Trump Impeachment Lawyer Faces Insane Backlash, Pushed Out Of Teaching Job Just For Representing President

(Right Country) – One of the lawyers who represented former President Donald Trump in this month’s second impeachment hearing is facing absolutely insane backlash over merely representing his client and being good at his job.

It is a fundamental principal of our republic that everyone—no matter who you are or what you’ve done—deserves legal representation.

A good lawyer doesn’t have to agree with his client’s morals, he just has to make sure his client gets what is fair in court.

Attorney David Schoen did a good job representing his client and has a lengthy career as a well-respected civil rights attorney.

Yet he is facing truly un-American backlash and says he’s been cut from a law school course he had been looking forward to teaching simply because he represented Trump in his high-profile sham impeachment.

“An attorney who represented President Trump during his second impeachment trial claims he has been ‘cancelled’ by a law school after they rescinded their offer to have him teach a class there,” the Daily Mail reported yesterday.

Schoen had revealed this fact in an interview with Newsmax on Thursday.

He declined to name the law school in question, but you’d better believe that any law school administration that would make that kind of call has little regard for the entire spirit of our legal system.

“I had hoped to teach a law school class in the fall,” Schoen told anchor Greg Kelly.

“I had been in talks with a law school about teaching a civil rights course. I’ve got 36 years of experience as a civil rights lawyer, working major cases. I love being around the students,” he explained.

Schoen said he had initially reached out to the school to let them know he’d be representing the president in the case.

This prompted the administrators to opt to cancel the upcoming class.

“I was told it would be [an impediment]. Some faculty and students would feel uncomfortable to have me on campus if I were getting involved in this case,” he explained.

These people should probably not be lawyers if they don’t even have the moral fortitude to be around someone who has represented a former president in an impeachment case.

How are they going to do when they have to defend hardened criminals or go up against some of the nation’s most powerful and corrupt people?

“I felt that was a sad commentary, quite frankly,” Schoen noted.

The Gateway Pundit notes that “The Democrats and their accomplices’ actions are similar to the Nazis before World War II and Lenin and Mao. Yet they call God-loving, America-loving Trump supporters names like ‘fascists’. Maybe we need more people like Schoen in academia so our students can learn more than communist fascist propaganda.”

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  1. We need to start making a list of names and businesses of Fascist Organizations like McDonalds, and others that are taking punitive action against Conservatives.
    We all need to remember that Conservatives are multi raced of all colors, and Anti-white organizations want to put Whites against all colors.
    When any Democratic Socialists start making these asinine statements against Conservatives, it’s because they’re seeing that Socialists are loosing public opinion. That’s because of our new Dictator O’Biden has started to rule by Order, not by Congress.


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