Time For Unity? Disgraced John Brennan Blasts Trump, Conservatives In Absurd Tirade

(Right Country) – The Democrats and their media lapdogs are bold-faced liars. That’s the truth and we all know it. Even the Democrats know it. They don’t even believe their own lies.

President Trump has completely changed the paradigm. Before Trump, Republicans and Democrats were largely two heads of the same beast. The corruption infected both sides of the aisle and nobody stood up for what was right because they had become the establishment and didn’t have to.

There was nobody to hold them accountable and lying to the American people just became second nature for both Democrats and Republicans.

Under Obama, a whole new level of corruption was spawned and the Deep State was born. When President Trump was just a candidate he drew bipartisan criticism and scorn because everyone in Washington knew if he got in the White House a reckoning would be on the way.

Sure enough, President Trump won and Democrats, aided by sycophant RINOs, have been fighting the reckoning for the last four years. A new Republican Party has been created under Trump.

The Deep State is desperate to regain control and power but Democrats have very little that should excite the American people in the way of policy so they have no choice but to censor the opposition and lie and bully those who refuse to comply.

President Trump, however, has emboldened and empowered conservatives to stop sitting idly by while Democrats abuse their power and engage in corruption.

Conservatives are refusing to bow down and “unite” now that it has become obvious that the left has rigged the election and are on the verge of totally stealing it. Democrats are completely enraged that we would have the nerve to defy them and their stepping up the name-calling and abuse.

Democrats have been calling for “unity” ever since the media outlets prematurely and falsely declared Biden the winner of the election but what they really mean is “unite … or else.”

Disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan, who shouldn’t be given the time of day by any self-respecting news pundit, appeared on CNN Friday to lay into conservatives saying the US is a “nativist, xenophobic” country.

CNN host Brianna Keilar began to rattle on about when people don’t know history they are bound to repeat it and stressed that the major wars in the last 100 years were all about fighting Fascism.

She then asked Brennan, why it’s “so important for Americans at large or for elected officials to understand that it was actually a fight against Fascism?”

Of course, this question is completely absurd. It gives the underlying impression that President Trump is synonymous with Fascism which could not be further from the truth. Nonetheless, Brennan was happy to indulge.

He responded by saying that he thinks we are in a battle against “some fascist tendencies amongst some people in terms of highly nativist tendencies and instincts” that he thinks President Trump “harbors and has shown.”

Fascism is literally the censoring and silencing of political opposition. Who among us most closely behaves like fascists? How can anyone deny the mainstream media and Big Tech are the real fascists?

It’s completely mind-blowing that these deranged Democrats continue spewing this outrageous narrative that Trump and conservatives are “fascists.”

Brennan continued on to say that the United States “is a very nativist, xenophobic” country and then said that there are movements within the US “that are prone to lashing out and suppressing the views, the interests, of others in their country.”

YES! The Democrats, their sycophants and radical leftist terrorist groups! That must be who he is talking about. After all, that is exactly the type of behavior these groups engage in.

Alas, of course, it is not. Brennan is talking about President Trump and all of us conservatives. You know, because we have decided to stop allowing corrupt Washington politicians to walk all over us and dictate to us what they want truth and reality to be.

“Unite” they say… or else.

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  1. Patriots are coming together to fight the corrupt left. We are tired of the corrupt left and the media and the social media giants lying and suppressing the truth! We see what has been going on since killary and obummer were in office. We saw what they got away with in Benghazi! We know killary and her numb skull husband have done and the pedophile sleep they call friends. Patriots are fed up and if Trump loses because they stole the election, which we all know they did, the left better get ready for a fight. We are done being lied to and we will not bow down to those who want to destroy our Constitution and our Constitutional Rights!

  2. This is exactly how the CIA play . They the CIA commit offenses and then use the offenses they have commited against those they have offended , it’s called dissinformation and it’s the blue print for these covert acts. Brennan is in up to gif neck the only thing keeping this architect of treason away from a rope is the fact that the DOJ has not indicted him on obvious crimes he has commited .


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