UMass Student Dares To Say Trump Isn’t A Nazi And Class Discussion Takes This Predictable Turn

(Right Country) – If you don’t want your children to be indoctrinated, don’t encourage them to go to college. That sounds like extremely unorthodox advice but the truth is college campuses coast to coast have been completely overtaken by progressive liberal activists and they have no shame when it comes to spewing leftist propaganda.

One University of Massachusetts-Boston Associate Professor of Psychology, Ester Shapiro, called President Trump a “Nazi” and said that white supremacy is “baked” into the constitution and that “Republican militias with armbands” are trying to suppress voters. This was all stated as fact during an Introduction to Human Rights virtual class meeting, as one student taking the course has reported.

The UMass student recorded the Zoom class session which took place September 29 and the video was obtained by Campus Reform. In the video, Shapiro, who was a guest speaker in the class, is heard discussing the groups that create a “white nationalism” ideology to influence others into thinking equality will take things away from them. Of course, we know this is completely bogus because in reality “equality” just gives people the impression they are owed something they didn’t earn. Shapiro even explained how she believes these groups are able to accomplish that.

“You begin to take over government, with the polarization and the grievance mentality. And you take control where you can, the judiciary, voting, local government. And you do whatever you have to, to gain power,” Shapiro said. “You say ‘We cannot appoint, we cannot let Barack Obama appoint a judge. That would be wrong, the people must elect.’ Then you now you have Trump in the presidency and all of a sudden you have a corrupt government that says, ‘We must, we must let the president select.’”

Shapiro then compared present-day America with Nazi Germany, asserting that “the United States baked in white supremacy into the Constitution.” Moments later, she recalled a Jewish event she attended with Holocaust survivors and their ancestors.

“All of us there the writers, discussers, the scholars, the survivors, we thought this would never happen again. We thought we never were going to see fascism of the Nazi Germany sort ever again. We now have children on the border in cages, we have the criminalization of immigrants, we have a criminal who’s a President and who’s going down in flames, don’t think he’s not,” Shapiro said without citing any actual evidence of her absurd claims.

Shapiro continued on to say that “Republican militias with armbands” are preparing to go to the voting precincts to suppress voters, again without evidence.

“And look I didn’t use to say Republican Democrat but now that we have Nazis, we’ve got to do it,” Shapiro said.

When Mary O’Sullivan, the student who was recording, dared to say that she doesn’t think Trump is a Nazi, Shapiro became agitated, stating, “Okay, alright great Mary this is not the debate I’d like to have. You asked me a question… And let’s have this offline, okay? I’m, I’ve got to be done with Mary.”

“Alright so maybe he’s not a Nazi maybe he’s just a fraud and a criminal but…” Shapiro later stated. Oh, so maybe he’s not a Nazi but had no one challenged this statement she would have maintained that he was an actual Nazi.

O’Sullivan then said, “Well can I just say something please? It’s about the children at the border, are you aware of how many children are trafficked into this country?”

“Oh Mary, of course I am,” Shapiro responded.

“Because I think that that’s a really big human rights issue that no one speaks about,” O’Sullivan said.

“And so, Mary you would like us to talk about trafficked children? Alright, let’s do it some other time,” Shapiro insisted because, like any good lockstep liberal her main focus is disparaging President Trump. “Trafficking is an abomination Mary. As is the President who is willing to talk in public about having sex with his daughter. Just saying.”

At the end of the video clip, Shapiro expressed remorse.

“I apologize for the intensity being dialed up.” Shapiro said, before offering O’Sullivan her “apologies.”

O’Sullivan told Campus Reform that she received extreme backlash in the Zoom chat room for supporting Trump.

“Both professors allowed students to pretty much label me as a ‘racist Republican,’” O’Sullivan said. “She thought my comment was disgraceful and she did not want to accept a student disagreeing with her absurd claim.”

There were many comments agreeing with Shapiro which can be seen throughout the video.

One student wrote, “Yesss!!” when Shapiro discussed Republicans trying to suppress voters because, apparently, there is just so much evidence to support that claim. It seems no one wanted to discuss the blatant and evidence-backed accusations of Democratic voter fraud and election tampering.

Another student asked, “What classes are you teaching next semester?” and another one simply chimed in, “facts”.

One student wrote, “B*TCH NAH” when O’Sullivan said she doesn’t believe Trump is a Nazi. Another stated, “and [right now] professor Shapiro is speaking facts.”

“I absolutely suggest taking her class! She is amazing and always speaks her mind fearlessly.” Another student states, “It comes from a place of privilege to claim that supporting Trump does not affect people.”

These students are devastatingly and thoroughly indoctrinated. They actually believe the lies these education professionals are spewing and it is grossly irresponsible and reckless for the University to allow this to go on.

UMass is reviewing the facts of this incident:

“The University of Massachusetts Boston takes pride in its faculty of extraordinarily qualified scholar-teachers and their deep commitment to presenting students with conceptual material designed to broaden their knowledge base, inspire analytical thinking, and challenge uncritical assumptions,” the spokesperson said. The University is also fully committed to assuring free expression of opinion to all in its various communities (students, staff, faculty), encouraging civil discourse on controversial topics among all parties, and creating classroom climates that respect diversity of outlook. In the present case, the University is carefully reviewing the facts and will follow up as it deems appropriate, with due attention to the confidentiality of any individuals and disciplinary procedures.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any disciplinary procedures for Shapiro. If anything, O’Sullivan may find herself ousted from the University. The left says Trump is Hitler while they literally promote outrageous propaganda with the intention of purposefully deceiving and manipulating the masses.


  1. Sad but just remember that in a Socialist Government, the top 3-5% of the Population
    RULES the rest of the Nation with no rules or regulations. You will do what they say
    or face the wrath of the Minority . Liberal Politicians and Liberal Educators will tell the rest of us how to Live.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for any disciplinary procedures for Shapiro. If anything, O’Sullivan may find herself ousted from the University. The left says Trump is Hitler while they literally promote outrageous propaganda with the intention of purposefully deceiving and manipulating the masses.

  2. The professor needs to be reminded that the picture of children in cages was taken during the Obama administration, also I don’t recall any rt. wing group wearing armbands(I don’t know for sure about that) but I am sure that antifa and blm wear face masks and hoods even before covid19, and let us not forget the millions of dollars in property damage, looting, beating people during their peaceful riots, and as a result of this put many people out of business, or jobs. I know how I would like to handle these ungrateful creeps.. Semper Fi

    • mike – showing (with actual FACTS) this nutty professor the multitude of falsehoods she was spewing – most of which were gobbled up by the brainwashed ‘students’ – would have as much deterrence to her as the ‘review’ will have. IOW, the worst she can expect will be a verbal warning to be more circumspect in the future.

  3. Appalling! Professors/teachers need to keep their political leanings to themselves. If they feel it necessary to talk politics in class….. it should be factual and about all sides….. no feelings! I’m so glad my kids turned down scholarships to these liberal hot beds!

    • Great response! Also, Stanford isn’t so bad, because they have the wonderful Hoover Institution to keep them in line!

  4. And…, almost all of the DEMO/RINO COMMUNIST STUDENTS immediately believe & cite his words as “FACTS”??!
    Either they do so, because they believe the BS…, or they do so… out of fear of being ostracized by their classmates -virtual or otherwise!
    However, They still agree!

  5. Colleges are nothing but communist institutions, hiding beneath the mantle of enlightened socialism. Send your kids to our universities and expect them to return as good little liberal robots. I attended college in the early 70s and the liberals were beginning to infiltrate most campuses, but there were still conservative teachers who taught critical thinking. Now those professors are in the minority. Lord help us!

  6. If for some UNGODLY reason this country does goes Socialist GOD forbid!!!! give it time, ALL these Students that think they know everything but not using their brains to know the truth and the consequences and think a Socialist country is what they need because they think everything will be free have another thing coming. Health care is not free that will come out of our taxes some kind of way. Businesses are not even calling their A lot of their employees back after the COVID-19 so there’s a loss. And now jobs are limited and only to get worse. And what about Famine! I have read where college’s are failing and will disappear because no one will be able to afford it! Government keeps giving bailouts they will eventually collapse. These college students think they’ll have that job when they graduate 🤔 there are of a lot of graduates still searching for those jobs. I have friends that are in that situation! Wake up you Millennials!!!! And with your way of thinking I wouldn’t want you to assist me or RUN this country!!!! And I’m like this if this is what kind of country you want China is a socialist and a communist country and I’m sure Xi will let you in SO PLEASE pack and leave!!!!! Oh by the way Hong Kong ppl are trying their hardest with Everything They have to fight Socialist and communism.

  7. There are too many professors, that are liberal and teaching the students socialist beliefs, that are totally against what our country was built on.

  8. instead of trying to rationally discuss the situation with the professor, how about we just smack her in the mouth and dare her to spout that garbage again…


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