U.N.: U.S. Broke International Law By Eliminating Soleimani

(Breitbart) – Agnes Callamard (pictured above), the U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial killing, said on Thursday night that the U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian terrorist mastermind Gen. Qasem Soleimani was a violation of international law.

The U.N. has been oddly quiet about Soleimani’s violations of international law, including activities that indisputably violated U.N. sanctions.

“The targeted killings of Qasem Soleiman and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis are most likely unlawful and violate international human rights law: Outside the context of active hostilities, the use of drones or other means for targeted killing is almost never likely to be legal,” Callamard wrote on Twitter.

She proceeded to lay out an impossibly stringent standard for preventive action that becomes grotesquely amusing when measured against Soleimani’s malign activities, not least his involvement in an undisputed act of war against the United States, the attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad last week:

To be justified under international human rights law, intentionally lethal or potentially lethal force can only be used where strictly necessary to protect against an imminent threat to life.

In other words, whoever targeted these two men would need to demonstrate that the persons targeted constitute(d) an imminent threat to others. An individual’s past involvement in “terrorist” attacks is not sufficient to make his targeting for killing lawful.

Furthermore, drone killing of anyone other than the target (family members or others in the vicinity, for example) would be an arbitrary deprivation of life under human rights law and could result in State responsibility and individual criminal liability.

The use of drones on the territory of other States has also been justified on the basis of self-defense. Under customary international law States can take military action if the threatened attack is imminent, no other means would deflect it, and the action is proportionate.

The test for so-called anticipatory self-defense is very narrow: it must be a necessity that is “instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation”. This test is unlikely to be met in these particular cases.

Soleimani was not much concerned about killing people other than his targets – his operations routinely included the indiscriminate murder of civilians, from Syria to the streets of Baghdad.

In the most recent and clear-cut example, Iraqi Shiite militia acting on Soleimani’s orders launched a rocket attack on December 27 that killed an American civilian contractor. The forces that attacked the U.S. embassy in Baghdad clearly identified Soleimani as their “leader.”

Soleimani’s presence in Iraq was blatantly illegal, and he was there to orchestrate the wholesale murder of Iraqi civilians because they threatened Iran’s grip on Baghdad. Both murdering civilians and destabilizing sovereign governments are generally frowned upon under international law, although those eager to criticize the United States were strangely passive about Soleimani’s violations.

Furthermore, Iran treats Iraq like a colonial possession – Soleimani was often described as Iran’s “viceroy” to Baghdad – and colonialism is supposed to be an inexcusable transgression against international norms in the modern era. The network of non-state actors in foreign countries developed by Soleimani to violently execute Iranian policy is a massive offense against international norms, the very definition of what sovereign nations are not supposed to do.

Soleimani was the top commander of a designated terrorist organization, the Quds Force of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and was engaged in terrorist activity on foreign soil at the time of his death.

The U.S. Defense Department stated on Thursday that Soleimani “was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iran and throughout the region.”

Presumably, Callamard would demand to see the proof of this assertion, although it might be classified to protect U.S. intelligence sources, who would have very good reason to fear torture and murder if their identity was revealed.

Soleimani was sanctioned as a terrorist by the Obama administration in 2011 for his role in plotting a bomb attack in Washington, DC, that would have become a mass-casualty event if it had not been thwarted. The goal of the attack was to assassinate the ambassador from Saudi Arabia, also a violation of international law, and hundreds of innocent bystanders would have been killed or maimed if Soleimani’s plan had succeeded.

Soleimani was also the subject of United Nations sanctions, which he flagrantly violated with complete impunity. An international travel ban was imposed against him by the U.N. in 2007, but it did not hinder his movements to any appreciable degree.



  1. UN is a total joke. We should not contribute another cent of out tax payer funded money until every other country has contributed their fair share.
    Then this stupid idiotic international so called law can jam it up her famous over paid derriere.

    • The United Nations is a waste of time and money. They are nothing but a bunch of “elites” that like to travel to NYC, eat and drink like Kings, pontifcate about what is right and just, while more that 3/4 of them have human rights abuses in their country.
      The United States should demand that the United Nations relocate someplace where reality might impact these individuals participation……like maybe IRAQ. Then we’ll see how much participation the UN will continue to have. No earthly reason why the United States should continue to fund and host this mess.

  2. Another Clueless Liberal (most likely broke International Law) Obama did the same thing at least TEN TIMES Being a DUMB ASS he was never successful….

  3. The headline is WRONG!

    “U.S. Broke International Law By Eliminating Soleimani”

    It should read: “U.N. Broke International Law By NOT Eliminating Soleimani a few decades back”

  4. The US is not respected or allowed justice. We should leave the UN and request its removal from the US. All it does is cost us money we could use here at home.

  5. Kick the f#cking U.N. out of our country. Saying they are useless is being nice. They do nothing but take money from us while defending the terrorists of the world.

  6. There seems tobe no explainable reason for us to remain in the U>N> and for that matter, to allow them to remain in the U.S>>>>>kick them out, they absolutely serve no useful purpose and act far more like adversaries than allies.

  7. Soleimani was a murderer plan and simple – all the us needed to do was place a bounty on his head fir crimes against humanity – like it did for Saddam Hussein – and a wanted dead or alive reward for his capture or death – now no problem – he knows he is a wanted terrorist – he has no reason to expect he is safe and boom he is neutralized – just like isis leaders – the USA needs to get Iraq to name hundreds of other Iranian henchmen in Iraq as wanted terrorists and place rewards – the deck of cards concept used in Iraq after the war was effective and it’s time to update the deck to new names to put them onto international wanted lists … take away their comfort and anonymity, make them fugitives and let justice prevail –

  8. What the hell do you Libs want? To wait for Iran to bomb the United States in strategic places? You may be in those places and get killed! Is that what you want? Are you ready to die? Do you want to die? Iran THREATENED us first, not the other way around. What the hell is wrong with you non humans, anyway?

  9. I have to agree with The comments others suggested regarding the Current usefulness of the UN, their more Corrupt then the Democratic Party. Therefore, the U.S. should withdraw their association and dismantle it.

  10. Tell Callamard that we hope she is comfortable in Somalia since that will be the new U.N. Headquarters. Time to just go away U.N.. You are criminal and worthless.

  11. Where was this idiot when the terrorists attacked our embassy? Did she say that Soleimani broke international law when he orchestrated it?

  12. The UN is an illegitimate and illegal organization of criminals who are openly sworn to kill off most of Humanity by their admitted programs, they have no validity AT ALL in establishing legality of actions taken by others. Ther UN “peacekeepers” rape more women while “peacekeeping” than any other military force has EVER done, look at Haiti or Rwanda.

  13. The U.N is a place where foreign governments can have a hub to spy and commit crimes against Americans under the protection of Diplomatic immunity. New York looses Millions in Revenue, from diplomats clogging streets and double parking anywhere they want, and just ignoring any tickets or fines since they are exempt from a lot of municipal laws.

  14. The UN is a major criminal organization that needs to be brought to justice, period. Get out, run them out fo this country and take our money with us. There is no law that prevents us from defending ourselves.


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