Video: The Shocking Difference Between The Old “Border Wall” And The New Is Night And Day

(Right Country) – When President Trump said that the people coming across our Southern Border were “murderers and rapists” anyone with half a brain knew exactly what he meant. The Southern Border has been wide open for criminal aliens to exploit for decades and exploit they have.

Sure, there are people who come over and their only intent is to blend in, fly under the radar, and start a new life in America who don’t have rap sheets and ill-intents but there are massive numbers of drug runners, human traffickers, and gang members that come over and their intents are far more nefarious.

The President and all politicians have an obligation to protect America and American’s best interests and this starts with our borders. Under Obama, the US was being utterly flooded with illegal immigrants and, despite the lies from the left, these illegal aliens put a massive burden on our taxes and national deficit. If liberals had their way, we’d be opening the borders completely and allowing anyone and everyone to come here and live off middle-class America’s dime.

Those type of illegal immigrants might not be rapists or murderers but they are hurting America. The ones that do come in and rape and murder, though, are a whole other kind of problem. Illegal immigrants who are criminals come here to exploit the wealth of the US. They bring in drugs and set up gang syndicates and they traffic women and children for sexual exploitation.

American citizens should never be in danger of losing their lives to a foreign alien on American soil yet it has happened far too many times thanks to liberal border and immigration policies.

Illegal immigration is just downright bad for America. It’s bad for any country that values sovereignty. Nothing good has come to European countries that have allowed massive waves of African and Middle-Eastern migrants to flood in.

Immigrants who move legally to America want to assimilate because they see what America has to offer and the way in which being an American citizen can benefit and enrich their lives. Those who come here illegally are only doing so to exploit America and it’s wrong, period.

When President Trump ran in 2016 he instantly enraged the left with his radical promise to build a wall but build a wall he has and it is wonderful. You’ll never hear the leftist talking-heads in the media bring it up but if Obama had built it they would have acted like it was made of gold and the most amazing architectural accomplishment of the 21st century.

President Trump’s border wall is, nonetheless, quite impressive especially when you consider what was there before it. Many farmers have more impressive fencing for their livestock than what the United States had to protect itself from foreign invaders.

As a Townhall reporter observed upon a trip to the new border wall, “The Blackhawk landed in New Mexico and we got out to see the difference up close. The old “wall” that covers large lengths of the border is laughably easy to get over. It consists of barbed wire fencing, held together by fragile-looking wooden posts and Normandy barriers intended to stop illegal vehicle crossings.”

Liberals insisted that all we needed was a “virtual” wall and that would solve all of America’s problems with illegal immigration. Of course, they said this because they know it won’t and they were lying.

The idea sounds great but the truth is a virtual wall wouldn’t do anything except give Border Patrol agents a tool in which they could watch immigrants illegally entering the country real time. By the time anyone would make it to where the illegals were entering, they would be long gone.

President Trump has given America a great gift with the building of this wall that he promised he was going to build. Just add this to the list of President Trump’s many accomplishments.

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