Top Chinese General: China Must Prepare For World War Against U.S.

(Right Country) – One of China’s top generals has stated that his country must begin to prepare for an “inevitable” war with a “dominant power,” which seems to signal that they are getting ready for some future conflict with the United States of America. As if we didn’t already have enough on our plates to worry about, what with a global pandemic and economic downturn and all, both of which are China’s fault by the way.

According to Infowars, General Xu Qiliang, who is the second in command of China’s military right after Xi Jinping, thinks a major war is “inevitable” due to China continuing to rise up as a strong military power on the geopolitical stage.

“In the face of the Thucydides Trap and border problems, the military must speed up increasing its capacity,” said Xu, who serves as a member of the Politburo, which is the inner circle of the dastardly Chinese Communist Party.

For those who might not get the reference, a “Thucydides Trap” is a term that was invented by a U.S. political scientist who thought that war was “inevitable” between China, which was an emerging military power, and the United States.

The term itself references the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta which was the result of Athens’ rise in power.

The “border problems” that Xu is referring to includes the country’s currently ongoing dispute with India over it’s shared 2100 mile border. However, it seems that China is growing ambitious as it also wants to defeat the U.S. should a war break out.

“Defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian said that part of the 6.8% defense budget increase this year would be spent on key projects in the next five-year plan to help the military reach its long-standing goal of catching up with the US in being able to ‘fight and win’ on the modern battlefield,” a report from the South China Morning Post reads. “The rest would go on training, weapons procurement and salaries for the country’s two million soldiers, he said.”

The Chinese newspaper also went on to say that Xi Jinping stated, “there is no such thing as the so-called Thucydides Trap,” during a speech he delivered in Seattle back in 2015. The reason this is significant is because if Xi truly believes there is no such thing, then why would his second in command openly contradict him? That seems highly suspect.

More than likely, Xi does believe that, but he just wanted to tickle the ears of the American public. We are living in dangerous times, folks. It’s too bad we have a president like Joe Biden who would rather suck up to the Chinese due to all his business dealings with them than protect the United States from being dragged into a war with them.

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  1. A war we would/could only WIN with President Trump at the helm, otherwise there won’t be MUCH of a war against them = the keys would be handed over to chyna….

  2. With Biden in command, we all should learning the Chinese language soon.
    Nothing like an inside corrupted democrat to lead the way to slavery. We either love our freedom or not. Either was we are doomed with Biden.

  3. No there won’t be a war. Joe Biden will gladly hand us over to them because he’s on their side. “They’ll eat our lunch? Come on man.”


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