Thousands Turn Out For Anti-Lockdown Protests But It Wasn’t In The US., Americans Take Note…

(Right Country) – It’s time for Americans to start taking a stand against the ongoing Coronavirus scamdemic that has been riddled with misinformation, false data and cooked up numbers meant to keep Americans fearful of a virus with a 99% survival rate. When doctors have spoken out with actual information concerning the virus, they have been smeared by the leftist media and social media outlets have censored them.

Many doctors are speaking out saying it is possible to treat people with COVID to prevent deaths with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin but the left doesn’t want to hear it. That would mean an end to the pandemic without a dangerous mandatory vaccine. We can’t have that now, can we?

It’s all truly absurd but what’s more absurd is that people can show up in droves to protest police brutality and America’s supposed racism problem but where are the mass protests and riots for the end of the pandemic? Why aren’t Americans putting their money where their mouth is and getting out and protesting in massive numbers?

That’s exactly what they did in Germany. Americans aren’t the only ones tired of the oppressive Draconian control of the left.

Just the News has the story:

Thousands of protesters turned out in Berlin, Germany on Saturday to protest the country’s coronavirus lockdown policies, demanding an end to government restrictions and declaring it a “day of freedom” after several months of heavy-handed mitigation efforts throughout the country.

Videos of chanting, cheering protesters—thousands of whom were packed close together without masks—circulated on social media on Saturday.

Local and central governments throughout Germany over the past several months imposed numerous restrictions and mandates upon German citizens, including social distancing rules and masking requirements. Many of those restrictions have been gradually lifted as coronavirus numbers remained relatively low there, but a recent spike in recorded infections in the country has led authorities to consider additional lockdown measures.

Slogans seen at the Berlin protest included “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “We are being forced to wear a muzzle.”

Counterprotesters reportedly showed up to demonstrate against the larger protest at one point; Deutsche Welle reporter Leonie von Hammerstein reported that the counter-activists were “wearing face masks, [and] keeping the [correct] social distance” during their demonstration.

Government officials are elected to serve at the will of the people. It’s time the right get organized and make a real effort to show the Dems in charge just how we feel. If the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization can be organized and rally up thousands of people to their cause to protest and riot, there is no reason why conservatives can’t do the same.

If we choose to do nothing, we will only have ourselves to thank when America is no longer the land of the free. Socialism and Communism are on their way and conservatives are the only ones who can stop it from destroying America. Enough of the pandemic. Enough of Democrat tyrants and their oppressive and unconstitutional decrees. It’s time for conservatives to take back America.


  1. These words should ignite the souls of Everyone to stop hiding in your homes & stand up for your country before it’s too late! We are in a war already & everyone needs to recognize that we are fighting for survival!

  2. Do you realize that the coronavirus itself is 1/10th or .12 at the largest of a micron in size? The average cotton material used in a fabric mask has threads that make a square per se in each tiny woven area. Each tiny square of threads is 7 microns wide and 7 microns tall…..This means that 40,000 coronavirus molecules can jump through each square at any given time! How many tiny squares make up a mask?
    That’s like putting chicken wire in your windows to keep out mosquitoes! Pointless!
    The N95 masks only filter down to 3/10ths of a micron meaning three virus molecules can pass freely through each space in the mask, and when you exhale all of your “germs” are passed to everyone because of the exhaust vent.

  3. Its not the virus you are filtering though that is included in the droplets from coughs and sneezes! I don’t like it but I wear it because it is about the only defense we have beyond washing hands. Its not so hard!

  4. JH is absolutely right. Furthermore, OSHA performed a Randomized Clinical Test in 2015 using cloth masks to protect against the flu virus. Not only were they useless, but the study found the cloth masks could cause sickness by wearing them. Masks become a Petri dish of germs. If you want protection against a virus you need N100 respirator masks that are sized and fitted correctly. And what’s the point of wearing a mask if you aren’t using proper eye protection.

  5. Hey Ruth, if masks work so well and are our only defense why not make prisoners wear them instead of releasing them onto our streets?

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