‘The Simpsons’ Joins The Ranks Of Entities Caving To Black Lives Matter Demands With This Move

(Right Country) – Everything going on in America right now is all part of an orchestrated effort to completely destroy this country from the inside out and bring about a massive cultural revolution. This is all paving the way for the Orwellian New World Order that the left has been fighting for over the last several decades.

All the “wokeness” and pandering are only serving to move this agenda swiftly along. Aunt Jemima, Lady Antebellum, and Uncle Bens are among companies and bands changing their names, TV shows and classic movies are being banned on some platforms, and even some words like “chief” and “master” are being done away with in some hyper-liberal parts of the country.

There’s a new paradigm for entertainment and commerce in America and it’s leaving companies, individuals, and groups with the choice to either conform to it or risk being canceled like Cops and Live PD.

The latest entity to cave to the leftist agenda is the popular TV series The Simpsons. While it has been long understood since the dawn of television and movie entertainment that actors are simply individuals who pretend to be a character, in 21st century enlightened, inclusive America actors are required to essentially be the character they are supposed to be pretending to be.

You’re not allowed to be straight to play a LGBT character, you’re most definitely not allowed to be any ethnicity other than that of the character you are portraying and now you’re not even allowed to be white to voice a black actor on an animated series or movie.

Now, white actors who have been voicing the same popular characters for years will find themselves suddenly out of a job because, you know, tolerance, inclusivity, love…

Breitbart has more on The Simpsons:

The Simpsons on Fox will no longer allow white actors to voice non-white roles — a decision that is likely to impact a range of beloved supporting characters on the long-running animated series including Dr. Julius Hibbert, Carl Carlson, Judge Roy Snyder, and the Bumblebee Man.

“Moving forward, The Simpsons will no longer have white actors voice non-white characters,” Fox said in a statement on Friday. The move follows a decision by Fox’s Family Guy to recast the role of Cleveland Brown, a black character who was voiced by actor Mike Henry, who is white.

The Simpsons already went through a racial upheaval earlier this year when actor Hank Azaria bowed to growing pressure and announced that he was no longer going to voice the role of Apu, the Kwik-E Mart convenience store clerk who hails from India.

On the series, Azaria also plays Carl Carlson, one of Homer’s work pals, as well as the Bumblebee Man. Dr. Hibbert is voiced by Harry Shearer, who also voices Judge Snyder.

Hollywood studios have been working overtime in recent weeks to crack down on content that might be deemed offensive or racist in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests that continue to take place in cities across the country.

We’re talking about TV shows that have been on TV for decades. They’re classics. Nobody has had boo to say about the actors voicing the characters until Black Lives Matter came on the scene and has insisted for several years now that all white people are in fact racist and that every facet of American society is obviously racist. Wow. How did we all not see it before now?

Thank God BLM has come to rescue us all from this evil plague no one even knew we had.


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