Video Shows Black Woman Belligerently Refusing To Move On Plane Because…White Privilege?

(Right Country) – The left has finally pushed race tensions to a fever pitch in the US. Despite them insisting that President Trump is the racist, they are the ones fanning the flames of racism in America. While hate crime hoaxes against black people are on the rise, so are videos depicting actual racism being committed by black people against whites. This is somehow acceptable, however, because of “white privilege.”

A recent video that has been circulating social media shows a belligerent black woman on a plane refusing to stand to the side to let anyone else pass. She cites white privilege as the reason why she refuses to be a decent human and allow others to get by to where they need to go.

Summit News has the story:

The clip begins with the flight attendant attempting to get past the black woman as the obnoxious passenger repeatedly expresses her demand to go to the bathroom before accusing the attendant of “getting aggressive with me.”

Another female passenger then gets involved in the argument as the black woman gets in her face and tells her, “Are you my boss? You are white privilege, you’re not my boss. Sit down,” (she is already sat down).

The black woman then accuses the flight attendant of exercising her “white privilege” while still blocking her way.

The encounter is made all the more stupid by the fact that the black woman could at any time just turn around and enter the bathroom, but she is intent on being insufferable and having an argument.

“I need to get to my door,” repeats the flight attendant as the black woman continues to bicker.

“You have white privilege and it’s not here, it’s over with, it’s 2020, wake up.”

“I’m a Queen, California, she was from a black queen,” says the woman before again arguing with the other passenger and accusing her of having “white privilege” and telling her to “shut up.”

“You need to understand, you don’t run America no more sweetheart,” she tells the blonde white woman before explaining how she once “slapped the s***” out of a “white b****” for disrespecting her.

Despite the fact that the black woman is not wearing a mask and she is clearly acting aggressively and impeding flight staff, she was not removed from the plane.

That could be referred to as “black privilege”.

We could also call her behavior disrespectful, which make no mistake, it was most definitely that. There was no good reason whatsoever for this woman to be obstructing the aisle other than for the sake of causing a scene and making herself out to be some kind of victim.

We can expect to see more of this kind of behavior since the Democrats have managed to convince some black people that they are victims of oppression in the United States where they are actually, ironically, among the freest people in the world.

This is why it’s so important to get as many Democrats voted out of office as possible this November and to make sure we get Donald Trump re-elected. The majority of Americans are not racist and do not enjoy “white privilege” despite this narrative being shoved down all of our throats. The left wants a race war and unless we do something now, they just might get it.



    • No. They would be dead
      Instead of the other black tribe that took over their village. They would have killed them. Instead of killing them they made a buck selling them to Arab slave trade. Who resold them to European traders
      So we got a bunch of losers. No wonder why they act like that

  2. This is nothing more than a display of ignorance. Not to mention just as racist as it gets. It does need to be explained to Queen California that as soon as the aircraft door is closed and secure that it turns into Federal and/or International jurisdiction. The flight crew becomes responsible for the safety of everyone on the aircraft. With that comes Command & Control. Yes the flight crew is your boss. Sorry Queen CAL but your color is not relevant, your wants, likes or dislikes are not relevant. They are trained to be courteous and put up with a bunch of normal crap anyway but this display shows absolute ignorance no regards or respect for any other person.
    She should have been restrained and gagged in the back of the “AIRBUS”.
    No pun intended. Well maybe. This crap needs to be stopped. It only continues because the PC world is allowing it.

  3. This woman clearly was provoking a confrontation and preaching her political agenda where it didn’t belong. No doubt she is part of the liberal mob and even Antifa by the sound of her antagonizing mouth. This ghetto trash think they have free reign on terrorizing every white person they see and hopefully becoming a victim. They are the ones who scream racism and seek legal action for “reparations.” Did she expect special treatment on the plane? She obviously has been listening to too much of the racial justice ranting. By all rules, she had every right to be thrown off the plane for being so obstructive and boisterous. The press would have their day with that, I’m sure.

    • ‘You be white privilege. I be a Queen……Queen Califonya’. No, you’re no queen of anything except delusion. These ignorant Afrocentric morons read a book called Kings of Africa and then watch a fantasy movie, bringing them to actually believe the fictional land of Wakanda in the comic book Black Panther is real! They’re a bunch of sad losers. Their ancestors were defeated in battle against other tribes and then sold into slavery. They were losers then and they remain losers today. Only the black citizens who’ve “left the plantation” and made their own way in life are the real queens and kings of opportunity.

  4. We can thank two of the biggest racists and the epitome of white privilege for the current conditions in our country and that would be the Obamas.

  5. On the news yesterday they removed a white male for asking flight attendant to wear a mask, which was also stupid She was giving instructions over P.A. System.

    The queen is causing a disturbance on an aircraft which is under Federal Laws. She impeded the aircraft crew from doing there job. If still on the ground why was she not arrested. If in the air upon landing.

  6. Totally RACIST on the part of this Black Woman who has NO AUTHORITY over the Flight Stewardess who is in charge! This is why Whites feel so disgusted with such displays of ignorance! This woman should have been put off the flight! What airlines was this! SHAMEFUL DISPLAY BY BLACK PRIVILEGE! STOKES THE FIRES OF PREJUDICE AGAINST BOTH RACES!!

    • It was Spirit Airlines and Now Delta and American are even allowing BLM Badges to be worn on the uniforms of the flight attendants, but don’t even try to wear a MAGA symbol……….

  7. Our family was poor. I was born and raised in Detroit. I had all kinds of jobs during my years as a kid, from delivering newspapers, working at warehouses to trying to sell magazine subscriptions door to door. They just dropped me off in poor neighborhoods and told me to “ring doorbells.” That is not very easy when you are 12. It’s kind of lonely walking through poor neighborhoods alone.

    Obviously there was no money for college. But I did it anyway. Don’t fell bad for me for. Most of my friends were poor too. I have no idea where my white privilege was.

    I still don’t know where it is.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  8. There probably has been some discrimination against blacks in the past, but that still does not excuse the arrogance and anti white behavior of today’s blacks. Get over it, and get along everybody.

  9. She WASN’T removed from the plane…..They are BOWING DOWN to THEM/HER for NO reason and that is exactly “why” this is continuing on and on and on….Put a STOP to it NOW….!!!! Any other individual would have been REMOVED and CHARGED, NOT TOO LATE to go after HER as it should have been done right away…..!!!!

  10. Just think, an IDIOT like HER could bring DOWN a plane that is in the Air if a BRAWL were to start on the Plane for something like THIS……!!!!!!

  11. She said: “You (white woman) is NO longer running THIS country…??? Then “WHO” is…??? her beloved o’blahblah from BEHIND the scene…THAT’S at least WHAT SHE THINKS/BELIEVES…??? or did she mean blm/antifa = ALL CRIMINALS, NOTHING less…!!!!

  12. What the heck airline allowed this? Let me know so I don’t waste my money flying with them. Enough is enough of this white privilege crap and only black lives matter. Get lost all you people that think there are any lives that don’t matter.

  13. Spirit Airlines! Now I know why I don’t fly them. Any white person would have been ejected from the plane and banned from flying on that airline for life.

  14. Flying is good. Even black scum racists can afford to buy an airline ticket. More probable is was some Democrat or BLMer gave her the ticket and said go make an As* of yourself to get attention. Just disrupt the flight.


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