Trump Campaign Lawyer Sidney Powell Reveals How Long It Will Take To Overturn Election “Results”

(Right Country) – Look, we know, you’re tired of hearing the assertions of damning evidence that will overturn the election while never actually seeing anything happen. We all are. Every day that goes by, hope seems to dwindle more and more and that President Trump is going to succeed.

What’s happened since Election Day is absolutely shameful and troubling. President Trump, despite being the most voted for President and presidential candidate in American history, has been fighting an uphill battle against fraud and corruption since.

We all see it. We all know the election was rigged and tampered with in massive ways. It’s so obvious. Yet, the process that Trump’s campaign must go through to prove it is time consuming and arduous.

It isn’t enough just to say we know it happened. President Trump and his team have to prove it happened in a court of law and that’s just what they’re doing.

Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday that she and her team will be able to prove all of their claims regarding the election in the next two weeks in court. Powell says they have “more than enough” evidence.

She pointed out that Dominion Voter Systems is responsible for the bulk of the fraud as their software was used to switch votes from President Trump to Joe Biden and that the company has ties to Venezuela and their history of corrupt elections.

She stated that Dominion was “started with Venezuelan money in Venezuela for the express purpose of rigging elections for Hugo Chavez.”

Powell asserted that there were people who were actually watching votes be switched in real time on Election Day and that these people were in a “control room” of sorts.

The campaign, according to Powell, now has evidence that information from the election systems was being sent out to three or four different foreign countries while the election was going on. She added that this evidence equates to foreign interference from the “worst communist countries” in the world.

Dominion, while failing to show up at a hearing in Pennsylvania Friday, has claimed that they are a nonpartisan US company with no ties to Venezuela or any other countries. They also say they don’t have the ability to monitor votes and elections in real time.

Yet, they refused to show up to a hearing in Pennsylvania that they had previously agreed to and then lawyered up. They totally seem like they have nothing to hide and that they stand behind their systems and software.

When Bartiromo asked Powell what the “most stunning, most egregious” piece of evidence the Trump campaign has against Dominion, Powell stated that they had the account of a military officer who “saw it all done and was there when it was created.”

She went on to say that they have “all kinds” of evidence and that experts have refuted the mathematics of the election.

What we know now is that the Trump team is working round the clock to compile the evidence that they need to win in a court of law. We have to remain patient and hopeful.

President Trump isn’t fighting for himself. He never has been. He’s fighting for you and for me and for this great country.

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  1. The Democrats have created the perfect storm for election fraud and will go down in history of US elections as ignoring the countries best interests to gain power. Once the evidence is presented in court, there will not be a rock large enough for them to hide under….

  2. Thank you for ALL you do for the sake of our country. We love and pray everyday for our President, his lawyers, family and who support him for this fight.
    Please, do not give up!!! Truth will prevail…..God will prevail.

  3. I am retired and living on SS but have donated as much as I can. I am praying every day for our country and our President. God Bless us all and please never give up.

  4. If the US Supreme Court does not step in and correct this outrageous fraud by Democrats who seek power and have no love for our country we will never believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way of life will surely be lost forever. It is so clear what has been criminally done and the parties who participated must brought to justice or the American People will never have faith in our Justice and Court Systems again, where all treated equally and fairly and held to the standards our Founding Fathers forced so many years ago with blood, sweat and tears some could be the County all would look up to strive to be.

  5. Please explain to me why you would show up for a minor court hearing when you are already being told you have a Federal appearance coming up very quickly, now charges that the machines switched votes did not pan out in places where a hand recount has already been done, Georgia is a prime example. Other counties in other states have proven the same thing that no votes were counted wrong by the Dominion machines there either.

    • Robert,
      I have relatives in Georgia and you will never convince them or me that the State of Georgia voted in a majority for Biden. I smell a rat and he stinks!!! The votes were recounted but signatures were not verified. They just recounted without verifying where this votes came from and isn’t it interesting that Trump was ahead in several states and suddenly they shut down the counting and low and behold more ballots showed up the next morning and they all were marked Biden. So you can’t convince me that this election was not rigged!!!

  6. I am just sick over this miscarriage of justice. All of we Trump supporters wish we could do something to help besides prayers and $$$. No waiting interests…just no directive on what we can do.😔

  7. I have seen data that even 30% of Democrats acknowledge that the Biden “election” was stolen.

    Even if Biden is inaugurated (God forbid), 80 million Americans will do everything in their power to ignore him or Harris.

    We are already seeing this in the REFUSAL of people to stop traveling or forego Thanksgiving. While I am hoping most Americans will accept the vaccine, you also have to understand the monumental lack of trust Americans will have in Government.

    A stolen presidential election will have enormous effects on us that we are just starting to see.

    A tax revolt is not out of the question.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  8. The “hand recount” in GA was merely the manual feeding of the “paper ballots” into the tabulation machines; once again. The place to look for fraud in GA is, in fact, the ballot printed by the Dominion systems voting machine. That printed “paper ballot” contains the voter’s votes written in plain English for the voter to review prior to putting the printed “paper ballot” into the tabulating scanner device.
    HOWEVER, the portion of the printed “paper ballot” which is actually read by the electronic scanner isn’t the plain English information; it actually is the computer generated QR code printed in the lower right corner of the printed “paper ballot”. That QR code supposedly contains the information on the votes for all the races on the ballot; BUT the voter has no way to read the QR code without a electronic scanner and decoding software.
    If I wanted to tamper with the voting, I would do so at the time the Dominion voting machine’s software created and printed the non-human readable QR code. The voter gets to review the “paper ballot” [which was demanded by the people of GA], but they cannot actually verify that the votes they made would be properly counted unless they have a QR code reader with appropriate decoding software to verify the contents of the QR code.

  9. We might not have enough time to purify this elections’ returns, but federal laws need updating to assure this does not happen in the future. As voting procedures have become extremely sophisticated and complicated, the process of collection, collation and counting of ballots needs serious readjustment.

  10. Are the same dominion voting system being used for the run off election?
    And you think they will be a different out come? Ever heard of s…. in s…. out

  11. Georgia run off election must be sanitized! A safe room of computers should be developed and guarded and all ballots should be sent there to be legally counted!
    God help us to get this right!

  12. If the Judge’s have the authority to not allow the Trump team to prevent their
    evidence in a court – then the judge is as crooked as the Biden (swamp) team.
    I don’t think our judge system is correct if they can do that. Biden is all ready
    a crook and I can imagine what he will do to fill his pockets more if he gets this job.
    Can’t the stupid Democrats see that? Guess they don.t give a s…!!!!!


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