Watch: Dr. Fauci’s First Pitch At MLB Opener Goes About As Well As Every One Of His COVID Predictions

(Right Country) – For some reason, Dr. Anthony Fauic of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the White House Coronavirus Task Force threw the first pitch at Thursday’s Major League Baseball opener between the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees.

Considering his pitching skills appeared about as well-honed as his infamously wrong coronavirus predictions, the jokes just wrote themselves when the ball veered extraordinarily to the left.

Twitter users were in stitches:


  1. He’s not a pro ball player, folks. Not worthy of anyone to be snarky. Too much of that going on.
    Stop it!!
    I give Dr. Fauchi strong applause for just showing up on the mound.

  2. Fauci is more interested in maintaining hus celebrity status than anything g else. He flip flops on virus info, praises China fir their handling of the epidemic they lied about and knowing fly inflicted in the works and is himself a snarky little egotist basking in the spotlight so those who wgat people to hold back on critical comments about him need to understand he is the one putting himself on center stage. Personally I am unimpressed and find his information changes with the wind. I would prefer to have my information from the Surgeon General and let Dr. F play in the bull pen


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