Watch: President Guaidó Met By Violent Mobs When Returning To Venezuela…This Is Awful

(Right Country) – One of the most powerful moments of last week’s State of the Union address in Congress was when President Donald Trump introduced Juan Guaidó, the rightful president of Venezuela, a nation that has spiraled into poverty and crisis following years of socialist rule.

Guaidó was appointed president by the National Assembly, the nation’s legislature after a fraudulent election was contested.

Socialist Nicolas Maduro, who succeeded Hugo Chavez after his death, refuses to step down and remains unconstitutionally in power.

Guaidó has been on an international tour to promote his cause and bring attention and aid to the democratic and civil unrest in Venezuela.

Upon his return to his home country, however, Guaidó was met with violent mobs who brutally attacked him.

The Gateway Pundit’s Elda Primera was able to obtain photos of Guaidó when he landed in Venezuela, ahead of the attack.

TGP reports:

The violent armed Socialists attacked with punched Guaidó with sticks upon his arrival to Venezuela.

Here is more video from teleSUR.

According to @caraotadigital upon arrival at Simón Bolivar International Airport, President Guaidó was attacked by CONVIASA political coordinator Dubraska Padrón of the Socialist group.

Also, the airport officials of regime confiscated President Guaidó’s identity documents.

Upon leaving the terminal, armed groups attacked with violence the van where the Interim President was using to travel to Caracas.

Finally, the truth is that the regime and the violent ones failed to stop the people’s support for the brave President Guaidó. Again President Guaidó is safe and he is willing to end the Socialist plague.

No doubt his return would not be easy but the Interim President has popular support.


  1. Guaidó Is a USA shill and proposed puppet president, I’m thankful the people see through the bs. Never again shall USA install a puppet president anywhere on this planet.

    • So the current form of government is fine with you? Socialist always like to steal from others to force their own agenda on everyone.

  2. As with all socialists they are incapable of relating cause & effect. They support a socialist despot who is destroying the country, but he’s a socialist so he will give us welfare. But perhaps we need a business oriented President for 10 years to fill the coffers before we can live off socialist welfare again. Or perhaps we are just lamebrained fools living in a parallel universe where money falls from the sky.


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