Watch: CNN Actor Don Lemon Has This Hilarious “Ron Burgandy” Moment On Live TV

(Right Country) – One thing the mainstream media talking-heads are good for is entertainment. Ever since President Trump “shocked” them all on Election Night in 2016 they’ve provided an endless stream of hysterical meltdowns and emotional moments.

Perhaps no one is more dramatic and over-the-top then actor Don Lemon. The CNN anchor has made a habit of putting his exaggerated emotions on display like when he recently became awkwardly “overwhelmed” after Joe Biden was falsely declared the winner of the 2020 election.

For the mindless drones that absorb CNN propaganda on a regular basis, Lemon must be relatable and genuine but to anyone with a half of a brain, he is so fake and painfully hard to watch.

In a recent episode of his show on CNN, it appears as though Lemon accidentally misread or misinterpreted what was written on his teleprompter leading to many arriving at the obvious conclusion. Don Lemon is nothing more than an actor, and not a very good one at that.

Twitter users wasted no time pointing out how the host said the word “scream” during a segment about Trump supporters alleging voter fraud.

“How about some facts, okay?” Lemon says during the monologue. “Trump supporters are circulating a list of social media, on social media, that purports to be a list of dead people in Michigan who are voting, right?”

“This is fraud people, scream,” says Lemon before stuttering a bit and then remarking, “Okay, that’s what it says, alright, so…”

It was most certainly awkward and just goes to show that maybe all of Lemon’s over-the-top, heartfelt emotions have been just an act all along.

Some Twitter users suggested Lemon had a “Ron Burgundy” moment and when he was supposed to actually scream what he was saying, he just read the word “scream” instead.

“It seems Dandy Don had trouble reading and comprehending the propaganda sheet he was handed. You were supposed to scream the sentence you dolt, not say scream,” said one.

“Scream .. then the look on his face like oh I was suppose to scream,” added another.

Others gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that he was just reading a quote badly and was not being prompted to actually scream.

It seems far more likely that Lemon was being instructed to either scream or read what he was saying in a loud, elevated voice. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that Lemon and other unhinged media pundits have been putting on a show for the last four years.

A highly effective show, we might add. Look at the way in which liberals all around the country have put such emphasis on feelings and their “truth” over the last four years. Clearly, watching “news” personalities who are unable to keep their emotions in check and remain unbiased has had a profound impact on American society.

This just further exposes how mindless and drone-like liberals really are. Instead of trying to think for themselves they just eat up whatever garbage propaganda CNN and MSNBC throw at them. It’s really quite sad. It’s also why this country is in the mess that it’s in right now.

Joe Biden didn’t win the election, we know that, but that doesn’t change the fact that there were literally still millions of Americans who did actually vote for him. That’s because media personalities were effective in convincing them that he was actually better than Joe Biden because emotions trump facts for leftists.

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  1. Don must be taking lessons from Sleepy Joe! In fact, he goes on to say that’s what the sign says to do! Dumber than the “Big Guy.” What a sad group of losers. The writers can’t even write the teleprompter signs correctly.


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