Watch: Portland Police Retreat As Antifa Thugs Unleash Hell…This Is Shameful

(Right Country) – It’s been a bad week for Democrats, so naturally, Portland’s notorious Antifa thugs are throwing their very seriously criminal temper tantrums.

And Portland PD is doing nothing to stop them.

In fact, they seem to appear willing to get out of the way and let them do their thing!

Law enforcement officers from the Portland police bureau and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department were caught on video actually retreating as Antifa pelted them with eggs and trash.

Antifa is well aware they have the leftist police department in the palms of their hands.

As they’re given orders by police, they simply throw more trash at them.

This is all happening, by the way, in front of police headquarters!

Amazingly, police did get the courage to arrest people…who were chased away by Antifa!


  1. People this is what you can continue to look forward to in any democRAT controlled city in America !!! Consider your vote very carefully !!!

    • shoot or otherwise take george sorros out of commision he is the funder for antifa he is a past nazi from ww2 he robbed the jews of their property. it is just getting started wait for the election season to really roll …….. time to recruit all the militia, redneck and harcore bikers and clean house starting with the mayors of these cities

  2. Automatic weapons would take care of that situation, which by the way is what needs to happen. Those thugs aren’t needed in society.

  3. The problem is the Liberal states don’t allow the Police to do their job and manage the demonstrations in a forcible matter if needed.

  4. I would never step foot in that Rat hole city because of this. I’ll spend my hard earned money in respectful and safe cities elsewhere. Stick that in the Mayors crack pipe!

    • Absolutely….I’m waiting for them to pull this crap and assault people where there are many CCW’s in the crowd…they will get exactly what they deserve…these people aren’t protestors…they are domestic terrorists and should be treated as such!!!

  5. Where is the tear gas, pepper spray fire hoses or rubber bullets? Break up these crowds and arrest the leaders. Let sit in jail for month or so. These rioters should not be allowed to control the streets and attack people or police.

  6. It’s sad that Democrats are so mindless and praise these thugs. The Sanctuary Cities are ruining the States. Liberals are seem to like life being miserable?

    • California is a sh*thole Sanctuary State. I was stationed in CA for half of my military career, and it was good then (’72-’82). Now I wouldn’t even visit there, being conservative, I wouldn’t feel safe because of the rat sh*t crazy liberals that make up the vast majority of the people living there, including the hundreds of thousands of illegals.

  7. Certainly they do. That way they can “campaign promise” that life will get better. That will get them elected and kept in power. People have to start realizing that “campaign promises” mean nothing. I suggest class action lawsuits against those elected officials that don’t make attempts to fulfill those promises. If they have to fork over their ill-gotten gains, they might start telling the truth, but I doubt it. Lying is just too ingrained into the political scene.

  8. I really don’t understand how you could be law enforcement and watch this and do nothing . So does this excuse the ss working at concentration camps ? I would never live in a city like this . If I did , I would protect my family by any means necessary .

  9. TBrooks, Wayne, Phil, Dave, Gary, and others who Make great points I am with U 111% A G R E E D^!* That west coast from Oregon to South California is all :Lib.

  10. Law inforcement in these Progressive cities is almost non existent and is app-
    alling. How much more are these gutless city leaders willing to take from the
    Antifa scumbags? Will there be a response if there are police casualties? I wonder!


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