The Revolting Content Contained On Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive The Media Won’t Tell You About

(Right Country) – If you thought that the worst thing about the bombshell Hunter Biden story published in the New York Post this week was a photo of him with a crack pipe in his mouth, think again.

In addition to the damning evidence that his father, despite his claims to the contrary, was aware of his son’s business dealings in Ukraine in the time that he served as Vice President, there is also reportedly sick, twisted video footage of Hunter Biden abusing Chinese children.

This footage, Natural News reports, could very well be in the possession of the Chinese Communist Party and used as leverage against a hypothetical Biden administration, as if you needed yet another reason why such a possibility can never happen.

The outlet has exclusive insider info on the Biden tapes that—fair warning—could very well make you lose your lunch.

Because the Natural News team speaks Mandarin Chinese, they were able to hear the description of what is on the Hunter Biden hard drives that were turned over to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and the FBI.

They reveal that there are multiple videos on the hard drive that show Hunter Biden engaged in outright abuse of several different underage Chinese teenagers.

By the way, just as the New York Post story on the content of the hard drives was banned from Twitter and Facebook, so is Natural News, much like fellow alternative outlet Infowars.

There is a reason that Big Tech doesn’t want you hearing this.

They have proven, once and for all, they’ll stop at nothing to support the narrative of the Democrats, including flat-out, completely biased censorship.

Natural News explains that, in the video we’ve shared below, the English translation “Lude’s Broadcast” is not entirely correct.

At the 3:19 segment of the video, however, the man uses Chinese words for “sexual abuse,” and at the 3:32 mark, “extreme abuse” of children.

“This implies violence and rape, and it confirms that the victims of the Hunter Biden sex acts were non-consenting,” Natural News notes.

These are not just sex tapes, as the Western media is reporting.

They depict the violent, sexual abuse of minors.

Watch and share, Natural News implores us.

Who knows how long they’ll even be available:

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  1. What an honest person will take from all this is that these actions have been approve by the DC deep state for many decades and as long as it is one of their own they are exempt from any justice.

  2. It has all to do with the Biden family and all those involved with such disgusting child pedophilia . The truth shall come forward and each of these demons hold accountable. They try to investigate and impeach President Trump falsely and now it’s their turn to be throughly held accountable for their sick corruption . We have a Democratic party that need to be dismantled and re started from scratch. We the American people need to vote them out all of them out and hold them accountable for the lack of honesty and integrity.


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