Trump Slams Obama For Spying “Beyond What Anyone Thought Possible”

(Right Country) – US Attorney John Durham has been delving into the Obama administration’s use of intelligence agencies to surveil the Trump campaign in 2016.

Since Obama left office and his Deep State conducted their covert coup attempt, mountains of evidence have come out indicating just how corrupt the previous administration really was, both in how the federal government functioned during his tenure and the lengths they were willing to go through to ensure that Trump did not win the 2016 election.

WND notes that:

What’s already known is that the now-debunked Steele dossier, a political opposition research document funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, was used as evidence to obtain surveillance warrants.

Durham’s inquiry has turned into a criminal investigation.

President Trump now says that what’s been uncovered is “breathtaking.”

“I caught them, we caught them spying, using the intelligence apparatus of our country to spy on an opponent or an opposing party’s campaign both before and after the election,” Trump told Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs this week.

“I do hear it is breathtaking what they found. That’s all I can say, breathtaking. And hopefully it will come out soon. But it is beyond what anybody ever thought even possible,” he added.

If you’ve wondered why political rhetoric from the left has reached a hysterical fever pitch as of late, this is definitely why.

As Fox News’ Sean Hannity recently said, the Democrats are “scared to death” of what Durham is uncovering in his probe.

Attorney General William Barr has confirmed that Durham is examining whether Russian operatives fed information to Steele, who fed it to the Democrats and the Deep State, as well now well know.

“I think that’s one of the most troubling aspects of this whole thing,” Barr recently said in an interview.

The allegations of collusion have been debunked in no small part by the two-plus years investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Barr said that Mueller “ignored” evidence that Russian intelligence operatives would have deliberately fed Steele disinformation.

WND notes that:

Durham’s conclusions are expected within months and could come before the November election.

While Barr has said Obama and Joe Biden are not targets of the probe, former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova says the two will be shamed nevertheless.

“I happen to believe that the public shaming of former President Obama and Vice President Biden is far more important than indicting them,” he said in an interview with Boston radio host Howie Carr.

Barr had explained: “There’s a difference between an abuse of power and a federal crime. Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime.

“Now, as to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement, based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man. Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others,” Barr said.


  1. Now please explain to me why every other President since about 1870 has been fully investigated just like Trump was, until the investigation agencies found so many Russian Intelligence Agents contacts with the campaign, then as it should have been, if any other Presidential campaign or employee had contacts with any Countries Intelligence agency, they would launch a inde4pth investigation into the content and actions of that person. Now I would bet all I have on it that if Clinton had had the same contacts then there would be a public out cry that the intelligence agencies did not do enough investigating. To make the safety and security of this USA a political thing is totally wrong. Any person who is going to be in a position where Secret or in fact any classified material is at their disposal should be investigated as far as they can go to make sure the person is not compromised in any way. We do it with every other Government employee why not the Future President and his campaign persons and all contacts with them.

  2. Yes. Biden,Obama, Clinton’s, pillosi, shummer, the dems, so many democrats and spies need to be prosecuted and pay in real prison.
    Our country is precious and free. They murdered and raped our childrens’ minds. They almost killed us.
    All of them must pay the ultimate price.
    America still stands.


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