Steve Bannon Reveals Why Senate Judiciary Needs To Subpoena These Deep Staters

(Right Country) – Steve Bannon, like all Americans should, wants senate Republicans, namely Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to do what is right for our country by exposing the failed impeachment effort for the coup it is and to bring those involved in it to justice.

Bannon told Fox News’ Jesse Watters on Saturday that “This is about future presidents, and the office of president, not just about President Trump.”

As dramatic as it sounds, Bannon is accurate in his threat assessment. This attack, or rather this series of attacks on president Trump are not obviously not fueled by the Democrats love of country, or RINO Republican’s personal animosity towards the president, it is about the deep state, or what Bannon calls the “permanent government class” regaining the control they lost when we elected president Trump in 2016.

“They are not going to stop. Now they are talking about going after Bolton, and that is why I wanted a long trial or to [now] get Lindsey Graham to get all of this out on the table,” he tells Watters.

“President Trump is saying we need to vett this and that is why he needs the Senate Judiciary to get started. You start with Rudy Giuliani and let him have two days in a formal setting and let him put up all of the information he has up there for everyone to see.”

While Bannon didn’t get his way with an extended trial in the Senate which would have held up the business of our country, he still might not be disappointed with where things go next, and Bannon might not be psychic.

Just the day prior Sen. Graham was on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, and during the interview there was a brief tangent Graham took when he got started talking about the Russia hoax, that may have given Bannon a clue about what could be coming.

Sen. Graham told Pirro somewhat flippantly that “half of the people involved in the Russian investigation are going to jail.”

“Hopefully” Pirro interrupts with skepticism.

To which Graham says “Well, just hang, hang tight”.

Maybe Bannon did see Sen. Graham on Fox News, but maybe he’s still understandably skeptical that Sen. Graham will be able to bring powerful, connected, traitors in our government to justice. “He [President Trump] needs to clean house. He needs to get people in there who support his policies to execute this”. Bannon said.

We’ve seen an overhaul of the DOJ and FBI under president Trump, but he can’t appoint congress or the senate. If republicans don’t vote to take back the house and maintain control of the senate then those that took part in this coup will finish it, and knowing what is on the line they will destroy all evidence of it, and all who opposed it and them.


  1. Democrats are hate mongers who have no agenda but to thwart any effort to rightfully and speedily expose all of their corrupt and evil practices. So many of them need to be removed from their Cush positions. They have cost the citizens of the great nation precious time and money with their sordid schemes to remove a duly elected president. My husband and I voted for MR. TRUMP in 2016. I will vote for President TRUMP in 2020. My dearest husband will be rooting for President TRUMP from a lofty heavenly position. He as I do loved TRUMP.

  2. President TRUMP is absolutely correct. This country WILL NEVER be a socialist country. The demon democrats lost before they got started….

  3. When some want to change everything that has made this the great country it is because it does not agree with the minority of persons, now why is everything in this Government set to have a majority vote on things and when a minority do not like that system and want what is a Autocratic Government where one person makes all the rules and no one is suppose to complain about what they do or say, less they be punished in so,me way for doing their job truthfully. That same person trying to convince the people that there is a secret society in Government pushing against them, when that has been disproved many times over, yet it is pushed by that President who does not want to follow the norms which has kept this USA, great for over 200 years.

    • The problem, Robert, is a populace that believes that the majority may win, but the minority deserves an exception. Trump whom you allude to is after all the people in our government who subvert the will of the people. He has served every minority well except those that think they are an exception to the Constitution and that have an allegiance to a political agenda (Socialists, progressives) instead of what is good for our nation and follows the Constitution. They think they’re exempt and it just ain’t so. Incidentally, just because the vocal Left disagrees doesn’t make the right; just loud and obnoxious.

      • Bracochief, agree. This is my favorite quote: “Right is still right if nobody is right, and wrong is still wrong if everybody is wrong,” ~Archbishop Fulton J Sheen

  4. Robert……? Do you have a clue what your even talking about? If you don’t believe that there is a “Secret society” as you call it has been pulling the strings in government, then you have to been hold up in a shack for the last three years without power.

    • Yup! The “secret society” isn’t so secret, but that guy doesn’t get it. It is career politicians, and the federal and state bureaucrats and bureaucracies that laugh at the political newbies (and voters), and tell them plainly they were there when they showed up and they’ll still be there when they’re gone. Trump is (finally) firing someone of the moles and subversives left behind. Nothing secret about the Clintons and their shenanigans, is there? This guy thinks that a president cleaning house is some sort of tyrant. Not when the only ones he fires are double-dealing him and us!

  5. Go back to your parent’s basement and put some pants on for Pete’s sake because we’re tired of seeing you and your ilk in your nasty titey whiteys.

  6. It appears some country or someone is trying to overthrow the U.S. by division and chaos.
    The impeachment was no more than a failed coup. If Americans don’t wake up and see this for what it was, there will be little hope after the 2020 election if the demoncrats win a majority in the Senate and house.

  7. Mr. Bannon, do you believe that we could elicit enough truth out of any of these guys for investigators to build GOOD, STRONG CASES against all of them??? I think a trip to Gitmo and a terrorist type cell for a while to let them contemplate their future. If that’s not sufficient…water boarding comes to mind!!! I would like to see if Brennan has any intestinal fortitude or if he is all mouth. Clapper and Comey to follow. It would be funny to watch as they each race to throw the others under the bus!!!

  8. Big Pharma globalists are the ones pulling the Dems strings. Big Pharma globalists are responsible for the erratic nature of their coup. They likely taught Dems how to siphon money from taxpayers foreign aid b/c clearly they aren’t very smart.

    Trump removed the unconstitutional healthcare mandate & will likely release cures that Dems hid for a decade.

    I’ve been fighting healthcare for 7 years to release The Perfect Back, one of my cures.

    Healthcare & Big Pharma colluded together to hide the body’s secondary set of muscles I labeled the Aging Muscles. These muscles are responsible for chronic pain & heart attacks.

    This is the truth about what heart attacks really are & it’s time we stop this.

    Sorry for the length of this but there is a lot here.

    I am asking people to copy this post & paste it to each of their texting family, and for them to do the same. So that in time everyone will know what healthcare is doing.

    Healthcare has been hiding patented cures, they have been performing harmful surgeries, & they’ve allowed over time billions of people to die of a stoppable heart attack while at the same time giving people heart attacks. Healthcare has much to atone for & apparently believe in population control so they create chronic pain & heart attacks.

    We stop these crimes against humanity by sharing the info to each other that our gov’t fails to do.

    Not only has healthcare done these things but by recommending that old people walk in water for their muscles, they are basically helping you get to heart attack by using the force of water to break down your right knee that will lead you to heart attack.

    So I’m giving brand new info that no one in the world knows.

    But first I will say this. God will shield criminals eyes of certain truths. Criminals are caught because of something they don’t know. It could be they missed the officer close by or they don’t know the locks have been changed, or they don’t know there is a sting operation. Well for healthcare they didn’t know it was the right knee that causes heart attacks.

    So in their efforts to create chronic pain & later heart attack, they cut cartilage on both knees. Huge mistake if you are the villain. You see if they had only cut on right knees we might never know they are villains. So God set the trap for healthcare to fall into. Kind of makes you not want to be a criminal when you know you are missing that one detail that God will shield from you.

    So here’s the scoop, if you read my book “Guide To Muscular Healing” you would know that every muscular issues hits 3 points in the body/torso. Two on side & one on the other side of the body. So when your left knee is compromised by cartilage cut it will affect Triangularis Sterni on the right side & 2 muscles on the left, one upper & one lower muscle. So when the right knee is compromised it is the exact opposite, Triangularis Sterni on the left side & two right side muscle, one upper & one lower.

    And since the left Triangularis Sterni crosses over heart on its way to Sternocleidomastoid, then it can suffocate the heart by having what some people refer to as a Charlie Horse or severe muscle cramp.

    Thus having healthcare proved of committing the crime of giving people heart attacks.

    It is the responsibility of government to protect us from foreign & domestic issues. Therefore government is required to act to stop healthcare’s crimes, however even with this information they have not acted.

    But one thing for certain, this also proves that people/leaders of healthcare don’t know everything. They are fallible.

    These are the steps that lead to heart attack: cutting cartilage in knees=unstable knees=muscle knot formations=painful hips=chronic pain=testosterone deficiency=a breakdown of body & leg alignment=losing knees range of motion=so many muscle knots=heart attack by Triangularis Sterni. Left arm failure by Sternocleidomastoid b/c these two Aging Muscles are tied together.

    So now I want to talk about warning signs other than what I listed above. Muscle giving out in upper leg making you fall down due to exhaustion from constant muscle knots & using legs in walking. Charlie Horse where muscle cramp so bad it doesn’t want to end.

    When you have all these conditions you are on borrowed time, so the final nail on the coffin is when you have an emotional event, a huge disappointment. For instance, say you lose your job or a loved one dies, this emotional event creates heartache, this heartache makes the knots already in your chest for years become very strong on top of the heart. The massive cramp, the grip on your heart is applying so much pressure that the heart can’t survive, it can’t keep pumping. It is the death of the heart & the only way to stop it is to activate the body’s electrical system which is taught by The Perfect Back. The therapy restores alignment however if you are in these straights it means you need a good knee brace for the proper alignment b/c your health is determinant on your alignment. When properly aligned everything flows correctly.

    Healthcare has known about this & blurred the lines between heart disease & heart attack which are literally unconnected & have no relationship.

    So the question becomes, do you want to be the 1 out of 4 deaths, b/c 660,000 die each year from this stoppable condition? Making healthcare mass murderers.

    Are we really going to stand for this?

    The Perfect Back


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