Trump Donates Quarterly Payment, But Where He Gave The Money Is Sure To Leave The Left Speechless

(Right Country) – President Donald Trump continued the tradition of donating his presidential salary by signing over his latest paycheck to efforts to combat the novel coronavirus in the United States.

He signed his latest paycheck over to the Department of Health and Human Services.

This donation was announced by White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany during a press conference on Friday.

She noted that the donation has been earmarked to go towards further research on the Wuhan, China-based COVID-19 virus.

“I want to note the president, as you all are well aware, donates his salary to various initiatives and parts across the federal government. In this quarter, he will be donating his salary to HHS, Health and Human Services, to develop new therapies for treating and preventing COVID-19 so that we can safely reopen,” McEnany said.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The president has made his quarterly donation of $100,000 to several government initiatives that he values, including a payment to the Department of Homeland Security to build the southern border wall and a donation to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health to combat opioid addiction. In March, Trump gave his first quarterly paycheck of 2020 to HHS to help the department work to contain the coronavirus.

Trump has been very optimistic about the development of therapeutics and prophylactics that can be used to treat or prevent the spread of the coronavirus while the world waits for a vaccine that could take a year or longer to develop. The president announced this week that he was taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19.

Trump has donated his salary to several government agencies, organizations, and initiatives since taking office, such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Transportation, the National Park Service, the Department of Education and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Of course, someone as wealthy as he is, has no need for the salary.

While other politicians head to Washington DC to amass wealth for themselves, as we’ve seen in the case of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and many others, President Trump went to Washington DC entirely for the sake of the American people.

Since taking office, Trump has donated his salary to various government agencies, organizations and initiatives.


  1. “Ask NOT what your country can do for YOU, Ask what YOU can do for YOUR COUNTRY.”
    President J.F. Kennedy
    President Trump is DOING just that.

  2. Thank you very much Mr President; may you & your constituents have good health as long as grass grows and wind blows.
    Joe Herkness Phila pa
    ( life long Democrat)

  3. whaooo Donald M A G A ,just see that the Obamas, Clintons, and all the ones in the F B I pay for all the ANTI AMERICAN harm they have cause

  4. Have ANY of our past Presidents, EVER given up their Salary ? The answer is NO, and I give our President Trump, the greatest amount of RESPECT for doing that !

  5. While President Trump’s donation of his salary to various laudable causes is certainly praiseworthy, it pales before his courageous and selfless willingness to exchange an easy, lavish lifestyle for a life of constant political harassment and unprincipled attacks as he tirelessly and ably serves this country. History will compare his forbearance and devotion to country with that of Abraham Lincoln, during equally challenging times in our nation’s history!

  6. Better a slightly overweight president than a morbidly obtuse speaker of the House! However, in Nanny Pelosi’s defense, she did one good thing. When Maxi Waters tweeted out “Keep your a** at home”, Nanny took that advice, and is keeping all 221 of her little asses home.

    • Morbidly obtuse — love it! Wish all those derned democrat senators would go back home again — may be then the non-RHINO republican senators could get something worthwhile done. (While they stay home, their salary should also been cancelled.)

      • The democrats should return all three years of their salary that WE paid them while they made up lies and destroyed our country! They don’t deserve a penny..they never worked for the people!

  7. I appreciate my President Trump. His and his family’s selflessness gives inspiration that there really are people who are wealthy but caring! He went to Washington not because he wanted fame, fortune and power, (He already had those!) but for We, the people!!
    God bless him and his family!!!!

  8. May God Bless President Trump, his family and Vice President Pence and his family.
    President Trump set the example and lives by it. Maybe if Pelosi and her minions followed his example at least half of the time and contributed constructive ideas and worked with the President instead of against him, this country would pull out of this dangerous economic downturn much more quickly. It’s time the petty partisan politics and the hatred for this great president is put aside.
    The American people have had enough. It’s time for the Democrats to put on their big boy pants and get to work.

  9. He is the epitome of a charitable man. If we don’t re-elect him this country is doomed for damn sure with Nanny & Chucky Baby running amuck. Maybe having our Representatives stay at home, on a permanent basis, is a good thing for the country’s well-being. They haven’t done a damn thing all year & got paid. I never got a paycheck if I didn’t show up for work….did you? Leftwing Libtards should never be allowed to govern our lives!

  10. President Trump is a good man to do that.
    Let’s support our president for the good of our nation. Democratic and Republican together. United we are strong

  11. As Hal above stated, if the demorats don’t show up for work, they get docked for every day they and/or partial day they are not in their seats working for the people who voted them to their position. In addition, if a Congress woman/man and/or a Senate woman/man miss a certain number of days, they should relieved of their position and a new person is voted in to take that Congress/Senator person’s position. In addition, for the amount of money that the Congress cost US, the taxpayers, for the false impeachment, they should put in a minimum amount of their salary, if not, all of their salary, to low income people in the big cities, and/or to those in hospitals, and to the many veterans we have that have no job or are so disabled they can’t work. Let them lose their gifts/wages for wasting our tax dollars.

  12. Thank Donald Trump for thinking of all of us Americans. And for all your Donations to help all of us Americans. God Bless you.


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