Video: What Is Antifa Handing Out To Protesters Before Storming US Capitol?

(Right Country) – A new video has been released which shows apparent members of Antifa handing out weapons to fellow protesters outside the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6th.

This was ahead of the breach of the building by a mass of people, believed to be comprised of both Trump supporters and far-left radicals in Trump gear who deliberately intended to undermine the protest.

It worked, didn’t it?

Suddenly the mainstream media and the Democrats have re-discovered the terms “violent mob” and “riot” having apparently forgotten them over the summer’s widespread BLM chaos.

Countless videos, tweets, anecdotes from the ground have substantiated the widespread claim that Antifa and BLM were involved in the breach of the Capitol.

In fact, one BLM activist who was arrested and later released had an event planned that same day—perhaps the event was doing just this?

How many more were with him?

Sullivan also tweeted about BLM busses at the rally—what did they arrive to do?

So BLM sent in busses of radicals for the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally?

This is all starting to come together now.

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  1. Totally disgusting. Why aren’t the organizers at the top of the BLM food chain ever arrested? You can’t tell me that the FBI does not know who they are
    She was interviewed by EPOCH TIMES A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO.

  2. It’s “MARTIAL” law. Anyway I wish he would.Go after and arrest Piglosi,Schumer,Roberts,Biden(s),Harris to start. A do-over on suspect election’s or at least the Supreme court to hear the argument’s (less compromised Roberts).Once he win’s his true number of votes and get’s his DESERVED 4 more years he can get a REAL attorney general and start cleaning out all obama’s bad actors in all of government.TIMES RUNNING OUT !

  3. Absolutely disgusting the way this has all gone down. Where was all the outrage when BLM and Antifa thugs were looting,burning,destroying property and battling with the police??!!! Of course they are blaming Trump for everything as always. God help us and our country when Biden is president and the Democrats have control. People are tired of their BS and it’s only going to get worse…

  4. This is what will happen with democrat power.. they will “attempt” to take away people’s firearms. If successful, they will let scum like this do whatever they want, no consequences.. no one will feel safe in their own home. They truly believe they are fighting for something righteous.. they are brainwashed cowards.. we must never lay down. Keep up the fight! Stand your ground. We follow the constitution which leftist only use when it’s convenient.

  5. We all know biden is truly illegitimate, he’s not the president and never will be. When you cheat it doesn’t truly get you a win.. therefore, we will either have Trump as president or no president at all. We will go about life as usual, ignoring all orders from biden and his shit show of a foundation. They cannot shut up 90 million people, they cannot and will not get the power they think they have.

  6. What it boils down to is Big Lies Matter (BLM) and so called Antifa are following orders of their father the devil. “The thief (Satan) cometh not but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy. John 10:10a
    Actually they are the “Death” ocrats army that were the kkk after the Civil War.
    This why they don’t teach true American History in the public fool (school) system.
    They indoctrinate them with their lies.


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