“The Beginning Of The End For Fox” – President Trump Blasts Fox News And Their Horrendous Impeachment Coverage

FOX News ain’t what it used to be!

(Gateway Pundit) – On Monday the Fox News Channel bailed on covering the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Instead FOX offered viewers an interview with former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) on The Story with Martha MacCallum.

FOX News chose this for their conservative audience instead of the defense presentations by former Independent Counsel Robert Ray and later renowned liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

The arguments were shown live by MSNBC, CNN, OANN and C-SPAN, but not Fox, the main preferred channel of Trump supporters.

FOX also loaded their coverage with prominent anti-Trumpers. It’s very disappointing.

It’s as if FOX News hates its own audience! Don’t forget that Paul Ryan is on the Board of Fox now and his “sugar daddy” is Paul Singer.

The shoddy anti-Trump coverage at FOX News was not missed by President Trump.

The historic president posted two tweets attacking FOX News.



  1. Fox News WAS, (Note “WAS” the only news channel) I watched and counted on; however, I seen the “slide” watching Chris Wallace and quit him months ago. I will find another source of conservative, truthful news.

    • OAN …. One America News (channel 347 on Direct TV). Straight take on national and world news…. conservative yes, but straight up. Chanel Rion did an AMAZING series of interviews regarding the Biden/Burisma issue. Traveled to Ukraine to interview the principals involved. Facts, facts, facts. May be the only uncompromised station left.

    • OAN and Whatfinger.com. The Murdoch son and his wife dont lean conservative. I believe his wife works for the Clinton Foundation

      • Really, Rene? You got the gist of his comment, didn’t you? Get off your high horse. Ever see your keyboard type something you didn’t intend and you only notice it after it was posted? I sure hope you don’t live in a glass house. I just corrected two mistakes that happened in this post before I posted it.

  2. I have to agree with President Trump …!!!!
    Of here lately ….Fox News has leaned toward a
    negative look at our Great President .. Donald Trump …!!!
    And … Chris Wallace has become a two-faced snake
    in the grass …!!! ….. He portrays an honest look … but
    actually leans toward the biased left ..!!!
    I am Very Disappointed in Fox – Chris Wallace and
    Donna Brazil …!!! ….. I never knew that Paul Ryan is on
    the board of Fox News …!!!….. This is probably the reason
    why ….!!! ……. I’ll just look for another source of news …!!!
    Thank You ….. President Trump ….!!!!
    I LOVE YOU ….!!!!

    • John, since Paul Ryan became part of their board, Shepard Smith left Fox news channel 😄. I could only ask for Judge Napalatono to get the boot. For anyone to say the programming is left leaning, I strongly disagree. On occasion they will have a guest on that is left leaning but generally they stand their ground well. I do not want a total Conservative program. I want to hear how those idiots think. It reminds me of why I am a conservative.

  3. Martha and other Fox Anchors should be ashamed of themselves and Chris Wallace should be thrown off Fox and join Shepherd Smith in the news abyss. Every time a left leaner is brought on I switch Fox off.. but thank God for Laura, Sean and Tucker otherwise I would not watch Fox at all!!!

    • Ernie , I agree but I also enjoy Fox & Friends , Outnumbered, The Five and The Greg Gutfield Show, Greg is a Hoot to watch. The Five could do without Juan

  4. I’m a dedicated Fox News watcher (or should say was) until they started bowing to the liberal left. Chris Wallace is a pathetic loser as a journalist, and should go snuggle up with Don Lemon at CNN. I’ll look for my conservative news elsewhere. I discussed it with my mother, and she’ll be leaving you as well.

  5. I switched to C-span early because I can’t stand the way FOX talks over the beginning of each session or cuts away . Why on earth would I want to listen to their pompous opinions instead of the actual defense? I absolutely agree with the president.

    • Jabe, Paul Ryan can not single handedly make all of the decisions for Fox. Since he came there…..they blasted Shep Smith out of his seat😁 and that makes me smile.

    • And I had to go to OAN last night to hear the Trump speak in New Jersey. Oh, by the way, OAN did not usurp The Daily Legder or The Tipping Point..they played AFTER Trump finished speaking..in full.
      .And today I am watching OAN for the uninterrupted Q&A.
      I would have been watchign this on FOX but they have become unreliable in covering live proceedings.

  6. Hey folks, if you want a real conservative alternative look for One America News (OAN). It’s not laden with “legs” and can be a little monotone at times but they try hard especially Graham Ledger who should be on Fox. Fox is not what it used to be but I still love most of them. Glad Shep left. My favs are The Five mostly Gutfeld and Watters and hope they move Juan somewhere else, Judge Jeanine, Tucker, Laura, Levin, Mark Steyn, Kilmead tell it straight and sometimes Hannity when he doesn’t repeat the same thing, The Doocy’s have been great too. Sorry if I’ve left anyone out. There are others but I can’t remember right now.

    • I watch OAN often. Their sets, sounds and some of their programs are a little hoakie but otherwise, they tell more stories and present different views.

      • Let’s not forget Judge Jeanine, she’s fierce, funny and awesome. Also, Dan Bongino. There is no lefty that can go toe to toe with him.

  7. I will continue to follow Fox News. I have never been a Chris Wallace watcher so that solves that issue. Their motto is fair and balanced. We want those Lilly livered lefties to watch and if Fox only tells it 100% the conservative way, Fox loose that part of the market. We need facts, truth no matter for or against our President. President Trump is human and makes errors too but, not many. He is granted some mis steps from me but I want to know how the looney lefties are thinking so, please don’t censure Fox. Let them do their job, they know what they are doing! Get rid of Judge Napalotono though, he is horrifically butt hurt over not being selected as a Supreme Court Judge and it shows. He isn’t honest, he obviously has a beef to settle.

  8. Fox has opened the door and invited past loyal “Fox-Fans” to find another venue, by loading their lineup host cadre with, neutrals, Rinos, Libs, Dems, Socialists, Lefty’s, and Far Leftys.
    Will attract few new “Marxists” and lose many “right-thinking” Loyal Americans! “Bye” to many time slots for me.

  9. If I learned anything in my time in the military, I learned that you have to know your enemy in order to defeat them. I watched CNN, MSNBC, CBS and every other news (fake and otherwise) show i could, mostly FOX but I did keep up with the others. If you only hear one side of a conversation, it really is not a conversation. Too much Right and not enough Left leaves you without knowing why you need to keep fighting. Lately, I have drifted from “the others”. At least FOX is now giving some Left opinions as well. To me they don’t sound so good, but at least I can hear them. Morning Joe made me sick to listen to, but I had to in order to see what the “other side” was up to now I can get some of that at FOX. FOX is still the best. And while I disagree with the president on this issue, he is still the VERY BEST! Just FYI, Shep Smith is a good reporter, he tried to bring both sides of the conversation. He was a bit too left leaning, but he did help make the “balanced” part true.

  10. O A N N – One American News Network
    Insist your cable providers carry this channel. It is what Fox once was😡🤬🤡🤨😠😖

  11. Maybe Don jr should invest some of the Trump money in a T.V. Station. I bet it would be making a lot money and have more viewers and put Fox-CNN-ABC-CBS and NBC out of business. TRUMP net work would be my number 1 station to watch.

  12. Some years ago, goldman sachs asked themselves the question “what would it take to control the media?” … fast forward a few years and you will see seven corporations control the media. One can see the benefit of putting out a “spin” that will cause a market drop: “Mark Cuban predicts market crash if Trump is elected” … or “impeachment testimony will bring down Trump” …the market drops and they buy buy buy … and the market recovers with news of “record low unemployment, gnp growth exceeds 4%” and they sell, sell, sell … ha ha ha. Slavery is being re-invented albeit in a new form; middle class debt-induced.

  13. Unfortunately, as usual Mr Trump is being his own worst enemy! Since it’s inception FOX NEWS has used the motto “FAIR AND BALANCED AND UNAFRAID”!!! But when ever they have someone with an opposing view on some of us conservatives loose it. Mr Trump some times forgets that FOX NETWORKS are HIS ONLY ALLY in the media. They give him a fair shake. Yes, I agree that a few of their on air commentators are very liberal(read democrat supporters), Chris Wallace comes to mind Shep Smith, etc but they are countered by others who call them out at every turn. Yes I was very disappointed when they cut away from the hearing during the very masterful defense statements to interview those libraturds but we were brought up to speed by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson with their comments and guests. I just wish at times that Mr Trump would hesitate for a moment’s thought before he lashed out. I think Kellyanne Conway is his best spokesperson and she has complete access to ANY FOX NEWSPERSON ON AIR!!! She tells it like it is and insulates the president too. God Bless Her!!! TRUMP 2020

  14. Will have to agree with CinDee. Don’t want to bail on Fox altogether, and it is good to know both sides which won’t come from the other major news outlets. My Fox favorite is “Outnumbered”. Those ladies are usually spot on and well informed. Only problem is they come on late in the morning after I’ve already started my day so I can’t keep up as well as I would like.

  15. Thank God for the internet! There you can still learn the truth from Groups who report the truth! Fox has done their viewers a great disservice by not showing what CNN was willing to show. Fox cannot afford to be biased and take sides. Companies might pull their advertising! Viewers can always switch the channel! Fox should know better than to pull such a stunt. TB Riggs.

  16. I will always watch Tucker . Some of Hanity , Ingrum , Waters ,The Judge and Gutfeld . If You want something better then paul ryan and donna blue hair brazil find Newsmax and One American News . They have news and really Great coverage .

  17. All Fox News cares about are ratings. The longer this ‘sham’ goes on the better for them, they think. With people like Napolitano, Wallace, and Williams, and to a lesser extent, Breem, Hemmer, McCallum, and yes, let’s not forget Rivera, Fox is singing to a much different audience. Luckily, we have a means of tuning out, which I find myself doing more, and more. Conveniently, OAN is only a click away, or at worse, a good soccer game.

  18. Fox News has the Never Trump-er Chris Wallace, who like his Father, is a Liberal arguing Constitutional Law relative to the Impeachment of the President.
    I like how Alan Dershowitz cleaned Wallace’s clock on Fox News. Sorry Chris, you are no Constitutional Expert. If Fox lets you go, I may tune back in. You are one of the reasons why I won’t subscribe to Fox. Forget Fox, I’m done.

  19. When Fox was taken over by leftists it’s days were numbered. One thing I’ve noticed, the amount of airtime for leftist talking points is way up. Plus the way topics are worded. As an example today there was talk about “GOP not having enough votes to block having more testimony witnesses.” It’s minor but why say that in that way, not being able to BLOCK? It implies a GOP loss and a negative action from the GOP. How different would it sound to instead say that the GOP, with exception of a few party traitor RINOs, have heard enough to end the impeachment SHAM. With the RINOs siding with Demonrats they might be able to keep the sham alive. That’s probably how Hannity would say it, but not the gal that was on post work central time… The changes have been subtle so far, but they’re there. Fox is slowly being ruined, losing the glory it once held.

  20. I think Fox News is a fair and balanced news channel. This station gives all the news most of which is right leaning which I like, but it is a station that serves all the people. They are a big Trump supporter which is GREAT I am too.


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