Tucker Carlson Lays Into “Fraud” Dr. Fauci Exposing His Political Bias

(Right Country) – In case you were still convinced that the virus is a real threat to public health and that medical professionals like Dr. Fauci really care about your health, Tucker Carlson laid some truth out that every American needs to hear. Dr. Fauci is a leftist shill and he, Bill Gates, and others only have an interest in making their bank accounts fatter by pushing the pandemic on America as long as possible in order to “save the day” with a vaccine that they stand to make millions off of.

It’s really time for America to wake up already. This is not about the virus or health safety. It never has been.

Infowars has the report:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday following a tense hearing before Congress where he attempted to downplay the dangers of the Black Lives Matter riots spreading coronavirus.

During Carlson’s segment, Carlson showed a clip of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sparring with Fauci over the BLM protests, saying he “won’t opine on as long as it doesn’t offend the popular and fashionable left.”

In the clip, Jordan attempted to get Fauci to explain how the BLM protests don’t heighten the risk of spreading COVID-19, but the NIH director dodged the question.

“I just want an answer to the question, do the protests increase the spread of the virus?” Jordan pressed.

“I can tell you that crowds are known, particularly when you don’t have a mask, to increase the acquisition and transmission, no matter what the crowd is,” Fauci responded.

Carlson pointed out that Fauci has had something to say about nearly every conceivable subject – from baseball to “hooking up” – regarding the coronavirus, so it’s unusual to see him refuse to elaborate about the BLM protests.

“Fauci is 79, but maybe if he had like 22-year-old kids who were trying to make their way in this world in an economy that is headed down the tubes, thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently,” Carlson said.

“It’s not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses. It’s the end of the American dream. That’s not a small thing. Maybe it’s worth it. Maybe it’s not, but if it is, then you probably shouldn’t take a pass on the question ‘are protests are riots OK?’ Unless you’re a total fraud, like a complete fraud.”

“What a fraud this guy is,” he added.

Czar Fauci has determined that we can’t send our kids back to school or do anything that involves a group of more than 10 people, like weddings, funerals, or picnics (unless, of course, you’re a Democrat lawmaker, then everything you do is an “essential activity). Gathering for professional sports has been deemed unsafe with Fauci even saying we might not have an NFL season this year, as if he has the authority to determine what activities are acceptable and safe and which are not.

And, apparently, rioting and looting are perfectly safe and acceptable, at least to leftist shill Czar Fauci. It should really boil every Americans’ blood that this man seems to think he really gets to decide what we are allowed to do, which is nothing, all while giving domestic terrorists a free pass on their criminal activity. Unreal.

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    • No, you don’t need a younger doctor. You need one who, like Trump, is bent on being good to America, instead of selling out to the Chinese, BLM, the Democrats, Big pharma, socialists, or professional criminals who need to get rid of cops, or even just for his own gain like Pelosi. Did you see that 60 minutes piece 20 years ago about insider trading by Pelosi that was illegal to do by me but Pelosi was doing, to wrongly make millions. By now it’s got to be in the billions. Somebody who believes a pill is not the answer to everything, for the rest of your life. A healer, not a pusher. There are guys like that. Not many.

  1. You are right on Tucker. What can we do as American’s to fight this authoritarian creep who wants to destroy us? My blood IS boiling! And yes, I DO have children and grandchildren!! They will never know the American Dream if this Czar Fauci has his way l!

    • Thank you so much. But i think he’s saying that, like the doctor who says you’ll never walk again, so if you do, you are happy. But no matter what you can’t sue him. He”s hedging his bets. We all are gonna die. So it’s not his fault if everything turns out ok. The good doctor did nothing we can sue him for. It’s probably part of the sue crazy lawyers trying to make money off anything. Hay, the surgeon sneezed before the surgery, let’s get him.

  2. The Cabal unleashed many evil things to keep Trump from power and then when he was elected anyway they unleashed more even more vile as they did not like his campaign promises of stopping their cheap labor pool from entering the U.S. through a porous southern border. With an election coming they could not win they started the pandemic with a lot of help from China. The tariff’s he promised against China exacerbated and fueled their hatred of him, but when Trump said it is time to uncouple from China they released a race war in the U.S. as they do not want to leave behind the trillions they have invested in China just in bricks and mortar alone. Trump is the first President they could not control in the past 100 years.

    • Yup. But i am scared that there is something that we don’t know. Have the last few presidents been so chicken of China only because Chinese leaders are a godless crazy bunch who want war ? Could it be they see a 5 to 1 advantage to us like US general LaMay did after WWll when ha said it would be better to fight Russia then in the 50s than wait till they had hundreds of ICBMs, like they do today? Maybe the presidents were appeasing the Chinese government. Like giving Hungry to Hitler. ooo. Now that should make it hard to sleep tonight

  3. Fauci and his cohorts are screwing the American public every which way. Can’t go work, can’t go to school, can’t go to sporting events, can’t travel to certain state’s unless you quarantine for 14 days. Sure let’s all wear mask but stop the Marxist shut down of America.

    • Are you willing to pay for those who die from you “living” ? There must be a way to work and still stop spreading the virus. A better clear mask that you can see a persons face. Plus a microphone close to the corner of the mouth going to a little speaker on the outside. That would make transmission 100 times harder. Almost like normal.

  4. Fauci with all of his non human wealthy democrats all of his so called communist chinese friends and lets not forget his best buddies at the who, are still throwing shit at Trump and everyone in our Country of America The Great. And has anyone noticed that we are Still Standing! It is almost time for the democrat convention and they can’t even decide who to “tell Biden who is his V.P.”? Yes Fauci is a fraud. And I believe that he has been bitten by the democrat fake promise safe. But I believe in Trump! I believe he truly wants to save America and put us back on the straight track. The one that we use to be one. Everyone has a chance, a job, protection, education. But riotiors must be put in jail, police must come back, businesses must open. In order to survive…..get the F*** OUT of our way so we can go back to work and school

  5. ooo. So fiesty. I am….impressed. And I agree with your solution. But for different reasons sort of. Ya, it seems inhuman (or non human) to make money selling drugs, like fentanyl and hooking millions of people, and making millions on a vacine that will only last a couple months . Then do the same thing again. Who’s gonna pay for all this ? And there has got to be some technology we can employ to keep this from killing our weak. Maybe better isolation for them.

  6. Everyone has a job, education, protection…. that would be cool. I am pushing a plan. First deploy ARGUS to catch all the bad guys. Then expatriate rioters, and BLM. Sorry. Then build the wall to keep them out. Let those guys “rescue some other place in the universe”. I am that unhappy. The knee didn’t kill Floyd. Sure I can knock you out if you’re wearing a gi (karate uniform) by squeezing with a knee like the cop. But no gi is hard. And Floyd wasn’t wearing one. He had a tank top. Impossible to get the neck artery. Both autopsies said “no evidence of strangulation”. So the knee wasn’t choking Floyd (of air) like his words suggested. His fight (off camera) that he won to keep out of the car, and therefore jail, like running a mile, and deadly quantities of drugs only, killed him. NO KNEE. The medical examiners report came out after BLM burned alive a guy in Los angeles in his business, at work. That’s why the medical examiner said that the cops did it. They didn’t want to be burned up too….All this is just, like Floyd obviously was trying to do: “get rich or die trying” like one of their hero rappers says. all just a scam.

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