Tucker Carlson Calls Out Left-Wing Cities For These Dangerous Policies To “Protect” Citizens From Covid-19

(Right Country) – The same politicians who are issuing Orwellian orders for their citizens to remain at home are, as usual, applying a two-tiered justice system where the most law-abiding are kept under virtual home imprisonment while the least law-abiding are able to roam free.

“In Los Angeles, Cleveland [and] other cities, officials have begun releasing prisoners early,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained on Wednesday.

“They want to do that anyway, of course, but now they can say it’s to contain the coronavirus. They’re not explaining how exactly. They’re just doing it.”

BizPac Review explains:

He wasn’t entirely correct. Localities like Los Angeles have justified their plans to release inmates on the basis that it’d boost social distancing.

It’s believed that reducing the number of inmates and thus making jails and prisons less crowded would allow for inmates to be better separated from one another.

It’s not clear though how this would inhibit the spread of the coronavirus. The argument could be made, for instance, that if coronavirus is present at a detention facility, then it’d be better for society if the inmates at the facility remain quarantined there.

Yet for reasons that seem all too familiar, left-wing legislators appear more concerned with the needs of criminals than the needs of law-abiders.

“Notice there’s no compassion for the normal people huddled in their homes, sitting there as thousands of criminals are released onto the streets. Nobody cares about them,” Carlson continued Wednesday.

What’s worse, as these leftists seek to see more criminals released, they also lobby for less to be detained in the first place.

“In many cities, authorities are actually ordering police to stop protecting the public, to stop doing their jobs,” the FNC host explained. “In the city of Philadelphia, police have been ordered to avoid arrests even for significant crimes.”

BPR explains that this is true. One day after Democrat Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney’s Monday announcement that all “non-essential businesses” be closed down, local media confirmed that “arrests for a slew of low-level criminal offenses” were halted.

Is police work considered non-essential?

“An internal [police] memo … states that crimes including theft, burglary, prostitution, stolen automobiles, vandalism, and certain economic crimes will no longer automatically result in detention,” local station WHYY reported. “Police will also temporarily stop enforcing bench warrants to individuals who fail to show up for court.”

“Drug offenses, prostitution, vandalism obviously are tolerated,” Carlson noted. “But now burglary and car theft get a pass [as well].”

“A person could break into your home in Philadelphia and not be arrested. Imagine that. Instead, the police will issue a summons for a later court appearance and send them on their way with a prayer that they’ll show up.”

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/45577905355


  1. Will somebody please tell me what is happening to the homeless in California, New York and other states that are in lockdown? They could be walking around with the virus and spreading it everywhere.

  2. Soooo, rather than halt visitors that can expose inmates already incarcerated/quarantined, they want to release them out into certain exposure. If that isn’t a deliberate effort to INCREASE exposure…what is?

  3. You also cannot get a background check if you want to buy a gun to keep your home and family safe. I will never vote for another Demorat in my life, wish everyone would do that.

  4. Pure evil controls the minds of the left, they have no ability to use logic or truth. Good people PRAY it’s the only way out of this.


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