Unexpected: French, German Governments Among Many Worldwide To Slam Big Tech Over Censorship

(Right Country) – While liberals in America applaud the utterly un-American censoring of conservatives and the permanent banning of President Trump from social media platforms, political elites around the world have expressed shock and dismay.

As the censorship only continues to get much worse and more out of control, American liberals cheer while the majority of Congress (including both Dems and Republicans) refuse to speak up.

The leftist Big Tech Oligarchy claims that they are doing what must be done to protect Americans from “violence.” Lockstep liberals across social media platforms defend the censorship as they see it as removing “hate” and “racism.”

The truth is, if Big Tech was actually concerned about “violence” and “hate” they would have been silencing liberals since President Trump was elected in 2016. They would never allow Black Lives Matter or Antifa to have a platform. Kamala Harris would be banned.

None of it has anything to do with anything other than silencing political opposition, period. Any Americans who support this kind of censorship are wildly out of touch with what it means to be an American.

It seems as though foreign leaders and politicians have a better understanding of American values and ideals than many actual Americans.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured at top), who has been no fan of President Trump, was among the first to speak out against Big Tech’s un-American censorship and permanent ban of President Trump, calling it “problematic.”

The German government has also warned that this is setting a very dangerous precedent and Merkel further believes that social media giants should not have the power to determine who gets to partake in free speech and who doesn’t.

Indeed, she is right. Others have taken notice as well and are speaking out. The French government has said they are “shocked” at Twitter’s ban of President Trump and has asserted that Big Tech is a threat to democracy.

Infowars reports that Junior Minister for European Union Affairs Clement Beaune said that Big Tech’s decision to silence the President of the United States proves the need for tighter regulations.

“This should be decided by citizens, not by a CEO,” he told Bloomberg TV on Monday. “There needs to be public regulation of big online platforms.”

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has shared similar sentiment saying that “the digital oligarchy” is “one of the threats” to democracy and that they need to be reigned in by the government. Something President Trump attempted but was not successful thanks to Congress.

While Republicans and Democrats alike have sat by as Big Tech has grown in power and have even refused to remove protections for them, Poland may be leading the way in showing the world how to regulate Big Tech.

If passed, a new law in Poland would result in social media companies being fined $2.2 million for the censoring of lawful free speech.

Maybe it’s time for American lawmakers to finally wake up and do what is right and necessary to protect America from this kind of tyranny.

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  1. We look like fools. Complete and absolute fools . They see how much the left and anti Trump people are they’re willing to risk not ONLY our democracy but OUR COUNTRY, a wise person can see from Countries to the South to England, France and Germany we look like fools. It’s a sign of complete and utter failure of adults, forget calling them Congress People, utter failure by adults to keep our nation safe . They have completely opened the door to countries like China and Iran to see our utter failure not only to protect “democracy “ which we tell and force upon thousand year old nations, lol and we truly look like fools! When the lockdowns hit who started it really? The United States of America 🇺🇸, then all other nations followed suit, next we let antifa destroy most of America with absolutely no recourse!!! Then it spread to Europe. ! Now they’re seeing our own President not Venezuela not Russian but AMERICA/AMERICANS tearing apart President, yes he’s called President Trump … going to such extremes that DUELY ELECTED CONGRESSMAN AND WOMEN threatening our President with actual harm the video of HANNITYS GREATEST HITS a few days ago showing a comedian holding President Trumps head? Are we living in Pakistan? Iran? Lol they d like sooo much to let Iran take or extradite President Trump because those evil ANTI AMERICAN people want to avenge a known terrorist who killed Americans? Of course, they’re trying to Impeach again and again and again obviously if suing actually worked before the stolen election the President could sue for slander but what judge will do anything fir anyone except try to stop anything to do with our President . These people are ALL ON VIDEO!!!!! PROSECUTE THEM or Americans will have enough Antifa hasn’t stopped now there’s a group growing with extremists fo r Brie other side if true. WE LOOK LIKE FOOLS. RECALL ALL ELECTIONS! THE SYSTEMS PUT IN PLACE NO LONGER SERVE THE PEOPLE….. hasn’t for a while but media, social media, fake media and big tech is in control??! Every citizen should RECALL THE ENTIRE HOUSE AND SENATE and remove and prosecute every offender to aiding and a bedding known criminals (antifa) which they contributed to and publicly said “ I hope they do more “ , “ I hope they keep going “????? This is all on HANNITYS SHOW TWO DAYS AGO! I’d play that video over and over again on every platform, I’d put it on giant tv screens that are on those mobile advertising trucks …they should have done that all summer w/protective glass so antifa couldn’t destroy the big screens and roll everywhere to drill it into people who bad they are. Truly I suggest this during the summer. I’m not suggesting a coup I’m SUGGESTING THEY USE THE CONSTITUTION WHICH THEYVE TREATED LIKE GARBAGE… what do you think?

  2. There’s about 20 of these people doing this to our country now, we all know who they are, sitting in traffic yesterday seeing most of a huge city from the freeway thinking about the amount of people in this nation and one person leads us all? It’s ok if the right person or the right reason but sooo many people 330,000,000 and roughly 20 people control the well being of 330,000,000 mostly unaware American citizens. It’s a shame they’re getting rid of it but the social media was there so most have seen all of this but a lot have not. Giant mobile screens in every city showing the truth … someone out there has the money. 330,000,000 told “let them eat cake” Marie Antoinette
    “Let them starve and lose their businesses and lives, we need to save Pakistani rights for women’s bank accounts and Venezuelan and other countries transgender…” now if someone actually said what they actually did and say in 6,000 pages we’d have a problem, right? Apparently not it’s business as usual in Washington.. it’s in the constitution “ no one state shall claim sovereignty over another..” yet they want or Washingtons Mayor wants to be their own state?? Forget the constitution, it’s too old, no one cares anymore, they can ignore it or change it as they see fit.. what do you think?

  3. Well if thinking Americans do nothing the money of the “control freaks” will take over what we used to call “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” I am frightened it looks like a “B” class horror movie to me!

  4. So, these foreign “leaders” who mocked our President Trump are finally seeing the facts behind his motivations. He knew big tech, big money owned MSM and the foolishness of globalism was the biggest threat to democracy and freedom around the world.


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