Trump Attorney Michael Van Der Veen: “We Had Them Like A Wounded Animal In The Corner, Dying. Their Case Was Dying” (VIDEO)

(Right Country) – The second impeachment charade against President Trump was even more bogus, unjustified, and void of due process than the first.

After the Capitol riot, Democrats were determined to put all of the blame for the incident on President Trump regardless of any facts, evidence, or truth.

There was no investigation. There were no witnesses. There was no evidence. The House rushed through the impeachment process from start to finish, ending with a vote to impeach Trump, in a record 7 hours.

Surely it was never meant to look fair and unbiased to the American people because it was anything but. Then the charade made it to the Senate where it never stood a chance.

Everyone knew Democrats would never manage to get 17 Republicans in the Senate to side with them but the show had to go on regardless. It was all political theater and Democrats did not hold back on the dramatics.

Democratic House managers and their lawyers used misleading video after video to paint the picture that President Trump riled up his supporters and essentially convinced them to storm the Capitol in the name of justice.

This could not be further from the truth and Democrats were called out for not only taking the convenient bits and pieces from videos but also doctoring some videos and images for the benefit and omitting inconvenient truths.

Trump’s lawyers also did a fantastic job putting the Democrats double standards and hypocrisy on dazzling display.

In one video shown by Trump’s legal team, Democrats were shown using the exact kind of violent speech and rhetoric that they are supposedly so against. In the same video, Democrats are shown in clip after clip for 7 minutes, using the word “fight” during interviews and political speeches.

Maybe they should all be impeached?

Trump attorney Michael Van Der Veen spoke with Newsmax host Rob Schmitt on Monday night and discussed the major win for Trump on Saturday in the Senate.

Van de Veen, a successful personal injury attorney from Philadelphia, and his fellow lawyers utterly destroyed the Democrats as they completely dismantled their arguments against Trump.

While talking to Scmitt, Van der Veen compared the House Democrat’s case against Trump to a rotting corpse sitting in a corner.

He asserted that this trial was “not like any trial this country has ever seen,” and added that it was “bereft of due process.”

He went on to say that it “trampled all over” the US Constitution and that it was an “abomination.” He even claimed that it was “something I would expect to see come out of a third-world country.”

He then totally lambasted the Democrats saying that he and the rest of Trump’s legal team “had them like a wounded animal in the corner, dying,” adding that “they were trying to breathe life into the case and they couldn’t.”

That’s probably because you can only sustain a lie for so long. It was apparent from the beginning that the Democrats didn’t have anything on Trump except for lies and false accusations.

Van deer Veen concluded that “their case died in the corner” and rhetorically asked “if their case was so strong why was it that they manipulated the video” and “recreated tweets” that were made to appear to be something they weren’t?

We all know the answer to that question. When you can’t stand on the truth you have to make stuff up in order to sound credible and believable. Fortunately, with the exception of the seven establishment RINOs who voted to convict, most Republicans in the Senate were able to see right through the charade.

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  1. THIS is a “DAMNED” SHAME! A POLITICAL witch hunt, that’s all it was!!! HEY, ALL that did this ought to be their “IMPEACHMENT!”

  2. Sounds like the schiff show during the Russia Hoax doctored FISA warranties,
    anonymous sources , straw men witnesses, fake moral outrage, the media witness protection program for anyone democrat. Press is a joke in this country and so are the left voters they brainwashed LOW INFORMATION voters. as the Rush use to say.
    The democraps want to rule us the american not govern us. They lie cheat and steal to maintain their power.


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