Take A Wild Guess Who Nasrallah Was Going To Blow Up With Chemicals That Exploded In Beirut Blast…

(Right Country) – If you’re the nation of Israel, you’re used to being surrounded by enemies who want nothing more than to destroy your people and wipe your culture off the face of the earth. This has been the struggle these individuals have faced for many, many years.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for terrorist groups in other Middle Eastern nations to make threats against the Jewish nation, who also happens to be our biggest ally in that region of the world.

Earlier this week, a bunch of chemicals detonated in a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon that took the world by storm. As it turns out, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has threatened in the past to destroy Israel by causing a massive explosion that would look like it was a “nuclear” bomb of some sort. He’s also attempted to acquire ammonium nitrate from the nation of Syria since 2009.

Nasrallah has also attempted to infiltrate the agriculture ministry in Lebanon in order to make that happen.

Here’s more from the Jerusalem Post:

The archival footage has been circulating in the wake of the massive explosion in Lebanon that killed more than 100 and injured 4,000 and has left hundreds missing. It illustrates Hezbollah’s terrorist strategy of targeting civilians for mass murder, despite the organization’s claim that it is “resisting” Israel by defending Lebanon.

A source quoted in a cache of leaked diplomatic cables and other reports noted that Hezbollah’s supply of some explosive material had been cut off over the last decade. Hezbollah also allegedly sought to get the ammonium nitrate via Syria, bringing in thousands of tons of it from Homs. Hezbollah sought to dominate the agriculture ministry in Lebanon since 2009 to get a hold of the material.

In February 16, 2016 Nasrallah also said that ammonia is stored in Haifa and that there are 15,000 tonnes of gas Haifa and that explosions there might cause the deaths of tens of thousands of people. “the expert added that this is exactly like a nuclear bomb. In other words Lebanon has a nuclear bomb. This is not an exaggeration.” Nasrallah laughs as he says this in the video, noting that Hezbollah refrained from striking the ammonia in the 2006 war.

Nasrallah told his audience that with several missiles his terror group could set off the ammonia with the same impact of a nuclear weapon. He said he had consulted experts and that 800,000 people would be affects and tens of thousands killed. In February 2017 he made another speech mentioning ammonia stored in Haifa. On Al-Mayadeen TV he said that a decision was made ‘several days ago that the ammonia storage tanks must be emptied.” He claimed it was because the “resistance” had talked about the storage tanks.

“Moreover there is a ship that brings the ammonia, and distributed it to the Haifa facility and I said that the Haifa facility is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb, but the ship that carries ammonia to occupied Palestine is like five nuclear bombs,” Nasrallah said in 2017.

The footage of the speeches which has come to light after the explosion of ammonium nitrate that was stored improperly for years in the port of Beirut suggests that Hezbollah studied the use of ammonia as an accelerant that would multiply exponentially the power of its missiles. It may be that Hezbollah studied the warehouse in Beirut and the ships that deliver this chemical. Ammonium nitrate is commonly used in fertilizer but can be used in explosives as well.

It’s become even more critical for us as Americans to remember that the world hasn’t stopped turning and bad guys haven’t stopped plotting against us just because of the coronavirus pandemic.

There are still terrorist threats to our national security out in the world, and they are no doubt smelling an opportunity to strike out against their enemies, us included, during this time of weakness. We as a nation must be vigilant and support our armed forces and intelligence personnel who are striving to keep us safe, especially during a time when we are so vulnerable.

Send your thoughts and prayers to Beirut and those in Israel as they seek to defend their country and their people from the forces of evil.

Source: jpost.com/middle-east/nasrallah-threatened-to-blow-up-israel-with-same-chemicals-as-beirut-blast-637582


  1. It’s time we all wake up and see that we are under attack even from within
    Either your for America or your not
    Getting rid of police isn’t for America
    Rioting in our streets isn’t for America
    Being told we can’t gather isn’t for America

    Better make choice before America is gone

  2. Time to bring in the bull dozers and semi-trailers and clean up the trash in our streets before it continues to spread. Stand for our Flag, Stand together for our Freedom, Stand together to correct what is wrong, keep protests peaceful, get the gangs out of our neighborhoods (ALL Neighborhoods), put criminals behind bars and those that kill, to death.
    Every child deserves the right to a future without being forced into a life of crime.
    Society demands Freedom rather than License. We MUST Demand this of ourselves and Each Other. Support Freedom, Justice, Each Other and Our Police.
    Election Day should be a National Holiday and so should June 19th.
    We lost 755,000 people in the Civil War to reunify our country and to make us All Free. Let’s always celebrate what we have accomplished and can accomplish together.
    God Bless the USA.


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