Watch: Shocking Scene Unfolds On Spanish Beach After This Woman Was Caught Violating Quarantine

(Right Country) – Disturbing footage has surfaced showing the arrest of a young woman on a beach in Spain. In the video, the arresting officers are dressed head-to-toe in hazmat suits as they lead the woman, who was surfing after testing positive for coronavirus, off the beach in handcuffs. The woman was apparently reported to police by her own coworkers and after the police arrived she tried to evade them for around an hour.

Breitbart has the details:

A professional lifeguard was reported to police by her own colleagues in San Sebastian, in the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Basque country on Monday after she was spotted surfing while placed on medical leave by her employer following a positive coronavirus test.

Remarkable footage and images of the young woman refusing to stop surfing when demanded to by officers, and finally being taken up the beach by police, went viral in Spain, reports national newspaper El Paìs.

The newspaper reports the woman was supposed to be in quarantine when she was on the ocean on her surfboard and was approached by other lifeguards on a boat who ordered her out of the water. But the woman continued to surf for an hour and attempted to avoid being arrested when she did return to shore. In one piece of footage, two officers in full protective clothing and masks are seen running along the beach to catch up with the woman. Eventually, she is cuffed and sat cross-legged on the sand before being taken away.

The woman was arrested for “serious disobedience and crimes against public health”.

The irony is that just recently Spanish hospitals have started wheeling coronavirus patients to the beach in an effort to “humanise intensive care units” and for the overall well-being of their patients. Apparently, the outdoors, sunshine, and fresh air is good for our bodies.

Despite the fact that the woman had tested positive for the virus, it’s a bit absurd to think she shouldn’t be allowed to go to the beach when hospitals are transporting ICU patients to the beach. Of course, Spain has been one of the hardest hit countries in Europe becoming the first country in Western Europe to hit more than half a million cases total. The country thus boasts some of the strictest, most Draconian lockdown rules in the world.

Breitbart continues:

With the number of infections has come Spain’s unusually harsh lockdown regime, which saw empty streets patrolled by police and army officers. Breaking curfew and quarantine orders can also carry extremely heavy fines. A report laying out the structure of these fines when they were first instituted noted that an infraction as simple as leaving the home without good reason could be met with a $700 fine, that rising to $2,300 if an “inappropriate attitude” is displayed to the officer issuing the fine.

If California’s Emperor Newsom had his way, police would be patrolling beaches in hazmat suits there, too. How far is the world really willing to go to stop a virus that has a remarkably high survival rate?


  1. I would love to see this BS tried by any authorities in America… the first thing to happen would be open rebellion on the person’s part …the second would be a riot by WE THE PEOPLE for the BS… America is done with the stupid democrap politicians and their attempts to put a thumb on the population.. .only the stupid liberals in the north east and left coast lemmings are continuing to allow these petty dictators to put their bs in play.

  2. Just recently, a major double blind study on the benefits of Vit D PREVENTING the most dangerous complications of the virus was published.


    There is no reason to have abject fear if the virus. They should read their own DATA.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

  3. We see draconian un-necessary measures being taken, to include closing Church’s. Church could hold an outdoor service or limit seating, but should never be closed. We allow bars, gyms, etc. If we want to intentionally kill our future for our children and grand children, then keep up these draconian measures.


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