Switzerland Bans The Death Penalty, But Does This If Prisoners Are Suicidal

(Right Country) – Officials in Switzerland have confirmed that prisoners in their nation will be allowed to undergo assisted suicide.

This came after a request from an imprisoned child rapist, who apparently is more clear-minded about what his fate should be for his heinous crime than the judge who sentenced him.

Why is anyone anywhere who has committed that offense not promptly executed?

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said that “When convicted of a crime, one should serve the sentence due. A child rapist should not have the option to opt out via assisted suicide.”

LifeSiteNews explains:

Peter Vogt was imprisoned in 1996 after he spent decades sexually assaulting girls as young as ten. Vogt now claims to be suffering from heart and kidney problems, and has applied to die at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic.

Earlier this year the child rapist wrote a letter to seemingly manipulate his way out of a life-long prison sentence via assisted suicide. Vogt’s letter stated that “It would be better to be dead than to be left to vegetate behind these walls…Nobody should have to commit suicide in his cell alone.”

Prison officials have now confirmed that assisted suicide should be available to prisoners although the operational procedures have still to be confirmed.

“Permitting assisted suicide is fundamentally wrong and perversely creates a scenario where some prisoners choose to die whilst European nations uphold strong prohibitions on the death penalty for other prisoners,” Robin says.

Meanwhile, the death penalty is banned in the European nation.

PG Action explains:

The Swiss Constitution forbids the use of the death penalty. Capital punishment was abolished in civil courts in 1942, and in military courts in 1992.

No execution has been carried out since the Second World War. The Swiss government supports efforts by civil society, including PGA, to promote abolition throughout the world. Switzerland has ratified both the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1992, and its Second Optional Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty (ICCPR-OP2) in 1994.


  1. Capital punishment was used by authoritarian governments for the purpose of political control.

    Capital punishment is used by constitutional republican governments for the purpose of public safety, justice, and the maintenance of social morale.

    Now that authoritarians have more sophisticated means of control, they can pretend to be more humane in order to hide the means of social manipulation.

  2. There are certain things which warrant the Death Penalty and if some one wishes to die, they should be allowed to get an assisted ticket out.

  3. Capital punishment was established in the colonial and post Revolutionary states of the US because it is prescribed by the Law of God.

  4. Now if a person chooses to die by their own hand that is a personal decision. But a court ruling the death penalty is not what humane is all about, we have so many older religious persons who think the Bible requires it, which in a lot of theology discussions disagree with the notion of the death penalty and the Bible. Many in all countries decide on suicide by law enforcement rather than prison for life.


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