Trump Goes There: ‘The Missiles Fired Last Night At Us Were Paid For By The Funds Given To Iran By The Obama Administration’ (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday morning following the Iranian missile attacks that hit US facilities in Iraq.

The President called out Barack Obama for the sham nuke deal that gave Iran $150 billion.

Trump also blasted Obama for the additional $1.8 billion in cash that he delivered to Iran in unmarked cargo planes on wooden pallets.

President Trump said the missiles that were fired last night were funded by the Obama Administration.

The garbage nuke deal wasn’t worth the paper is was written on (Obama never required Iranian leaders to sign the nuke deal).

The Obama Admin admitted that the Iran nuke deal wasn’t “an executive agreement” or even a “signed document.”

The Iranians laughed at Obama and fired off ballistic missiles many times breaching the so-called nuke deal.

Iran shipped 30 tons of yellow cake (uranium ore) to a facility in Isfahan last January, which if enriched could provide material to make atomic bombs.

Trump de-escalated and announced Wednesday that the US will impose more sanctions on Iran.



  1. President Trump needs to keep telling the truth. We stand with him and, for the first time since President Reagan, am proud of our courageous Presidential leader. Plain spoken, straight shooting and promise keeping proud American non-politician whom the American people elected. AMEN

  2. But not all of the money went to funding terrorism and attacks against US personnel. A lot of the money was returned to the US in the form of kickbacks and bribery necessary to purchase our legislators.

    How long do you think the DNC and media will fly their Isis flags at half mast?


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