Susan Rice: With Record Of ‘Falsehoods,’ Hard To Believe Trump On Soleimani Death

(Breitbart) – On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” former Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice said it was difficult to believe President Donald Trump on the reasons for Quds Force Supreme Commander Qasem Soleimani assassination.

Rice said, “I am doubtful ultimately it will prove to be the right thing. In the first instance, any of us familiar with Qasem Soleimani and the extraordinary blood on his hands has to be happy to see him off the battlefield. He was a murderer and terrorist of the first order. Having said that, whether we and Americans around the world are safer as a result of his targeted assassination than they would have been had we pursued other means to deal with what was purportedly the imminent threat at hand. I am not sure about that. I am not sure as I look at this, there are other ways to de-escalate this situation.”

Blitzer said, “Do you trust what you’re hearing from the Trump administration right now, the initial information about the intelligence assessments?”

Rice said, “I wish I could. This administration, sadly, tragically, has a record of almost daily misrepresenting the facts, telling falsehoods about issues big and very small. It’s hard to have confidence on the face of their representations. I’d like to see the evidence. I’d like to see the details behind the information that apparently led to this attack. Certainly, what Qasem Soleimani has done and Iran’s record would support what the administration is saying, not the least in the recent context, but one cannot be certain without seeing the facts.”

Blitzer said, “Do you expect administration officials right now are lying?”

Rice said, “I’m not prepared to say that. I hope certainly not. If they were lying about something of this magnitude, I hate to think of the consequences for the United States. But as I said, given their track record, one can’t be certain, as one would hope to be in a context like that the commander-in-chief and his top lieutenant are giving us the whole story.”


  1. Must be a bad thing to watch all of her close friends getting killed for MURDERING AMERICANS AND CIVILIANS IN TERRORIST ATTACKS.

    • Right on, that demoncratic oreo,,hmmwas she involved in Benghazi lies,? Was she there when Americans risked their lives to kill/assassinate Osama Bin Laden,,

    • Susan, you was a liar when you worked for Obama, lying to Trump. We don’t need you any more for all the lying. Leave America and maybe you will get what is coming to you for being such a liar.

  2. She betray America. A liar. She deserves to be put to death for crimes against America and the constitution. Obama and his administration all should be hung for treason. She makes me sick. Sides with Iran. Just hang her now.

  3. this from a traitor to the U:S lied about Bengazi to the Americans until proof camr out. She is a disgrace to the office she helt and to America

  4. She is the last person in the world who should be commenting on anyone else’s veracity. …and the last person anyone should ask, yes I’m talking about YOU Wolf Blitzer.

  5. Another demented lib, these people need psychiatric help in the worst way. Thier TDS has them totally off the rails. Speaking of lies wasn’t it Rice that said the Benghazi attack was the result of a video? I wish the dems would wake up to the fact that the American people decided they wanted a president that was for them first. They are so infantile, throwing tantrums when they don’t get thier way. An awful lot of us weren’t happy with obuthead but we didn’t go scream at the sky about it. I definitely sick of hearing all that President Trump, is doing wrong, from members of the most divisive and damaging administration this country has ever seen. Yes there are risks to any military action, but in the long run less than groveling and sucking up to countries like Iran.

  6. Need to shout your mouth and crawl back under you rock with moron Obama and Hillary and all the rest of the democommies guilty of treason and sedition like Colin!
    You’re all going to be charged, convicted and sentenced accordingly!!! That includes the squad four traitors and Nasty Pelosi and Ding Dong Schiff

  7. Why would anyone believe anything Susan Rice has to say. She is a know liar and will say anything to keep herself in the limelight. She needs to keep silent about anything political for fear she just might still be arrested and sent to jail for her crimes during Obama and Hillary’s reign of terror.

  8. It’s simple… Our embassy is invaded, this Iranian is in Iraq for what reason? I’m certain he was there to share with them some of “our” tax money that our Muslim President Obama gave them, right!?! It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. We should be celebrating the fact that our President and military had the courage to make this decision. Must we forget, Iran wants to destroy America! As some have said, President Trump could find a cure for cancer and the Democrats would want to hang him from the nearest tree.

  9. My feelings too Ron! Her and Osama Obama are probably trying to round up another big batch of cash to give to Iran again!

  10. Blitzer used to have a higher level of integrity but has succumbed to the whims of AOC and company. It amazes me that he would ask her a question about lying after she lied through her teeth over Ben Ghazi. She was the face of the obama administration. So she lies about that attack and murder of a U. S. Ambassador and is suspicious of the Trump admin who took out the scoundrel behind the attack on our embassy in Iraq. Blitzer, NBC, and Susan Rice all make me sick to my stomach.

  11. We will never forget Benghazi,you got blood on your hands like Killary and Obamanation,traitors to the people and homeland,lies is all we get from the democrat communist party

  12. What a monumental waffling, non-committal drone she is. It’s no wonder the Obama administration was so infatuated with her. And then there’s the lefts’ favorite news hack trying desperately to lead her into saying something he can quote later.

    This is why I always try to remember to take the barf bag out of the seat pocket with me in case I get stuck having to watch CNN waiting for another flight.

  13. A hank of hair and a sack of lying deceiving anti American crap brought to you by the One World Government in play in our government. Rice is another dirty haired Anti American Hating Plant undermining American Sovereignty.

    Imagine that the American people wanted so bad to elect a non white person as president that they chose the Sotero PUKE, their Messiah Liar, This Anti American Islamic piece of Trojan excrement, instead of a man of worth, character, proud of America.

    Imagine how we could have, how that the black community could have been so proud to have had Allen West, Cain, Thomas Sowell, any number of men of Character and Integrity and instead they knealt down and bowed before the Islamic imposter Obama and his demons he placed in our government to help him put a nail in her coffin

  14. AG put this corrupt Obama pimp coverup under oath. This B—- should be in jail. She’s a traitor and covered for her pimp while American’s were murdered in Benghazi. She has no conscience, and continues to move freely among patriots. Obama, Rice, and Hillary are the most disgusting corrupt individuals to date. Of course they’re above the law like all Democrats. This party is allowed to remain they own the media and I just wished the Republicans were more aggressive and move on them.

  15. The last person on earth to be questioning whether the Trump administration is telling the truth is a proven liar from the Obama administration.

    • I guess when one is a insufferable liar and a narcissist such as this woman, and there are left wing media who’ll give her a platform, she’ll talk like she means anything at all. I think she underestimated the memory of the American people and how we haven’t forgotten our Ambassador and the three Americans they left there to die. Not to mention the countless others that were severely injured. And Liar Rice is talking like she knows anything about situations like aside from lying about it.

  16. Rice has been proven over and over again to be nothing more than a pathological liar for the commies so why give her air time????

  17. I have always believed that Hillary received a warning prior to the attack in Benghazi. I also believe it was one of the major reasons Hillary bleached, scoured, deleted everything on her server. Huma and Rice would have been privy to that, would have been consulted about how to handle their screw up….Ms. Rice, after your round robin TV appearances, where you tried to feed us lies, I would think you wouldn’t want to rock any boats.

    • Like everyone in the Obama Administration who got away with murder, the dead Ambassador and three other Americans, they think they’re above the law. Remember what HilLiar said “what difference does it make now”? The left wing media who idolized them gave them the reason it’s alright to constantly malign our intelligence and feed us false information. So sick of CNN, MSLSD, WAPO, NYTimes. People constantly quote them like they have any journalistic integrity? Hello?

  18. The nerve of this insufferable liar! Not only did you stand by and watch a Coptic Christian go to jail for the lie that you and the entire Obama Administration peddle the American people for days on TV.
    Americans, our Ambassador died while you and the entire Obama Administration did nothing while they are being attacked and you still have the nerve to say anything? Anything at all? Really? STHU! Go away! Just look at how Libya turned out and that is yours,HilLiar and the entire Obama Administration legacy. Proud?

  19. They have yet to prove imminent danger. as I understand it, at mara loga, aides gave him a choice from a list of options. He chose this one. Without consulting anyone. But take comfort in the fact that he says he knows more than the generals.

  20. She would like to see the evidence? Not likely to happen and the Trump administration lies? Is that like Bengazi? or maybe Bill Clinton and I were sitting in a plane on the tarmac disgussing our kids and grandkids while his wife was being investigated by the FBI. Let him that is without sin cast the first stone, so be careful about calling Trumpa liar when we can prove you lied and lied and lied.

  21. Only fools and uneducated people believe anything she has to say. Remember all she did was lie when she was in office with Obama and Hillary. Still looking for 5 minutes of fame because we all just remember her because of her lies. When will these POS get tried for treason???

  22. This comment is coming from an Obama LYING PIECE OF SHIT. Rice already a dead woman walking. She need not worry the execution is painless but deadly. RIP in Hell along with the rest of Obama’s cronies.


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