The California LEOs Who Are Sick Of Emperor Newsom’s Unconstitutional COVID Mandates

(Right Country) – California Overlord Governor Gavin Newsom is really taking tyranny seriously. Ever since COVID cases started spiking around the country Newsom has taken advantage of the opportunity to crackdown on California residents.

After mandating new restrictions to force Californians to spend their holidays “together alone,” Newsom has declared that 41 out of the 58 counties in the state need a curfew. Disturbingly, earlier this week Newsom said he was checking out studies on curfews in other countries like France and Saudi Arabia.

Maybe next Newsom will decide it’s too dangerous for women to drive.

The curfew will affect the 41 counties in the “purple tier” of Newsom’s multi-level COVID mitigation plan and is expected to take effect from November 21 until December 21 and will be from 10 PM to 5 AM daily.

What is most interesting is how governors around the country are cracking down and issuing strict lockdown rules and mandates because, apparently, the virus is so dangerous and spreading so quickly, yet they all set dates to start their mandates rather than make them effective immediately.

The virus isn’t a threat on November 20 after 10 PM but California residents better watch out on the 21st. I digress.

While Emperor Newsom has decreed a curfew for his subjects, he still faces one little problem: several sheriff’s offices from around the state say they won’t be enforcing it.

The Gateway Pundit reports that sheriff’s offices from Orange County, El Dorado County, and Sacramento do not plan to enforce Newsom’s curfew.

Orange County is a rare conservative haven in Southern California and Sheriff Don Barnes said in a statement released Thursday that his department has more pressing matters than policing law-abiding citizens over social gatherings and face mask calls.

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones also released a statement on Thursday saying that his department will also not be enforcing the orders.

In the statement, Jones said that his office will not be “determining compliance” of residents to health or emergency orders and then listed the myriad of mandates and rules handed down by Newsom such as rules related to indoor social gatherings, mask mandates, and curfews. He also stated that his office “will not dispatch officers for these purposes.”

The El Dorado County Sheriff also informed the public of their decision not to enforce Newsom’s mandates by stating that they are aware of the order “and will not be enforcing this curfew order.”

In a statement similar to that of the Sacramento Sheriff’s, El Dorado Sheriff stated that they will not be sending officers out on calls relating to health orders and that they won’t be entering anyone’s home.

The El Dorado Sheriff further added that his office will “continue to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.”

As the Gateway Pundit pointed out, Newsom has lost the consent of the governed and we applaud these patriotic Sheriffs and the good example they are setting for their departments and communities.

We must stand united against tyranny in all forms.

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  1. Thank you to these sheriffs in these counties for standing up tp the tyeriny in their counties. I hear Riverside sheriff said something similar

  2. Thankfully, these sheriff’s offices have stood up to Dictator Newsom. Had they not, they would have to be considered part of the Dictator’s gestapo.

  3. I guess this gives credence to the theory that Covid comes from bats which generally only come out at night. What is he thinking? If we follow these rules we will no longer have to wear masks as Covid is not transferred during the hours of 5:00AM and 10:PM. Great. We are finally getting a handle on this Disease. Thanks Gov. Newsom.

  4. Newsom is just an example of what is going to happen to all of America if after the true ballot count Trump does not win. This is just the beginning of there socialist America take over.

  5. Just a preview of what it will be like after the communistic left wins the presidency and the senate by fraud. Time to buy guns and ammo and prepare for the coming civil war.

  6. California is a state led by Nazi’s and this lock-down is another example of the acts of Anti-American Activities by The Democrat, Communist, Socialist, Nazi, ANTIFA loving Terrorist Party!!

    Enjoy your FREEDOM while you still can, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make it into the White House OUR FREEDOM will be stolen just like the 2020 election!!!


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