The Painfully Stupid Reason This Leftist Activist Is Leaving The Environmental Movement Will Give You A Headache

(Right Country) – Intersectionality is so stupid.

A Filipino climate activist has penned an article for VICE declaring she left the environmental movement because…

It was too white.

Oh my gosh, these friggin’ people.

“The climate movement is overwhelmingly white. So I walked away,” Karin Louise Hermes (pictured at top) wrote, accusing her fellow environmentalists of trying to use her as a token of wokeness.

“After a while I realized I would only be called upon when climate organizations needed an inspiring story or a “diverse” voice, contacts for a campaign, or to participate in a workshop for “fun” when everyone else on the (all-white) project was getting paid,” she whines.

Her main issue with the movement she left behind is that her white counterparts weren’t sufficiently concerned about intersectionality, the race/privileged-based caste system the left uses to guilt-trip and scare us all into accepting radically tyrannical far-left policies.

“Anti-racism and anti-capitalism need to be made part of organizing,” Hermes declared. “If “Green” policies fail to consider anti-racism and migrant rights, how is any person of colour supposed to feel voting for them or organizing in the same spaces?”

“Whenever I would question the whiteness of these spaces and how strategies didn’t take race into account, I would be met with uncomfortable silences,” she writes, claiming that white leaders just weren’t worried enough about what “whiteness, capitalism, and inequality have to do with climate change.”

In a surprisingly good point, it must be mentioned, Hermes also notes about eco-warriors obsess about veganism but refuse to acknowledge “how people have been killed after protesting against the sourcing of plant-based foods like palm oil on Indigenous lands.”

Hermes is certainly not the first person to point out how leftists use people of color as tokens, and she’s not wrong about this, either.

However, she is also clearly seething with the same sense of moral superiority towards white people as vegans have towards meat-eaters.

Especially when you consider that this all took place in Berlin, which surprisingly still has a population that is 71% white. How does she expect to reach these people if she just walks away when they fail to meet her impeccable standards for intersectional rhetoric?

Twitter weighed in, hilariously:

Featured image credit: Karin Louise Hermes


  1. I don’t understand what color has to do with the environment. The only color that comes to my mind is green and blue. Healthy plant life, clear clean blue water and sky. The only white I see is clouds and snow. The only browns I see is tree trunks, healthy living soil. So, explain to me how that is a bad thing?

  2. I think these delusional people should go to Asian countries and complain how their societies are “too Asian”, or the Middle East and tell them they are “too Arabic” let alone go into an African country and tell them they are “too Black”! I am sure they will find a sympathetic ear.


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