” being present before Trump supporters even began walking there from the White House.

There’s a good chance this entire incident was plotted and carried out by Antifa thugs disguised as Trump supporters, nonetheless, liberals are blaming Trump, of course.

This is, of course, despite the fact that President Trump issued a video almost immediately, pleading for peace and instructing his own supporters to go home.

Not only do liberals not care about details like that but the Technocrats at social media platforms took things to a whole next level when they issued a warning that President Trump’s message to “go home” and be “peaceful” was actually inciting violence.


As if it couldn’t get worse, both Facebook and Twitter then suspended the President of the United States’ accounts. Twitter claimed that Trump violated their supposed “Civil Integrity policy” and that unless he deletes the offending tweets his account will remain indefinitely locked.

The video and President Trump himself were essentially banned from the social media platforms while liberals have the nerve to claim President Trump did nothing and actually encouraged the violence.

In one particularly pathetic display of bias and misinformation, CNBC’s Shep Smith had an absolute meltdown when Trump’s tape was aired and Smith insisted the network cut off the video, saying, “Stop! Stop the tape!” and insisted Trump’s claims were not true and that they weren’t going to play it.

Liberals claim that because President Trump acknowledges that the election was fraudulent and stolen that that is somehow encouraging violence. They actually believe that the only reason conservatives believe there was fraud is because the “cult leader” Trump tells us to believe it.

President Trump specifically said in his video that his supporters “have to go home now,” and that “we have to have peace” and “we don’t want anyone hurt.”

How that translates to inciting violence is truly beyond what this writer can understand. The left has the uncanny ability to twist literally every word Trump speaks into something it most definitely is not.

President Trump should never have been banned from social media and at no point in time Wednesday did President Trump ever incite violence.

He said nothing new or different Wednesday than what he has been saying since the stolen election took place and yet there has been absolutely no violence anywhere.

Social media outlets are completely out of control. Shame on them.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. These scumbags are already working on the 2022 elections by trying to completely tarnish Trump’s record and accomplishments, and disfranchising conservatives. It’s the same routine (influence the weak minded middle with media saturation) but ratcheted up to maximum velocity.

  2. Such hypocrisy by Dems and liberal media ! Hard to believe we’ve sunk this low . The rioting and looting and destruction that went on for months got no negative coverage from the news media . Biden said not a word against it . Now because conservatives are fed up with this and want an investigation of voter fraud they are doing their song and dance routine . Trump called the Swamp and biased media out …. and they hate him for it . We see you , we know what you did ! My opinion and I am entitled to it !!!

  3. Remember the old song ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’?
    They are already flexing their censorship and control of what we are ‘allowed’ to see/hear. Imagine what they will do when they DO have absolute and total control of all of the media. It will make the current version of the lame stream media look like the standard bearers of truth.


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