The Disturbing Threats Jeffrey Epstein Made To A Girl Who Tried To Escape

(Right Country) – A fifth unnamed woman has joined a lawsuit against the estate of suspiciously deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and she’s adding her harrowing tale to that of his many accusers.

On Thursday, attorney Lisa Bloom said that Epstein threatened to “hunt” down and “burn” her client in order to keep her quiet about the sexual abuse she was subject to at his hands.

“Yesterday we filed a new lawsuit against the Epstein estate on behalf of a fifth woman, Jane Doe 5, who knew Epstein from 2003 through 2013. Jane Doe 5 worked for a close friend of Epstein’s, and alleges that Epstein frequently hypersexualized her work environment, controlled her clothing, hairstyle and diet, and ultimately sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions,” Bloom said.

Bloom also said that Epstein made threats like “I will burn you” and “I will hunt you down” to scare her into silence.

“Jane Doe 5 alleges that she feared for her life and the lives of her friends and family. She alleges that she suffered serious debilitating psychological injuries as a result of Epstein’s abuse and threats,” Bloom added.

The attorney is representing four other Jane Does in a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, according to the Law and Crime blog.

Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 sued in Aug. 2019, the month the accused child sex-trafficker officially died in prison by suicide. They allege that Epstein sexually assaulted them in New York in 2004.

Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4 joined the lawsuit in Dec. 2019 and accused Epstein of sexually abusing them when they were minors in the ’80s and ’90s.

“The two new plaintiffs, Jane Does 3 and 4, both allege that they were minors, under the age of 18, when Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused them. Jane Doe 3 was an aspiring fifteen year old model in New York who went to Epstein’s home for what she thought was a casting call,” Bloom said at the time. “After the sexual assault, she disenrolled from high school while only in the tenth grade. Jane Doe 4 alleges that she was a thirteen year old in Hilton Head, South Carolina asked to ‘babysit’ for Epstein. When she arrived, she discovered there were no children to babysit. She alleges that Epstein sexually assaulted her over a period of years and across state lines, supplying her with alcohol and drugs, and trafficked her to other prominent men, causing her profound psychological injuries.”

Just eight days ago, Bloom said that a witness came forward claiming to have seen the United Kingdom’s Prince Andrew at a nightclub in 2001 with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has alleged that Epstein and his associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, groomed her to have sex with Andrew when she was just 17 years old.

The Prince has adamantly denied any such a relationship, despite the existence of a photograph of them together with Maxwell in 2001.


  1. Glad the Bastard is dead ….!!!!
    But what of the other high profile figures
    who also assaulted young children ….
    like Bill Clinton ….!!!!
    TERRIBLE ….!!!!!

  2. Epstein learned how to deal with his victims from Hillary Clinton. Just have them suicide themselves the Hillary way. Shoot themselves in the back of the head. Get dead under mysterious circumstances. Hang themselves with their hands tied behind their backs. It takes real talent to know something damaging to the Clintons.

    • Been watching too many thrillers lately? More likely it was learned from Donald Trump, who has had almost 2 dozen women come forward to verify exactly what he boasted about doing on the BILLY BUSH tape.

      Hillary was investigated numerous times by Repubs, they could find nothing to charge her with. However, Trump is a thug with a corrupt past going back decades.

  3. “Get dead under mysterious circumstances.”

    Hillary’s M.O. Not a political statement at all! Just an (unprovable) fact.


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