Stunning! Democrats Make Up Wire Fraud Charge To “Criminally” Indict Trump — And Suggest 20 Years In Prison!

<> on July 17, 2018 in Washington, DC.

This is absolutely STUNNING! Even for Democrats!

(Gateway Pundit) – These people are attempting a communist takeover of America!!

The House Judiciary Committee released a 169-page report in the dead of the night Monday alleging President Trump committed criminal acts including bribery and wire fraud.

As Cristina Laila reported — The report will accompany the two very broad articles of impeachment that will be voted on this week, likely on Wednesday.

Of course, they made the criminal charges up this past weekend after voting in committee on two bogus charges:

1.) Abuse of power – a very broad charge that means nothing.

2.) Obstruction of Congress – a made up crime. It is something they completely made up out of whole cloth.

And now Democrats are adding charges to their committee proposal.

They are completely making this up as they go along from day to day!

And the liberal Fake News media is right there with them!

We are witnessing a complete meltdown of the Democrat Party.

And the far left media hacks are RIGHT THERE WITH THEM 100%!

Liberal reporter Kyle Cheney posted the latest controversial language in the Democrat Party’s sham impeachment report.

The Democrats are alleging a 20 year prison sentence for something THEY NEVER EVEN VOTED ON ~~



  1. Time for us to get a new hero. The bottom line is that our president has proven himself untrustworthy. I wouldn’t hire him knowing this and neither would you.

    • You are insane. The only untrustworthy people here are the democratic House members who admitted they wanted to impeach fromDay One. This is a lunching and if you cannot see what is staring you in the face you are not sane enough to vote.

      • Agree with you this is a total fraud made up by untrustworth people claiming to protect the CONSTITUTION. They evidently have never read the Constitution or else LIE because their pet didnot win. hope all these lose their office in the 2020 election.

    • Guilt by accusation is un-Constitutional, Dems can only bring accusations with no proof.

      An example: Someone accuses you of being a child molester but provides no proof, only the accusation. Can that accusation be used to convict you? No.

      Even the President has that same right and the Dems’ use of un-corroborated accusations is not only an attack on a President but is an un-Constitutional attack on the Office of President and an attack on everyone in the US. If they can do it to a President what chance do you have when they do it to you?

    • ‘…proven himself untrustworthy…’ In what way? Explain yourself. Enlighten us all as to just what you are talking about? The President has proven himself completely trustworthy insofar as the majority of Americans are concerned. We applaud him.–

    • steven witwer; Seeing your name right here Im sure the next time you go and try to get hired people will remember that! Matter of fact Ill pass the name around “SEE TO IT” that you don’t get hired…isn’t that how you demoRACIST have been doing it SMEARING PEOPLE’S NAME? I’ll start w/yours! SCUM!

    • The ONLY untrustworthy people here are ALL DEMOCRATS! If you think or one damn second that the majority of this country believes this sham orchestrated by the Democrat leadership, then you are truly a fool.

    • Steve, did you eat paint chips as a child?? Even you can’t believe what you just said! After the antics of Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the corrupt democratic party there’s only one untrustworthy entity here! And it ain’t Trump!

    • I am not so sure about the jail for life, but having to repay all the wasted money from their false charges and court and lawyer fees, that I can see. It would make them a example to the next bunch that try to unseat the POTUS with falsely made charges.

  2. Well everything they have accused Trump or the right of doing the left has already done in excess. Yes an investigation needs to be opened but not on Trump or the right, but the highly corrupted left.

  3. Steve, are you really stupid enough to believe this bunk???? He released the transcript can you not read? I’d hire him in a nanosecond and feel darned lucky to get him. The Democrats have flat lost their minds and taken the press and a lot of gullible people like you along with them.

  4. Well, to them, the beauty of it, is they have to make it good, because when the senate laughs them to shame on any impeachment trail, then the senate GOPs are the bad guys for being in league with Pres. Trump. Whatever…they’re still gonna lose in 2020 all the way around. lol.

  5. These goons are really grabbing at straws. Nancy Pelosi said “we can’t trust the results of an election by the people to remove this president” basically saying they know that the president will win the 2020 election. So they are throwing everything into impeachment in hopes of not having to go against him in the election. But Schitf and Pelosi are not in charge of this sham anymore and their phony garbage won’t fly. The hole they have dug for themselves has become a very deep well. The voting public should see that what they are doing is what they are willing to do to the American people if they could regain the power of the presidency. The one thing the American people could and should do is take away the congress from the democrats in the next election and let us get on with what matters to our nation.

  6. The kommiecrats are either farcical with these charges or, or, they think that they have a chance with the RINOS to flip on Trump and oust him while they can.

  7. Ummm… They have Joe Biden admitting committing this very act caught on video. If someone is going to jail for 20 years, it should be creepy Joe…

  8. i suggest we buy 20 round clips nato 7.625 stock up ..the commies will need to be removed by force if necessary …

  9. These people, these Socialist Democrats, aren’t stupid, they’re just plain Insane. They voted on bribery and obstruction of Congress and now they’re trying to add wire fraud. That’s just insane. These people are posed or infected with a disease of pure hatred and desperation. They’re drunk with Trump derangement syndrome or the brains are full of maggots eating away at what’s left of their purifying brains.

  10. These Democrats are panicking because their corruption is coming out and they will do anything to distract attention from their own wrong doing.

  11. You know the ignorant shit bag democraps there going to hell because of there lying ass, this process can be accelerated when you round them up and run 1.1 amp though them, either they’ll shake rattle and roll or scream or spit involuntarily. Press on.

  12. Look at Biden and his son. He admitted what he did. Then there is stupid Hillary, with her unsecured server. Where oh where are all her emails. Democrats paid to have all this start. Then there is Comey with his excuses about the FBI.
    Look what Trump has done for our border and our economy even without the help of Congress. They do not want to give any credit to Trump for anything. The Democrats just DO NOT WANT to drain the swamp. All the time and money spent on this garbage.

  13. Agree with you this is a total fraud made up by untrustworth people claiming to protect the CONSTITUTION. They evidently have never read the Constitution or else LIE because their pet didnot win. hope all these lose their office in the 2020 election.

  14. Steve W. I guess that you have about a 3rd grade education and, hopefully your parents have tried to teach you the difference between right and wrong, but obviously our education system has failed you as you don’t seem able to read or you are living in a fantasy world. The dems have fabricated out of whole cloth this entire sham. It has been going on since before Donald Trump was even elected. But then how much can one expect from a libratard suffering from TDS!!!

  15. Did you trust him when he pledged during his inaugural address that there would be a new, much better, much less costly health care plan in place within days? (Maybe I missed it – could you tell me what it’s called?)

    Did you trust him when he pledged that Mexico would pay for an impenetrable wall on our common border? (Maybe I missed that too – how much has been built, and how much has Mexico paid so far?)

  16. Well if you libratards would help or just GET OUT OF THE WAY things could be accomplished rather quickly. But just look back a little. How many out right lies did Obummer tell to the American People on things that really mattered? Also you don’t see Trump going around the world apologizing for Ameria!!! And he is still at it.

  17. Trump 2020. Democrats are the ones to impeach. If our judicial system cannot start charging the scum, time for the people to show how it is done. was never one to believe our judicial system would be this corrupt. Democrats have made themselves untouchable. Time to end the crap and make them accountable when they are caught lying. President Trump has proven how worthless they all are in congress. Does everyone believe he has gotten everything done just because he’s been able to work the system. Though true, he has made it a point to do what he has set out to do! This shows that the politicians before him were status Quo! They were only interested in getting rich and power over us and do as little to get there. Set back and think about it. President Trump cares about the country. Demos and Rinos only care about what they get out of ever thing including us. We have to make a stand and it their gravy train by any and all means!

  18. The Democrats have stated that if this impeachment fails, they’ll keep at it even after Trump gets voted in for his second term. Do not vote for a Democrat in November because they will keep this up and we’ll have another 4 years of them trying to stop Trump from doing what he has promised and nothing gets done by the House of Representatives.


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