Watch: Democrats Humiliated After Joe Biden’s Miami “Car Parade”…This Is Hilarious!

(Right Country) – The Democrats have desperately been trying to drum up energy for their candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, in the face of extraordinary odds.

There has never been even the slightest bit of enthusiasm for Biden, other than for the fact that he’s running against President Donald Trump, whose loud, enthusiastic base, capable of easily packing stadiums and overflow areas pre-COVID insanity.

The energy backing Trump is immense–while the energy backing Biden is nothing more than hatred for Trump.

And hatred just doesn’t drive voters to the polls like belief that a candidate has the constituents’ best interest at heart.

Trump is well-loved and has a track record of just four years to run on. Biden, meanwhile, was in Washington D.C. for 47 years and has absolutely nothing to show for it other than a long trail of alleged corruption and scandal.

There have been well-attended, even record-breaking rallies for Trump all over the country in the days leading up to the election, notably in the form of large boat and car parades.

Vehicle rallies for Biden, however, have been far less impressive, as was the case in Miami this past weekend.

The Gateway Pundit notes that, meanwhile, an anti-communist parade of Latino Trump supporters was far more well-attended.

The Miami Police estimated that a stunning 30,000 cars participated!!

Remember, folks, this is in the key electoral state of Florida, and Trump’s strong anti-communist stance has gained him quite a bit of support among those who have suffered through Marxist rule and lived to tell the tale, as well as the children and relatives of those who have.


  1. Joe is a joke, but a scary one. If he could somehow win (steal the election, perhaps) we’ll be stuck with 4 years of Heels-Up Harris ruining our country!

  2. The best way you can support this Country is by turning off CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the leftist propaganda. One America News is the way to stay engaged!

  3. What the corrupt Liberal media is doing is no surprise. They take as many shots as possible to enlarge the perception of Biden event attendees and don’t mention his absolutely idiotic brain farts. Biden reminds me of my wife’s 87 year old Aunt, who is more with it than Biden on a good day. Speaking of a good day – at the debate what was the wire in his jacket and the mysterious thing on his wrist. Also he had to have been juiced up while in hiding for the days leading up to the debate because he hasn’t been that coherent before or since then!

  4. Biden/Harris ticket is a fraud – lies, fear of telling the truth, won’t reveal their true goals for America. Run from this type of hypocrisy.


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