Trump Admin Eyeing Awesome Replacement For Christopher Wray At FBI…Guess Who?

(Right Country) – Christopher Wray has been a complete disappointment to patriots at the FBI.

When the agency was sanitized of James Comey and all his Deep State collusion, we needed the bureau, more than ever, to hold those who abused it accountable.

Wray has done no such thing.

In fact, it’s almost as if he has been working against the effort to expose the corruption that took place within the Obama-era intelligence agencies.

Now, the Trump administration may have their eyes on an awesome replacement for Wray.

None other than Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor and current lawyer for General Michael Flynn, who was set up by the Deep State in the early days of the Trump administration.

Newsmax reports:

During a Friday update on Newsmax TV’s “John Bachman Now,” Robinson said she was exclusively told that the White House “is formulating a list of replacements right now” for Wray.

She said the list has been in the works for over a month, but a change won’t be made until after the election.

Robinson shared Powel’s name as one being floated for the job.

Minutes later, Powell made an already scheduled appearance on the show. She told host John Bachman that she has not been contacted about serving in the position, but said she has “seen comments like that on Twitter.”

“I am honored to be considered for it,” she said of Robinson’s announcement that her name could be on the shortlist, adding “I can only imagine the number of people in Washington, and elsewhere, that would need laundry service upon that announcement.”

Powell, a former federal prosecutor, has been critical of Wray, especially when it comes to his handling of the Flynn case.

Back in May, Powell had retweeted a post that called for Wray to be fired, Axios reported.

Speaking to Newsmax TV on Friday, Powell said that she has “never been favorably impressed” by Wray.

Robinson says that Trump’s advisors are urging him to keep Wray in his role after the election so that any potential fallout doesn’t damage his campaign.


    • You can tell a lot about a person just by reading a few paragraphs of their writing. I have just started reading her new book, “Licensed to Lie”, and I can tell you that she is one super intelligent person. I truly believe that she would return the FBI to a stature with which all Americans would once again feel comfortable.

  1. Agreed, Sydney Powell would be a better FBI Director by far and would clean house of dirty FBI personnel.

    Wray needs to go as he part of the Democrat Deep State swamp.

    Proud Veteran & Patriot

  2. Everyone knows C.Wray is part of the deep state swamp, he has been protecting all these low=life corrupt, FBI traitors. It’s time for this incompetent,arrogant,jerk to be releaved of his duties and arrested with the rest of these swamp creatures, and send them to gitmo.

  3. Ms Powell is one tough cookie. She would be as tough on rogue FBI agents as any other criminal. That’s what we need. A slap on the wrist has often been the only repercussions for the treasonous and criminal actions of this country’s highest law enforcement agency. My hope is she will arrive taking names and kicking ass.

  4. OK, Why is the President delaying. The swamp creature should have been fired months ago. Give me some facts; not an Internet teaser!

  5. Sidney is intelligent, an excellent lawyer, spent years fighting deep state actors, can argue for constitutional rights, and knows the laws cold! She will fight for Lady Justice and will be an excellent addition to our judicial Supreme Court. Please guide that this happens dear Lord! Get her in before the lawless dems can counter with impeachment to delay the replacement SCOTUS! RGB had passed last year but they hid this from the public because they wanted the Biden/Harris team to win (which they plan to rig to ensure this travesty.) It couldn’t be hid that long thank God.

  6. Yes, Ms Powell has the strength to restore the respect and integrity that the FBI once had. She’s not one of the Washington “Swamp Creatures “!!

  7. Another good candidate would be Tray Gowdy. He is one tough, levelheaded, formal federal prosecutor and politician who won’t take S hi T from anybody. He is well respected by both side of the political aisle.

    • I would love to see Trey Gowdy in any position in the FedGov – the higher the better. I would love to see this man follow Trump as president in 2024. I can’t imagine a better person to fill that roll. Unfortunately,it would appear that he has too much common sense to get in any deeper that he already is. It is a shame, but I believe he is wasting his talent.

  8. Did you folks read Powell’s comment about Deep State’s potential need for “laundry service” if she takes that job.

    She’s not only brilliant and a staunch conservative, but she is also a really funny lady!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  9. I have a better idea, how about Gen. Flynn, they seem to have destroyed his and his families lives over a fkg set up. He needs that high paying job,they the deep state stolen from him, time for fair play, keep Wray there until right after the re=election, then kick the traitor, to the curb,or bring him in for incompetence, leadership at the corrupt, FBI. The FBI can’t be trusted, until all the deep state swamp rats are gone, wray is comey,worthless, phony, pretending to be another flunky.

  10. Agree 100% and also echo YES, YES & YES a thousand times.
    She’s tough and no nonsense and showed her true colors in defense of Michael Flynn.

    Bring endictments for the all those involved with the FISA saga.

    Recall Obama’s claim that he proudly had a scandal free administration which, in fact, was scandal ridden. Obama was clearly in over his head and knew about the coup that failed. Hillary paid for the bogus dossier and BIDEN also knew about this and his son’s own scandals. Wake up America and re-elect President Trump


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