Trump Set To Make Big Announcement On Antifa…What We’ve Been Waiting For

(Right Country) – Americans have spent far too long wondering when our leaders are going to act on the very real and dangerous threat of Antifa.

They are a terrorist organization. There’s no point in denying it–they’re perfectly open about using violence to further their ideological aims, and that’s exactly what a terrorist does.

They inflict violence out of an open declaration of war on American systems. Who is kidding themselves on this?

The progressive left isn’t going to act.

They’re openly supportive of Antifa, either declaring them to be “mostly peaceful protesters” or claiming that it’s not really an organized group.

At best, they’ve weakly condemned violence for the sake of the polls on occasion, mostly opting to simply pretend they’re not happening.

“Firey but mostly peaceful,” as that notorious CNN chyron said.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has boldly stood against Antifa, calling them out for years for the terrorists they are.

The left can’t actually compute this, but it is possible to condemn terrorists of all political persuasions, and this is exactly what Trump does.

Now, he’s set to declare Antifa a domestic terror group, and we couldn’t be more pleased to hear this.

Just the News reports:

The declaration is part of his second-term agenda and an appeal to black voters in his reelection bid.

The president will also declare the Ku Klux Klan a terrorist group, as part of his larger Black Economic Empowerment-Platinum Plan that also seeks to increase investments in black communities by roughly $500 billion.

“For decades, Democratic politicians like (presidential rival) Joe Biden have taken black voters for grant,” Trump declared at a Friday campaign rally in Atlanta.

This is making good on a promise at the onset of radical, far-left violence in the streets that Antifa would be treated as the terrorists that they are.

Just the News continues:

Trump on May 31 announced his intentions to label the group a terror organization amid riots following the death of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis resident who died while being arrested by police.

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” Trump tweeted at the time.

Justice Department officials have raised First Amendment concerns about classifying the group as a terrorist organization. “Both sides of the aisle would share” the concerns, Bradley Wiegmann, a top attorney in the Justice Department’s National Security Division, told the House Homeland Security Committee during a hearing last year.

Trump is scheduled to make the Antifa announcement on a campaign stop in Atlanta in an appeal to black voters.

Guess what, leftists? Black voters don’t care to have a bunch of spoiled white kids dressed in black speak for them.

The vast majority of voters, as a Just the News poll has found, support law enforcement and oppose defunding the police. We’re guessing this means they are far from fans of burning down police precincts, federal buildings, and small businesses.

Trump, now more than ever, speaks to what real Americans actually want to see in a leader and it is not race-baiting and anti-Americanism.


  1. Vote in person. Wear your mask and stand 6 feet apart. You have to ensure your vote is registered the way YOU want to vote. Everyone knows Trump wins hands down. We BEG for law and order and those states who wish to allow violence, looting, rioting, murder, burning and destroying property and looting businesses, smashing cars and preventing city commerce need to secede from the union and join CCP because this is what they are trained for. They are NOT Americans!

  2. America…your socialist colleges have been destroying minds for the last sixty years….

    They are communists pure and simple and hate America..

    They will keep this up until Americans intervene…

  3. After re=election, there will be law and order, whether it’s domestic/marxist terrorists, this destruction of america, will come to an end, if it’s has to be the elimination of them.

  4. It’s about time it was “legal” to use deadly force against these domestic terrorists! People are sick and tired of putting up with “having to fear for their lives & property” because a few demonrats (in power) won’t protect them because it doesn’t align with their political agenda. In FACT… The insanity OF “said agenda” MUST be STOPPED as well! When are they gonna realize? “A couple good ideas/thoughts (which Trump is entertaining SERIOUSLY, currently, anyway) folded into a dough of IMMORAL CRAZINESS does NOT make it palatable AT ALL!” That their MAIN CONCERN is Roe v Wade “in picking a Supreme Court Justice! Tells YOU EVERYTHING! That’s NUTS! With all that NEEDS TO BE “CHANGED or IMPROVED” in this country!… YOU WORRY “about THAT!” 🤔
    VOTE! PEOPLE… VOTE! & Gotta BE… GOP!

  5. We can pay more taxes, let criminals loose to do whatever, pay for illegal aliens health insurance and GIVE them a good living, give them the right to commit horrific crimes and get off (no bail). They can retire after not working here. Every fool would want to get here, especially with no borders. That’s right! . Who’s going to pay for it? Forget that new car/ truck you just bought. You can’t afford it, your paying for the aliens! Be happy they’re here, forget your truck, car, house. Aliens are far more important! You don’t have to worry about food for the,heh, the government will provide it for your. You have keep the illegals happy while, who pays lot more taxes under Biden, who cares about you and your family. Oh, call 911, forget it. You are on your own. Hope you have plenty of ammunition and guns, you will need them! Stored food, I’d stock up if Biden is elected.
    We will be on our own! Stock up food water, guns, ammo, solar rechargers.


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