Watch: Feeble Joe Biden Looks Like He’s About To Keel Over As He “Breaks Into A Jog” At Tiny Georgia Rally

(Right Country) – Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is just days away from the biggest presidential election of our lifetime, yet from the looks at it, he’s also just days away of seriously needing to retire.

The man is clearly exhausted—it’s just getting cruel at this point to continue to watch him fumble and mumble his way through the most-low energy, hands-off presidential campaign in U.S. history.

The guy has spent the vast majority of the general election campaign season literally in his basement, managing to crash and burn even while doing virtual interviews and town halls—with teleprompters!

He often struggles to pronounce words, complete sentences, or keep track of where he is, what office he’s running for, and who his running mate is married to.

It’s not funny anymore.

It’s disturbing.

On Thursday, the candidate held a dreary “rally” in Warm Springs, Georgia, supposedly trying to glean the historic significance of the site to lend some sort of girth to his limping campaign.

The “crowd” consisted of 38 socially-distanced circles spread across a lawn, lest he be accused of hosting a “super-spreader” event (some of these circles were occupied by members of the press, naturally). As if that was even a possibility. Have you seen the campaign’s attempt at car parades? Pathetic. But I digress.

On his way to the podium, Biden broke out into what he clearly thought was a jaunty jog to the podium, but came off as far more pitiful.

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  1. The really funny part is that even with only 38 “safety” circles they couldn’t find people to put in them. And the choreographed car horns. There weren’t any cars parked around back there!! And a couple times the horns started honking before he had made his point.

  2. You know harris Biden train where joe is back in the caboose thinking about the other joe he is running against him what you are really voting for harris LOL lies TRUMP 20/20

    • John – you are likely correct about slow joe being in the caboose (should be in the calaboose). He hasn’t realized (and probably won’t) that the railroads quit using cabooses many years (decades?) ago.

  3. Think of the fools who have no foresight who will vote for this mentally compromised pervert, liar, plagiarist and thief.

  4. Those in attendance surely don’t know the truth. Sadly, they’re still in the dark a.k.a. sleeping . . . Maybe the don’t understand the definition of socialism. “Free” things means Higher Taxes. Get a job, work hard, advance, get pay increases … That’s Freedom. We each are the results of our efforts. It begins early in life by setting goals and boundaries, following rules and laws, and by respecting oneself and others.

  5. May the Good Lord help us if Joey B. ever gets elected.

    The fact that he favors late term abortion (and he’s an alledged Catholic) as is his VP candidate (CAMEL-A) and both are against the new Justice Amy Coney Barrett, makes them both bad for America.

    Not only do American’s see this as evil and wrong but Our Good Lord does as well. Fear not as the Good Lord will never abandon us nor the USA.

  6. Of course he can’t jog, he’s wearing a mask. Which not only makes it difficult to breathe while exercising but it is also cutting off oxygen to his brain.

  7. Where is “Jillie”? She needs to have her hand up his back end to help make him talk right and form sentences. After all, he is just a puppet of an old man,,, and like Pinocchio, his nose grows every time he talks and tells lies. By the end of his speech, he has a foot long nose poking thru his mask!

  8. Joe can’t even lead his son to be a decent human being, instead he smokes crack while sticking dildos up his butt. How will creepy joe lead our country…


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