Viral Alert: YouTube Stars Get Opportunity Of A Lifetime At Trump Rally

(Right Country) – If you’ve never been to a Trump rally sadly you are missing out. They are patriotic events like no other. Thousands of freedom-loving Americans gathered together rallying around the one man who can save this country from being transformed into a liberal dystopian hell hole.

Despite the fact that the deranged leftist media outlets like to push the narrative that President Trump is the one who incites violence and his supporters are the ones really responsible for the unrest, it’s amazing how thousands of Trump supporters can gather together and never have any incidents of violence whatsoever.

President Trump knows how to have a good time and get a crowd going and he never disappoints. His energy level is magnetic and from the moment he steps off Air Force One until he reboards, he has the crowd fully engaged. From chants of “USA!” to “Four More Years” the energy is electric and President Trump knows how to have fun. This is why millions of Americans love him.

Each of his rallies ends with his now famous trademark dancing to the beloved classic YMCA song and on Wednesday as one of the two massive rallies he held in the state, Trump invited a few of his supporters up on stage to dance it out with him.

The young men lucky enough to get the opportunity to join the President on stage at his rally in Phoenix are YouTube stars known as the “Nelk Boys.” The young men, originally from Canada, were decked out in suits with red MAGA hats. The Nelk Boys are known for their comical prank videos and they currently have almost 6 million followers on YouTube. Naturally, the video of the guys dancing has gone viral.

Check it out:

President Trump rallies are in stark contrast to the doom and gloom of Biden’s somber and ominous “dark winter” events which attract all of maybe 20-30 people at any given time.

Rather than an upbeat classic American song, Biden’s “rally” trademark are little circles carefully placed on the ground 6 feet from each other and “public health safety” is his theme. The tone of his events is truly depressing. There is no cheering, no chanting, no music, no dancing. No happiness at all really.

Biden doesn’t acknowledge any of his supporters personally like President Trump does because it doesn’t appear as though any of his supporters actually attend his events. Even if they tried, they’d probably be turned away in the name of public health safety anyways.

There should be no question in anyone’s minds who is leading this race. It truly boggles the mind how anybody can continue to support Joe Biden after his barely alive attempt at a presidential campaign.

The polls cannot be trusted. If on the ground support is any indicator of who is going to win this race, it will be President Trump by a landslide.

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  1. I would just like to say i watch from a wheel chair some time i would just like to get up and wave around yes those things are electric and yes he loves America and yes Some smart American love Trump. I can’t understand how some people can be so right and some can be so wrong when we are supposed to be living under the same constitution. Oh well I am glad i am not Got so I let Him sort it out, and believe He will.


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