Washington State Dems Propose Bill To Ensure There Is No Election Transparency In The Future

(Right Country) – In the wake of the rigged and stolen 2020 presidential election, you would think lawmakers around the country would be focused on ensuring election integrity in the future.

You would think lawmakers at all levels would be concerned with making sure Americans have confidence in the election process and that no election would ever have the appearance of being rigged ever again.

Instead, lawmakers in Washington State are proposing a law that would accomplish literally the opposite. The bill would exempt election security information from public records so there would assuredly be no transparency in the state’s elections ever again.

It would also make it pretty easy for elections to be rigged and stolen forever. No wonder this legislation is being spearheaded by Democrats.

After watching local and state officials taking heat over what were clearly rigged election results, Democrats in the state of Washington have decided they don’t ever want to have to come under such scrutiny.

Democrats aren’t ever in favor of accountability or, apparently, transparency. If this wasn’t obvious before, it certainly is now.

The bill would mean that any information that comes out of an audit of security reviews and other like information is hidden from citizens.

This should come as no surprise given the horrible track record of Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, who has caused major industries to flee the state such as Boeing and has attempted to institute truly Orwellian lockdown rules, like requiring restaurants to obtain personal tracking information for all customers.

Is it any wonder that Inslee won the gubernatorial race this past election cycle? The Republican candidate Loren Culp became suspicious that this race was stolen just like the presidential race and requested further information and an investigation.

Naturally, Inslee and the Democrats in the state were not interested in being cooperative and Culp’s campaign was forced to file a lawsuit against the Secretary of State over election mismanagement.

So, you can see why Democrats in Washington are so motivated to ensure there is no future election transparency, hence the proposal of Bill HB 1068.

All Democrats have to do in the future is claim that any candidate running against them are terrorists and the fraud in the election will never be challenged again or made public. Just like that Dems in Washington have found a way to steal elections into perpetuity.

Democrats are dead-set on ensuring elections in America are never free and fair again and they also, apparently, want to ensure nobody can ever question them or scrutinize an election ever again either.

Republicans have played nice for far too long and allowed Democrats to arrive at this level of authoritarianism and tyranny. Republicans like Liz Cheney are fine with it, apparently, and want to continue right along with the status quo, which now includes stolen, fraudulent elections.

The Democrats have likely been stealing elections for many years now but no one has bothered to call them out on it since it’s primarily been happening in liberal strongholds.

Now millions of voters have no faith in the election anymore and may never vote again which will inevitably result in more Democratic wins.

The left has truly played the American people in 2020 and now it’s up to true American patriots to stop them before it really is too late.

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  1. Have you noticed that the Marxist Democrats are not screaming to get rid of the electors vote and go to population vote. They have found a way to cheat their way to victory so now it is just fine with them.

    • Carol – that may be true ‘this’ time – likely not since according to them slow joe and the anchor ‘got’ some 80 million ‘votes’ – hard to believe as that would mean he got some 17 or 18 million more than hillz did last time or that barky did either time.
      As to WA state – I used to live there – they now require all to vote by mail – no poll places etc. They claim it is more secure that way and less expensive as well. That is one of the ways they conned the legal residents/voters to adopt the scheme. AFAIK there is no legitimate way to verify the results. This latest ‘trick’ would merely make it even easier for them to simply say that the totals are what they say they are. IOW sit down, shut up and accept what your betters tell you to accept.


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