Tyranny Alert: Judge Orders Citizens Kept At Home With This Orwellian Device

(Right Country) – Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, American lawmakers and authorities are getting a firsthand look at just how easy it would be to take our rights away without even really trying. While Americans are divided over the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis, the fact is, state governments wasted no time implementing lockdown and stay-at-home orders.

Now millions of Americans are under stay-home orders and millions are out of jobs. What is the government to do about those who are still out and about despite these orders? Apparently, one solution is to slap electronic ankle monitors are people who refuse to quarantine.

The Wall Street Journal reports via WND:

While Americans overwhelmingly reject tyranny amidst the outbreak, Kentucky residents are now beginning to see another attempt at unsettling government control creep into their lives.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, two Kentucky circuit court judges have used their power to tag and monitor infected people who have broken quarantine.

Of the three people fitted with ankle monitors and ordered to stay home, two have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The other individual does not even have the novel coronavirus, but is a family member of one of the infected Kentuckians.

The individuals were ordered to wear the devices by judges after they were believed to have left their homes instead of self-isolating, and in one case checked out of the hospital after testing positive.

Now, these innocent people risk arrest if they break quarantine again.

The move sets a shocking precedent, one that is seemingly unheard of in the United States, but appears to follow a Kentucky law that gives county health officials the power to force isolation in certain cases.

The order is presented as being an appropriate measure for extreme circumstances, but it’s a shockingly authoritarian response to this “crime.”

To be fair, if you have actually tested positive for the coronavirus, STAY HOME. There is really no excuse for people who knowingly have the illness to be out exposing others to it. It’s irresponsible, reckless, and just downright inconsiderate.

That being said, is it fair to stick people under house arrest for violating quarantine orders? Especially those who don’t even have the virus themselves? It certainly seems to be walking a very dangerous line between health safety and tyranny.

Where will this road lead us? The Wall Street Journal seems to think that the bigger picture involves massive Big Tech companies using the information they gather from us on a daily basis to aide law enforcement in forcing mass compliance.

Instead of forcing people into wearing a monitoring device, companies like Google can simply use data pouring out of cell phones — devices already attached at the hip of most people.

According to Reuters, the tech giant harvested location data from billions of users’ phones to better help officials gauge the effects of quarantines and lockdowns.

Although Google purposefully obscured the data, governments’ willingness to bend civil rights mean that this could be a nightmare scenario should the tech company ever reverse their decision.

Personal information about someone’s travel habits, as well as their current whereabouts and work, home and recreation locations, would be downright deadly in the wrong hands.

This is a terrifying prospect. Imagine all of the information Google alone has on every single one of us. What have you been doing while under stay-home orders? Would the government be happy with you if they found out?

Imagine having to worry about the answer to that question.


  1. what we are seeing is what we have all been warned about. And I’m paraphrasing here: when you give up your freedoms for perceived safety–you get neither.

    Everyday they are mandating more and more restrictions on us. I for one REFUSE to comply. You hear the elitist media tries telling us not to even go to the grocery store or pharmacy–to get what we need, but to take advantage of their delivery. Maybe THEY can afford to have their groceries Picked and delivered by supermarkets, but we now have millions who haven’t seen a paycheck in almost 2 months. THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY GROCERIES LET ALONE HAVE THEM DELIVERED.

    What is wrong with these wealthy media people? are they truly that clueless? Apparently. And keeping the quarantine in force, we are not hearing the horror stories of those who are unable to buy food and pay their bills. I think it is intentional. The swamp is giving the advice to Trump. The swamp is manipulating the data to keep the suffering up as long as they can. What do they care? They still have jobs and money. Millions out there don’t.

    And not for nothing, if they were so concerned about the deaths, why didn’t we get daily updates on the number of people who died from the flu? Where is that data? Last I read, the flu this past season killed over 30,000. Guess they don’t count.


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