UK: NHS Refuses To Test Healthcare Workers But Who They Are Testing Will Boggle Your Mind…

(Right Country) – In a truly mind-boggling series of events, it turns out the UK is testing illegal immigrants for the potentially deadly coronavirus while simultaneously refusing to test healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses who are working on the front lines with infected and possibly infected patients every day are being denied testing, even when showing symptoms of the virus. As unbelievable as that is, it’s made so much worse given the UK is testing all illegal immigrants who show up at their borders.

Something just isn’t right with this picture. The UK’s Daily Mail reports:

Border Force officers have detained and tested 25 migrants for Covid-19 after intercepting their boats off the coast of Kent in two separate incidents today. 

Officers first intercepted a rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB), which was carrying a group of 16 men who presented themselves as Iranian nationals, at around 4.30am today. 

In the second incident, at around 8.30am, a Border Force vessel intercepted a RHIB which was carrying a group of nine men who also presented themselves as Iranian nationals.

All the mirgrants were tested for the coronavirus and handed over to immigration officials to be interviewed at the Port of Dover in Kent.

A Home Office Spokesman said: ‘In line with Public Health England guidance, Border Force and all operational staff have the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to them.

‘They were taken on board the cutters and brought to Dover where they received further medical assessment, which will include looking for the symptoms of coronavirus.’

Their cases will now be dealt with according to the immigration rules.

Earlier today, officers met a ‘number of small vessels’ in the Channel and took the passengers to the Port of Dover.

Pictures showed about four people in a dingy wearing life jackets, before they are lined up on a jetty and wrapped in orange jackets.

It comes as a charity warned thousands of migrants living in desperate conditions on the French coastline are at high risk from coronavirus.

Up to 1,000 refugees are living in Calais alone, with many seeking to try the dangerous crossing despite repeated safety warnings.

Well how nice. Illegal immigrants are receiving priority testing and medical care. Meanwhile, NHS healthcare workers are left wondering if their symptoms are due to the coronavirus or not.

Mark Gallagher, a consultant cardiologist, is experiencing a fever and has good reason to believe it’s from the coronavirus yet, the NHS refuses to test him. He has been, instead, forced to pay for a private test kit from a private UK clinic and is having a colleague in China send him another.

The Guardian reports:

Gallagher has been in and out of his London hospital every day for the last 28 in a row. In the last couple of weeks he saw maybe 70 people in outpatients, he said.

He cannot understand why the NHS will not test him or other healthcare workers, who are put at risk by their work and risk infecting other vulnerable patients in turn, as well as their families. “The policy is that I don’t need to be tested and even the people who have been in contact with me aren’t going to be tested,” he said.

“They are abandoning the basic principles for dealing with an epidemic, which are to test whenever possible, trace contacts and contain. Almost all individual physicians I know feel that what they are doing is wrong.”

It most certainly sounds wrong. It’s completely counter-productive to refuse to test healthcare workers for the virus, especially when they are showing symptoms. Not only is he being exposed to sick patients daily but, if he does have the virus, he could have been spreading it to people who are already in a weakened immune position. It’s completely irrational not to be testing healthcare workers. Shame on the NHS.


  1. Welcome to socialized medicine. NO THANKS!!! I’ll deal with shortages and transportation delays, but at least we will get what we need.

  2. The refusal to test health care workers is criminal, but testing of illegal immigrants makes complete sense if the country will allow those people to stay, which it shouldn’t. Since they’ll be accepted, however, Britain must make sure that the invaders are not carriers of C-virus who seek to deliberately spread the virus in that once-proud nation.

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