Watch: Ignorant Students Unphased By Coronavirus Warnings, “Whatever Happens, Happens”

(Right Country) – The current generation of 20-somethings is proof of just how pervasive and influential the leftist culture and ideology have been. There is no value for human life on the left, that’s why they can demand women be legally allowed to murder their own unborn babies but also want to save the planet and every animal alive. The leftist mentality is that of selfishness and entitlement and it has never been as obvious as it is now amidst the coronavirus world health crisis.

Unbelievable pictures and videos of crowded Florida beaches have sparked rightful outrage. Even in the face of the backlash, students are refusing to sacrifice their spring break fun for the sake of stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

These kids just don’t place any value on the lives of people around them, plain and simple.

CBS News shared a video of vacationing students as they dismissed the coronavirus warnings and subsequent protocols in favor of partying it up for spring break.

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying,” Brady Sluder from Ohio said in the video. “We’re just out here having a good time. Whatever happens, happens.”

The backlash was immediate and intense.

“God help our country,” Meghan McCain, co-host on “The View” tweeted in response to the video. She was far from alone in her disgust with these ignorant students.

BizPac Review reports:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a 5:00 p.m. closing for all bars and nightclubs in the state for the next 30 days during a news conference on Tuesday, also asking Florida’s 12 public universities to move to distance learning for students. And while he recommended restaurants encourage takeout orders and reduced dining-in capacity, he did not order beaches to be closed.

That changed pretty quickly however, as the guidelines and warnings fell on deaf ears for those in their twenties. DeSantis told spring breakers that “the party’s over,” as he announced on Fox News that every beach will have to follow the CDC guidelines of “social distancing” and that “no more than 10 people” should be gathered.

The Republican governor added that “not every beach is going to remain open, but some will.”

Students flocking to beaches in the last few days earned angry rebukes for endangering residents of the Sunshine State.

“It’s really messing up with my spring break,” Brianna Leeder said in the ABC News video, apparently annoyed at the inconvenience caused by the governor’s directives. “I think they’re blowing it way out of proportion.”

Shelby Cordell voiced her frustration as well, saying the vacationing students are just “trying to get drunk before everything closes.”

There are currently over 300 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Florida and eight people have died due to the illness, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and a few other localities announced this week that they would be closing their beaches.

This is a direct result of the leftist death culture in which kids are being raised to only focus on themselves and whatever makes them happy and “feel good.” These students are living “their truths” and unfortunately when people decide to live “their” truth instead of “the” truth it can come at the cost of others’ safety, health, prosperity, or rights.

“We almost need to lie to them, you have to tell them that it is a sexually transmitted disease because then they won’t go to spring break — if you said this is worse than herpes, then they might like go home,” Greg Gutfeld said on “The Five” this week, adding that it’s not surprising “that young people engage in high-risk activity.”

Twitter users piled on the contempt:


  1. no loss to us if these idiots self destruct as long as they don’t spread the infection , do they use college loans to finance these hedonistic pleasures? Find another way to get laid.

  2. I don’t know why you call this a leftest culture. Most of these students are from wealthy families and all through history, they ( the wealthy) have always thought that they don’t have to follow the rules. Don’t blame it on the left.

  3. Don’t blame it on the left ! ? Are you kidding me , you better look at the collage campus , it’s all leftist teachers and programs . Try to be a conservative on campus , without being harassed by the left .

  4. Young people are a product of their environment. They have lived their entire lives with fingers on the phone and foresight limited to 18 inches away. They have no realization that sometimes sacrifices are required and you can’t always get what you want. They are completely ignorant of the truth that this is the land of the free because of the brave. Two years of universal service to your country should be a requirement for citizenship in the United States. If you go to spring break for a few years you spend a lot and learn nothing. If you serve your country for a few years you spend little and grow up fast. The world needs more responsible citizens.

  5. bring back the draft for males &females- make it the law again– when they turn 18 , pack their shit – they are in the army now– not in college- no excuses- they will learn that the army is not “BURGER KING”– you don’t get it your way –their asses belong to the DRILL SARGENTS now–no fancy cars they get to walk where they are going- & no phones— thx — sargent leftbehind — never retired – my oath never expires — ron

  6. I say “” let them do whatever they want “”.
    All I see is a bunch of leftist liberal dumocrats voters.
    If they get it good. I hope they all get it and die.
    If their parents get it from them, then the more dead dumocrats the better.


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