The Notorious Congresswoman Who Just Got Barred From Inspecting Post Office Facilities

(Right Country) – Ha!

This is rich.

The notorious Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) found herself barred from inspecting U.S. Post Office facilities on Friday.

Officials for the federal agency claimed she had not provided them with enough advance notice before arriving at the locations.

Just the News reports:

Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz showed up at USPS facilities in Florida’s Opa-locka and Northwest Miami-Dade on Friday, intending to investigate reports from postal employees of considerable amounts of undelivered mail there.

Yet upon arrival Wasserman Schultz was barred from accessing the distribution facilities, with agency police preventing her from entering both locations. At one location the parking lot was blocked off by caution tape and a USPS police car; at another, armed guards in the lobby prevented the congresswoman from conducting her inspection.

Later, in a statement, the Post Office explained that they hadn’t been given enough prior notice to Wasserman Schultz’s visit.

“We spoke with her staff to explain that we were unable to set up the tour on such short notice, but would be happy to accommodate her at another time,” Post Office spokeswoman Kim Fuller told media on Friday.

“We look forward to working with the Congresswoman and her staff to arrange a visit in the near future.”

An aide with Wasserman Schultz’s office, meanwhile, said that the congresswoman “[wasn’t] asking for permission,” and that the short notice of the visit was intentional.

“I sit on the committee that has jurisdiction over the Postal Service,” Wasserman Schulz said afterwards “Now they are not allowing a member of Congress to get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on so I can get to the bottom of this.”

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    • Well, well. Ms Wasserman Shultz doing a little recon work for the democrats. So what does she plan on doing once inside? Draw up floor plan layouts and access doors for infiltrating ballot deliveries? Maybe it’s more a move to intimidate the postal service and remind them who they must work for come election ballot mailing and delivery. Whatever the reason, it seems rather curious.

  1. Definitely agree with you Vicki. These liberal Dems/Socialists think they own Congress and the White House. Hopefully, they’ll get voted out of their seats come this election. All of them are no good for nothing – especially Pelosi and her lunatic abuses of power.

  2. Gee…I don’t recall her being terribly open nor honest with the congressional oversight of her IT Tech scandal a few years ago…she stonewalled the committee for months, just prior to her tech guy trying to flee the country with supposed earnings in excess of $ million dollars…anyone remember that from the way back time machine???

    • yea where are the charges that were filed against her? which liberal judge got paid off to dismiss them. Time we started to look at the judges as well and post all their rulings to show the people which of the corrupt they let back on the streets.———-Grampa

  3. What nerve this woman has, thinking she can do whatever she pleases. See that is what happens when you give someone a little power, she now thinks “SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW”. What nerve…Wasserman ‘s Asst,. said Wasserman was not asking permission???? and that the short notice of the visit was intentional. Intentional or not intentional……WASSERMAN IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

  4. How much clearer, what is it going to take to make everyone, except the brain washed common democrats, to realize that this is no bull, the demorats are out to rig the votes in their favor and if they can’t pull that off, they will screw the whole thing up so that crooked NASTY NANCY can choose who wins (theirs of course) Biden. Why do I see a war brewing, the criminals in are country are no longer hiding, their glowing !!!!!

  5. WTF .. I DON’T TRUST ANYONE IN CONGRESS… I ESPECIALLY DO NOT TRUST THEM AROUND MY MAIL… they can have all the oversight they want from 5 miles away….KEEP THOSE ASSES AWAY FROM OUR MAIL…OUR MAIL IS PRIVATE…. stupid dumbocrap witch needs to be sent packing in Nov.

  6. Wassean shlitz is a criminal. Her problem has not been resolved for the American people. You know it involved her computer and a Muslim.

  7. Typical Dem! A genuine “dumpster diver” not knowing what she’s looking for, just something she can dig up and chew on. Dems are notorious for creating crises to serve their ulterior motives. They are rabid dogs and sore losers.
    Glad the UPS didn’t suck up to her. She can claim a conspiracy and dress up her spontaneous visit all she can, but they didn’t fall for the “We’re here to help you.” Historical Democratic hypocrisy and arrogance on display. Americans need to wake and smarten up and see the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  8. Just as a person thinks this stupid worthless little female dog is gone from the public domain, she shows her ugly flea bitten face again. Time for someone to take this tramp to the vet and have her fixed.

  9. So I guess she thinks that just because she’s a Democrat congress woman she can just waltz her ass in and do whatever she wants. Kudos to the postal employees who did their job and denied her access. Who the hell does she think she is??!! This is just another example of how the Democrats think – laws don’t apply to them when it comes to promoting their left wing liberal agenda. Too bad they didn’t give her a good old fashioned wood shampoo and toss her ass in jail-if it was an average American like you or me we’d probably still be in the slammer.

  10. this is another charter member of the corrupt government swamp. why wasn’t she charged with using illegals that supplied information to foreign governments? this double standard must stop. they continue to get away with things that get a average citizen jailed. they believe their power and authority as undisputable. accolades to the officers that held the security of the post office. she needed to feel one of the officers size twelve boot where she spends most of her time.——–Grampa

  11. I would be willing to bet 9 out of 10 demoncrats are crooked as a barrel full of snakes, and twice as dangerous with all of their lies and B.S. Vote for any of them is a vote for dictatorship. Next they will be wanting to tell ya what color of socks you have to wear.


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