Stacey Abrams Desperately Texting Arizonans To Get S.1 Legislation Passed To Make Cheating Easier For Dems

(Right Country) – The big lie told by the Democrats is that Republicans want to suppress voters, especially minority voters, by enacting stricter voting laws. In reality, the laws being passed by Republicans to tighten up election security and integrity do nothing to prevent any American citizen from voting at all.

They just make it much, much harder, if not impossible, for Democrats to cheat.

So, naturally, Democrats aren’t just fighting against Republicans’ efforts to secure US elections, they’re doing everything they can to actually make it legal for them to cheat and get away with it.

So far, they’ve gotten away with stealing the 2020 election but they know Republicans in many states are nipping at their heels. They’d feel a lot better if future stolen elections weren’t so vulnerable to exposure.

That’s exactly why failed, wanna-be politician Stacey Abrams is diligently working to persuade Americans that they should support the demise of secure and free elections in the US.

Abrams’s non-profit group Fair Fight Action has been contacting voters all over the country, via text message, urging them to contact their senators to get S1 passed (screenshot here).

Should this piece of legislation actually get passed it would require states to permit voters to register to vote on the day of a federal election, including during early voting.

These text messages have been going out to Arizona residents amidst the state’s historic audit in Maricopa County.

This bill is just another attempt by Democrats to make cheating just as easy as voting actually is in America, despite their lies.

Stacey Abrams shouldn’t be getting involved in Arizona when her home state of Georgia has been an absolute election nightmare.

Abrams is desperate, however. Ever since voters in the state rejected her, she has been desperately working to ensure that she will have every dishonest and underhanded advantage possible when it comes time for her to run in Georgia’s Gubernatorial race.

Abrams needs this law to pass before the audit in Arizona is completed and the one starting in Georgia gets too far along and the truth is finally exposed.

Abrams is a card-carrying member of the establishment with ties all the way up to Democrat elite John Podesta and his Center for American Progress, which has an astounding $48 million in gross receipts for 2019.

Despite claiming to be “nonpartisan,” this entity is anything but and essentially operates as an arm of the Democratic Party. Unsurprisingly, this obvious partisanship is permitted to go on as the IRS and the Republicans aren’t willing to call it out and stop it.

It should come as no surprise that Abrams sits on the Center for American Progress’ Board of Directors along with Podesta himself, who is the Audit Committee Chair. Also on the board are Senator Tom Daschle, who is the President, and progressive billionaire Tom Steyer.

According to the company’s mission statement, their goal is “To shape the national policy debate and transform progressive concepts into policy.” Of course, by “progressive” they mean “socialist.”

Stacey Abrams shouldn’t be involved in the shaping of US elections laws and policies yet here she is, right in the thick of it.

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