Urgent Warning From Ted Nugent: They’re “Coming To Take Your Guns”

(Right Country) – For patriots, the most important policies in any election don’t have anything to do with health care, tax cuts, or critical theory.

It all boils down to the sacred, foundational philosophy on which our nation was founded.

The right to live and the right to defend our own lives.

All other recognized rights are based on this one, single, empowering guaranteed right to bear arms and defend our families.

And should the radical left manage to make their way back into the White House, we may very well see the final death blow dealt to this sacred right.

Are you willing to see this happen?

If you are a red-blooded American patriot, I’m guessing the answer is no.

This election is the most important in our lifetime, because for the first time in history we are looking at the very real possibility that the Second Amendment, the right that gives the people the power to fend of tyranny, would be stripped of the very right that has prevented tyranny throughout our history.

Music legend and outspoken 2A advocate Ted Nugent is giving us an urgent warning about the reality of a Biden administration.

As Breitbart News notes they’ve recently reported, “Biden’s plan to put AR-15s under the National Firearms Act of 1934, which means hunters could be required to register their AR-15s with federal authorities, submit their fingerprints and photographs, potentially submit to an FBI background check, and pay a $200 federal tax on guns they already own. Moreover, Biden’s plan could also potentially apply to so-called ‘high-capacity’ magazines as well.

Nugent says of such proposals that the effect such policies would have would be grim for gun owners.

“Everybody who is paying attention knows that the left will gut the Bill of Rights to the Constitution,” he told Breitbart. “Actually, not gut it but just eliminate it completely. In their own words, they are coming to take your guns. Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris — everybody knows that they want to disarm their subjects.”

An avid hunter himself, he pointed to the hunting community of Michigan, who he characterized as a “conservative army” with the potential to prevent Biden’s proposals from ever coming to fruition.

“The most powerful conservative voting army can be identified as licensed hunting families, and we have seen a re-engagement that glows positive,” Nugent declare.

However, he warned, complacency kills.

“That conservative army, way too many of them, have been sitting it out,” he said.

“And that non-participation has rolled out the welcome mat for the tyrants and the Marxists. But we are turning that around right now.”

However, knowing his own very well, he explained that his fellow hunters make up part of the vital backbone of American life.

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  1. If every American that owns a gun would vote for Trump it would be a landslide from coast to coast Trump 2020
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