Watch: New York Governor Cuomo Melts Down And Tells Off Reporters

(Right Country) – There couldn’t possibly be a more egotistical, narcissistic human alive than New York’s overlord and governor Andrew Cuomo. Realistically, he probably ties most unhinged Hollywood progressives in those departments but nonetheless, Cuomo is obnoxious.

He has recently declared that residents of New York better not have more than 10 people over to their private homes over the holidays as part of his new and improved state lockdown mandate.

Cuomo is so full of himself he actually believes that he and his administration minions have the power and authority to dictate what Americans can and can’t do within their own homes. It’s truly maniacal.

In another show of obnoxious bravado, Cuomo snapped at a reporter Wednesday who was only trying to get clarification on whether or not schools in the state would be closed because of COVID cases.

How dare a reporter as the exalted Overlord Cuomo a question.

Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind asked Cuomo if New York City had the ability to close the schools or if Cuomo was now “taking control.” He also asked on behalf of the millions of residents that want to know if the schools in New York City would be open tomorrow.

The governor started his obnoxious response to Vielkind by telling him that he should “try not to be obnoxious and offensive” in his tone then told him he was “100 percent wrong.”

Cuomo continued by condescendingly telling Vielkind that if he had been “paying attention” he would have known that the schools in New York City were closed “weeks ago.” In fact, this was only in reference to Queens and Brooklyn, and then he snapped “Follow the facts!”

He then went on to say that the schools were open according to state law. Huh? Confused? So are we. So was Vielkind.

Vielkind tried to get further clarification and said he and parents were “still confused” and Cuomo lashed out saying, “No, they’re not confused, you’re confused.”

When a New York Times reporter tried to come to Vielkind’s defense, saying that he didn’t think the question was obnoxious, Cuomo shot back, “I don’t really care what you think.”

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took to Twitter to declare that the city’s schools would be closed.

Why is it necessary to be so abrasively rude and condescending to reporters? Governor Cuomo, just like his brother CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, has no ability to handle anyone who challenges his authority, or self-perceived authority in Chris Cuomo’s case.

New York state is becoming a full-fledged dystopian hell just like California. No wonder residents are fleeing by the droves to Republican-controlled areas of the country.

We can only hope that when liberal New Yorkers flee the state they reflect on the reasons they are leaving. Democrats have run once-great American cities right into the ground. Leaders like Andrew Cuomo have become tyrants in their pursuit of power and control.

As the left’s hero Barack Obama famously said, “Elections have consequences.”

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  1. Since they believe former VP Biden will win and shortly after resign or be ousted in favor of Ms Harris, the gloves are coming off and the new rulers of their fiefdoms are showing their true colors. Those liberals who thought President Trump was bad will soon be wishing that he wins his appeals.

    • Art – their gloves – and masks – came off a long time ago. Folks are finally waking up to just how selfish and controlling they truly are. As with all wanna be tyrants, they do not care about anything except getting and keeping power.
      big fredo ‘might’ be the most obnoxious overall but he does have stiff competition for that bottom spot – gruesome at the very least – and likely the ones from several other states as well.

  2. Cuomo and Deblasio are the monarchs of the fiefdom and rule as though the believe it.
    That’s why New Yorkers are leaving by the hundreds. Moving companies are having the most profitable year ever.
    Cuomo now believes he is god, but the truth is he is a civil servant , and he is not doing his job for the people.

  3. NY gov and NYC mayor are PRIME examples of The Peter Principle. They have risen to a level where they are totally INCOMPETENT. Time for New Yorkers to vote them out or for more immediate relief – impeach them…


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