“The Kraken Came Down On Georgia This Evening” — Bombshell Complaint Could Change Everything

(Right Country) – On Wednesday night, powerhouse attorney Sidney Powell, who is acting as a private citizen to legally challenge the allegedly fraudulent results of the 2020 election, filed a 104 page complaint of fraud in the Georgia election.

Powell is a former federal prosecutor who has long been calling out the inner workings of the Deep State and took over the legal team for framed former NSA Michael Flynn in his flagship Russia hoax court case.

She was also one of the top attorneys on President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

While the media tried to spin the Trump campaign distancing itself from her earlier this week after she makes bombshell allegation after bombshell allegation about election tampering.

Powell has claimed that, in large part thanks to Dominion voting software and machines, nefarious figures were able to dramatically impact the results of the election in Joe Biden’s favor.

The Trump campaign legal team however, headed up by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, simply made clear she was working in an individual capacity legally speaking.

And now we can clearly see she’s been up to something huge.

On Wednesday, Abigail Frye, also a lawyer for Michael Flynn, posted on Twitter that Powell had filed the “BOMBSHELL” complaint in Georgia and urged her followers to “stay tuned!”

The Gateway Pundit shared a copy of the filing, noting that on Page 3, the “purpose of the fraud is stated – to make certain Joe Biden won the 2020 election.”


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  1. Thank you Sidney for having the courage to step up on the behalf of the American people where others wouldn’t. People in government are paid by the American people to protect us and our votes. It’s all a shame and a sham. Good bless you and keep you safe.

  2. It amazes me how they have been just getting worse and worse for years and so many of us who have been complaining , have been belittled and insulted and then ignored. Someone with the know how and ability is finally fighting back. And Trump is the best president Ive ever seen personally and theyve tormented his life for 4 years. I guess as it says in Romans 8, its all just comming to a head.

  3. Thank you for giving your all and
    Standing up against this executed fraud. Conservative , Constitution loving Americans stand with you and thank you for fighting for us and supporting our incredible President Trump. We all want our vote to Count!
    You have our support.

  4. Thank you Sidney for not backing down even when threats are trying to interfere with you helping to protect justice and our country from utter excuses of human beings. I hope and pray for our country and the President of the United States sake, that justice is served and everyone involved goes to jail. Please be safe. 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

  5. May justice prevail!

    It took immense courage to do what you did, Sidney!

    And for our nation, may the deciding judiciary follow the facts, and not follow their political interests.

    This more important than all of our wars; even the justified ones.

  6. Praying protection over you Sidney and that all this evil will be blown open and those guilty for stealing the election are put in prison. This is treason, and at one time, our country hung people who worked with the enemy. Hummmmmmm. People need to know our History in order to see how we became such a great nation. It was not pandering to the enemy.

  7. Ignore the Fake News media and keep shining the light of TRUTH, exposing their lies and crimes. They will scream and cheat and fight… but in the end we will win and America will be free and GREAT again.

  8. Our prayers are with you Sidney, and we trust you completely.you are amazing, so I knowledgeable and determined. Thank you, we are so grateful

  9. Kick some behind. Way to go. Hope you shut down the fraud . I find it odd when you drive the down streets and see so many trump signs and one Biden.
    And yet he came out on top? Something is seriously wrong .
    Can’t wait to hear your outcome and get things overturned ! Thank goodness for you . You are a blessing

  10. Where is the AJC; local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS; and CNN? You all should be ashamed of yourselves! It does not matter if you agree or disagree. You aggressively present the defense of known murderers, alleged misdeeds of the police, etc.

    You don’t fairly present the news on Trump or the clearly alleged fraudulent conduct of some election officials. When Abram’s claimed fraud and refused concede you not only presented her case. You also repeated her refusal to concede for months and even now! Yet you have said very little or nothing about the clearly illegal conduct during the latest election.

    Your bias is obvious. You are unworthy of being called journalists or a news organization.

  11. Love you Sydney! Praying for you, the President and America that the TRUTH will be made a plain as day. That the media is no longer able to ignore what went on. YOU GO GIRL!!! MUCH RESPECT!! XO

  12. It is unfortunate when new lands are discovered and developed to the point of greatness and great wealth. Then, something happens to the inheritors of this great cultural wealth that it is consumed internally and the great country suddenly is destroyed from within by its future inheritors.


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