VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s Of NRA Members Show

(Breitbart) – Virginia Democrats withdrew an AR-15 confiscation bill Monday after thousands of NRA members showed up to oppose new gun controls.

The NRA asked members to flood the January 13, 2020, Virginia Senate meetings and ensure pro-Second Amendment voices drowned out those calling for gun control.

Video from hallways outside the meetings showed NRA members responded en masse:

The Washington Free Beacon reports the presence of thousands of NRA members “appeared to have an impact.” Democrats withdrew a bill aimed at AR-15 confiscation and moderated other gun control proposals.

But NRA-ILA Virginia state director Daniel Spiker made clear the changes, though good, were not enough.

He said, “While there were some improvements to some of these bills, overall, it’s still bad legislation. Putting in more regulations and making it more onerous on the law-abiding citizens of Virginia is not something we stand for.”

Richard Cosner, a Chester, Virginia, preacher, was present to oppose new gun controls.

He pointed out attempts to legislate gun control serve as a way to usurp the Constitution: “The Constitution is specific; it ‘shall not be infringed.’ If somebody wants to restrict those rights then they need to follow it by altering the Constitution, not by putting in place legislation that is in conflict with the Constitution.”


    • You aren’t in charge of what I have as far as rifles, pistols or anything else. If you don’t want an AR-15, don’t buy one, but I have every right to own one if I want to.

      • Thank you it’s none of his (above) business who has what guns!! If he don’t want it done buy 1!!. He just needs to turn his face.

    • Who appointed you dictator?
      10s of millions of Americans own and use these firearms, the most popular long gun sold in the US.
      I know of two cases in which they were used by home owners in the last month, in both cases against armed intruders. If you had your way a disabled senior citizen and a family of three would all be dead and six murderers would be at large. As it turned out three of the murderous thugs are dead and three are on their way to prison for a very long time.

    • Raymond, the AR-15 is not an assault weapon. An assault weapon is a full-auto firearm used in battle. You wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a firefight with an AR-15. It is an easy to handle, lightweight semi-automatic firearm, like many other firearms used for hunting and self-defense. It uses (relatively) modern materials of construction, which reduce weight and give it a “scary” black skeletonized look, which apparently triggers you and your leftist buddies. I suppose if finished them in pink you would not be so triggered. Before you spout off regarding firearms, you should learn something about them so you dont come off sounding like an idiot.

    • Raymond — Please define for us what you think of as an “assault weapon”. As for a you AR-15 is concerned it “. . .is a semi-automatic version of the United States military (automatic) M16 rifle.” Very few people have a M16 and those who do have to have a federal permit to own one.

    • An AR 15 is not an assault weapon. I was trained on an M-16. THAT,is a military assault weapon. PS. The AR doesn’t mean assault rifle. It means Armalite rifle.

    • Imagine if tens of thousands showed up in the swamp and demanded they get their criminal asses to work and quit playing with our Constitution and trying to oust our duly elected President.

    • The argument that no one needs an AR-15 is just as silly as saying no one needs a Lamborghini, because the speed limit is 75 or 85 mph! Do not infringe upon my rights because someone else is insane, a criminal or the laws that exist are not enforced!

    • The AR-15 is not an assault weapon it is a semi automatic rifle it functions the same way any other semi automatic rifle operates.

  1. Who are you to decide what the needs of US citizens are. As far as I’m concerned you are only qualified to determine your own needs.

    • Amen, Paul. It is our Constitutional right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed! An assault weapon could be a hammer if we want to get technical. We need weapons to defend and protect ourselves, especially from those who think we don’t need those weapons, i.e. rogue governments.

      • ….actually…it and other rights…are our natural rights…some of which are simply identified by The Constitution in order that they may not be abridged. The government of The US is supposed to protect those natural rights, via The Constitution…and not abuse them.

  2. @raymond hammers are responsible for more deaths every year than All rifles combined which ar15s are only a subset of. I don’t see anyone running around trying to ban hammers, do you? Now do us all a favor and go crawl buck under whatever rock yoy crawled out from under to post this stupid statement and leave us law abiding citizens alone.

  3. Raymond, I know of a person who shot two perps invading his home. They killed his dog and were going after his wife and daughter when he shot them. Do you have a dog? do you have a wife? Do your have children? You really have no say-so whether someone should own a semiautomatic weapon. The AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Assault rifles have been illegal for decades. The Second Amendment has no restriction on what kind of arms you are allowed to bear.

  4. Raymond, do you even know anything about them beyond what the news media and the anti gunner say about the? Because you don’t seem to understand that an AR15 is nothing more than a .22. I don’t understand how they are anymore dealt than say a pistol. Do your homework and then speak. Stop being a sheep and go to a range and compare. Then if you still don’t want a gun that’s fine. But taking guns or restricting them from law abiding people still leaves whatever you’ve band or restricted in the hands of the criminals. They already do not follow the laws now. So do you think that saying you can’t have this gun or that gun or you can’t own 30 round magazines are going to make them get rid of them? Because if you do then you are delusional

    • Sorry John but an AR 15 round is much more powerful than even a .22 mag. Exaggeration from either side of the argument only confuses people. That being said, the second amendment says that the right of the people to keep (own) and bear (carry) shall not be infringed!!!! The Heller decision also confirmed the right of the individual (not a group) to self defense with a firearm.

  5. Our governor and the members of the legislature who are supporting these “laws” are in violation of the oath of office the solemnly swore or affirmed to. Should this violation not make them ineligible to perform the duties of their elected office?
    As a former member of the us military I know I was subject to punishment under the UCMJ if I violated my oath of office. Are our elected officials not held to the same standard of conduct?

  6. nobody needs a corvette . If someone or multiple someones want to harm my family , I want as much gun and ammo as I can Legally own . Criminals by nature don’t follow laws . So Any law you pass only effects us . Please understand , I will Never surrender my 2nd Am .

  7. Just because Dems withdrew the bill doesn’t mean they aren’t going to pass it later when they think no one is looking.
    Stay vigilant, Virginia. You can never trust Democrats!

  8. Raymond How do you propose to enforce such a Law? Who will you send in the Middle of the Night to take away the guns I may or may not have?? It won’t be you for you do not have the guts to do anything but spout misconceptions and falsehoods.

    Law Enforcement nor the National Guard will enforce an Unconstitutional Law,. As a former Combat Veteran just How many Goons do you think you will need to send to try and take my weapons away for me. My Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution for all enemies Foreign and Domestic still is in effect and you sir are a Domestic enemy.


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