Washington State Governor Raises The Tyranny Bar With This Awful New Face Mask Measure

(Right Country) – Face masks have become the vogue summer accessory for lock-step liberals across the United States. While leftists are eager to trade their freedoms and rights in the name of public health safety by happily donning the mask, there are still those of us who are completely and totally against forced compliance with face mask mandates. Not to mention, face masks are futile and pointless.

Power-hungry Democratic Governors in blue states everywhere have insisted that citizens wear face masks though, up until now, these mandate have not been made into law where citizens who do not comply could face criminal charges. Now, the Dem Governor of Washington State has set the tyranny bar higher by declaring that masks are now mandatory in his state and those who fail to comply will risk being charged with a misdemeanor crime.

The disturbing move came about as a result of one county in the state running out of hospital beds because of a reported spike in coronavirus cases. Governor Inslee has said that now everyone in the entire state, with a few exceptions, must don the mask.

CBS News has more on this story:

In a Tuesday press conference, Inslee said the state is experiencing an “uptick” in COVID-19 activity, and that to stop it, the state needs to “remain vigilant and diligent and resourceful.” 

“The number of people that one person infects is now going up,” Inslee said, adding that every coronavirus-infected individual in the state is potentially infecting around three other people. 

As of Tuesday evening, there are 28,870 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Washington, and more than 4,000 hospitalizations, according to the state’s Department of Health. Yakima County, which sits just southeast of Seattle, has the second highest numbers in the state — and said it has run out of hospital beds to help battle the virus.  

On June 19, the Yakima Health District said in a release that Virginia Mason Memorial “had no intensive care or non-intensive care beds available.”

“There were multiple patients waiting for hospital bed space overnight,” the district added. “This was after at least 17 patients had already been transferred out of the county. Several individuals are still currently waiting for available bed space.”  

“Nearby, the Benton and Franklin Counties health care system is also reaching capacity,” the statement said. 

Because of the uptick, Inslee and the state’s secretary of health have issued a public health order mandating the use of face coverings. The order, which goes into effect on Friday, requires most people in the state to wear something that covers their nose and mouth. Coverings will be required in public indoor areas, and public outdoor areas that don’t maintain six feet of social distancing.

Those who willfully violate the mandate will face a misdemeanor charge, Inslee said.

“It is imperative that we adopt further measures to protect us all,” he added. “This is the way we need to look at this, we just cannot wish this virus to go away. We have to use tools that are available to us that we know work.” 

Inslee also announced his plans to sign a proclamation on Wednesday ordering businesses in Yakima County to enforce the face covering rule. Businesses that allow customers who are not wearing coverings will not be allowed to continue operations, Inslee said. 

Apparently, it is now the collective’s responsibility to protect the health of all individuals. We are no longer free to determine how best to take care of our own health. When people bucked back against the idea of wearing face masks (because it’s absurd and impractical) health officials decided the face masks weren’t for you, they’re for everyone around you and if you don’t wear one you’re obviously a heartless, evil person who wishes death upon the elderly and immune-compromised.

The entire thing was absurd enough but Washington State just upped the ante on the erosion of personal freedoms and liberties in America.


      • In other words, Inslee knows nothing at all. Him and Whitmer are two feces in a toilet. Flush them away in November!

    • Got a tweet from Pierce County Sheriff Department that they are not going to respond to this order! You go Pierce County Sheriff’s you have more important things to do like protecting us from criminals!

  1. Several studies have shown that most masks worn are as useless as a Seatle mayor. But, going back to the Paris Climate accords, “doing something” even if it makes the situation worse, makes lefties feel good. (like buying a prius to combat global warming).

    The only thing that makes democrats happier than virtue signalling is when they can force everyone to indulge in their silliness.

  2. If this TWIT had done something to put down the FAKE Protests and wipe out the RIOTING TERRORISTS there would not have Ben an increase in cases. But a Democrap doing actual work would be a miracle.

    • jesse – even better – when the FIRST outbreak occurred he should immediately taken proactive measures – but he didn’t. The blood of those who died in that nursing home is directly on his hands. But what the heck, why actually do something when he can blame it on Trump.

  3. My simple solution for dealing with the idiot governor Inslee is to move out of the state of Washington. Many smart businesses are moving out. Too much insanity in that state. Inslee had no concerns about CHAZ/CHOP, but not wearing masks is a serious threat that requires arrests. Well, without any police officers, who is going to arrest all of these non-mask wearers? Social workers? These people are total idiots.


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